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Best Pokemon Team #2 - Yellow, Blue, and Red Versions - March 2, 2016

In my continuation of the three best pokemon teams in Yellow, Blue, and Red versions, I hit team number two. First of all, there are a thousands of combinations of pokemon one can have especially by the time he or she takes on the elite four. 574 more words

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Gyarados I choose you!

Pretty much speaks for itself really. I always forget that Gyarados is flying type Pokemon until I look at its stats. My Gyarados is a big fatty :)


Shiny Gyarados

Doesn’t need to be a Shiny to do this though.


Streaming Through the Competition: A 10th Place Utah Regionals Team Report

Hey guys, my name is Aurelio Villalobos, and you can find me on twitter, nuggetbridge and pokemon showdown through the name ratdog356. I attended Utah Regionals on May 24th, 2015 with a very interesting team. 1,533 more words

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