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Gyarados I choose you!

Pretty much speaks for itself really. I always forget that Gyarados is flying type Pokemon until I look at its stats. My Gyarados is a big fatty :)


Shiny Gyarados

Doesn’t need to be a Shiny to do this though.


Streaming Through the Competition: A 10th Place Utah Regionals Team Report

Hey guys, my name is Aurelio Villalobos, and you can find me on twitter, nuggetbridge and pokemon showdown through the name ratdog356. I attended Utah Regionals on May 24th, 2015 with a very interesting team. 1,533 more words

Team Report

Ep. 14-16--Mobile and Modifiable 'Mon 2: Evolution as violation, evolution as empowering

This post is a little less dark, a lot less heavy with theory. Maybe more fun? Idk, hashtag sorrynotsorry for the theory bits, I love that magiCrap. 1,621 more words


Shiny Gyarados & Magikarp Distributions in Hiroshima Pokemon Center

Be sure to check back to previous updates for major news and announcements!

A Pokemon Center has just opened in Hiroshima, and to celebrate its opening, a shiny Gyarados will be distributed as a special event to players with either Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X, or Y. 67 more words


Pokémon Mega-Curious II

Summary: I recently used a Mega-Altaria in tournaments with relative success, most losses were because of my mistakes rather than the team being unprepared.
So continuing on from the first… 803 more words

Ansel Elgort Feels a Mentoring Connection to Pokemon (Video)

 Ansel Elgort shares his connection with Pokemon and figuring out life.

Via MTV:

When most people look ahead to their 21st birthdays, their mind is one thing and one thing only: finally getting into those bars.

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