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Tea & Tailgating

Day 9. Or, my feet are killing me because I’ve been walking around all day and I really wanted some fudge and ice cream during our field trip today. 732 more words


Auckland for a week with Tom

I’m heading back to Auckland, yes not something I really want to do, however I will be meeting with Tom tomorrow.  I am super excited to see him, it has been 102 days since I last saw him, 103 tomorrow, do you count tomorrow?? 1,158 more words


Comings & Goings, Part One

Before moving to Skymoore, Linda Arterford spent some time in self-imposed hermitage. It was a nice life, at first. A pleasant contrast to the constant travel and bloodshed that had composed the years before it. 2,116 more words


30 Days of Cosplay: Day 2

Day 2: How many costumes have you made?

Oh boy… Well this one can be a bit subjective if you really think about it. If you consider all of the ones I’ve made for other people, it’s close to thirty. 111 more words