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The Shifting Identities of the Gods

“On an island lives the King of Annwn with a mysterious woman and no-one knows whether she is his sister, his beloved, his wife, his queen, or his daughter.” 968 more words

Gwyn Ap Nudd

When I Was Stolen By Faerie

(CW domestic abuse, and alcohol/drinking mention)

Or, how the Faery King carried me away from my abusive ex.

I took no mortal as my date to the wedding
Although my human husband led me on their arm
But when I slipped away to sigh
Where ocean met the evening sky
I met a man with otherworldly charm

I held no human in my arms on the dance floor
Yet I danced with my Beloved all the same
The guests all clothed in radiance
The drums that beat my holy trance
All faded at the whisper of His name. 377 more words

One year on this inspired path

I really do have a lot of anniversaries this time of year! One year ago tonight, Gwyn initiated me as His awenydd. I’ve told that story… 1,380 more words

When the Preacher Came to Supper

When the Preacher Came to Supper

There's a farmhouse in Kentucky where the sun was going down
In the middle of the fields and woods, ten miles from the nearest town
And Pa was chopping firewood, and Ma was baking pie
And the oldest girl was in the attic, staring at the winter sky
Pondering a poem where she'd heard the crazy screech owl cry. 930 more words

The Reaping Month and Gwyn's Return

Today is the first day of September. This name originates from the Latin septum ‘seven’ which derives from a time when it was the seventh month because the Roman calendar began with March. 399 more words

Gwyn Ap Nudd

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

CW: Domestic abuse, alcohol, shadow work, and massive spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica (PMMM)

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

"Come wish just once," said Faerie's King
"To make your soul shine in this ring! 796 more words

Witch of Annwn (with music)

CW: domestic abuse, death

I’m excited to share the music for some of my songs with you. It’s been fun recording them with both piano and voice, which feels like one step closer to how they’re meant to be heard. 560 more words