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Game disconect question

I now disconects are a recurring issue but and this is not a rant just a thought that occured to me.

I was just playing agains someone with a korean username. 63 more words


Overpowered Cards #rant

Am I the only one who finds Djikstra, Succubus and Harald The Cripple way too strong?

When the top cards can be played with Djikstra, it gives a +2 advantage to the player with hardly any compensation ,as Djikstra is worth only 3, whereas other spy cards are worth anywhere between 10-12, which provides compenastion for their advantage. 59 more words


Weekly Roundup Thread - 9/23/2017

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  • No gameplay changes this week

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Foltest is not amused with the current war situation. Help him out!

Normally complaint/rant posts without deeper explanations are discouraged for not adding anything to a discussion but this is the place for you to vent and let all that pent up frustration out. 75 more words


DC issues - neverending story

Hello everyone, I just want to rant about connection issues that make this game almost unplayable for me. I cant count how many times I lost a ranked game due to sudden DC that wasnt a fault of my internet connection. 41 more words


[Sitdown #2] Transcending Legendary

Disclaimer: This article contains heavy use of Dota 2 and Hearthstone related terminologies. Prior knowledge of the game is required to fully understand the entire article. 1,804 more words


BK&C Ep5: Speculative Fiction, In SPACE!

After the strangely prescient last episode, this week we try to avoid politics, catch up with Pat’s Gwent career, review Sherlock’s 4th season, talk about our shared love for the new age of science fiction tv, and finally play the dumbest game we can think about after a beer and accidentally have fun doing it.