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Magikarp the furious pokemon

If you play Pokemon GO you must familiar with this pokemon, Magikarp, a little orange fish which you can find it almost everywhere.

Magikarp is considered to be a weak pokemon even in the pokemon go due to it move techniques and it appearance. 90 more words

Reliving a Childhood Dream with Pokémon Go

I’m going off on a tangent tonight – this post isn’t strictly about writing but there is still a link. We’ll get to that later. 892 more words



Worked my ass off every time I had work at kumon to collect 400 Magikarp candies


Pokemon TCG- Cheaper Decks

There are way too many deck ideas out there in the Standard Format. If you guys have your own ideas for decks feel free to tell me about them but make sure I haven’t blogged about it before. 171 more words

Gyarados Hiking Staff

To celebrate the resurgence of Pokemon popularity I decided to make a walking stick for any potential pokemon trainers playing the new game to take with them while they’re catching pokemon. 150 more words


Day 77: Super-powered Gyarados!

So if you haven’t seen my Day 76 post, I’m playing a little game called Pokémon Go. It’s fun on the best of days and obsessive on the worst. 51 more words

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