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Why Hearthstone is the Only CCG I Play

Card games are not new, but since the release and subsequent huge success of Hearthstone, new card games seem to be sprouting up every five minutes. 795 more words


Gwent Goes Public!

Still one of the best single player games on the market at the moment, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt had an ace up its sleeve in the guise of one of the best card based minigames since Triple Triad! 564 more words


Playing Gwent nowadays

If you’re looking for a game where your decisions matter, definitely check out Gwent.

My disappointment with Eternal is that it has become even more random and less strategic.   375 more words

Game Design

(G)went for a change in content..

So i would say i’ve been on a social media blackout when it comes to publishing content over the past month or so, only really seeing me publish on BanksEsports, now im going to be telling you why i’ve moved from creating Hearthstone content to Gwent and even some CS:GO content again. 266 more words


Monthly Wrap-Up: June

Hello everyone, how has your month been like? I can’t quite phantom how half a year has already passed us by. It feels like someone pressed the fast forward button some time earlier this year. 962 more words


Electricians In Blackwood Gwent Area

Hi everyone, just made a new video for you, hopefully it will give you some insight into picking the right electrician for your needs, weve also picked out a reputable and… 66 more words