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Annie's Friends And Family are CRAZY Superstitious About The Pats

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and she brought back the audio to prove it! Who is crazier her gym trainers boyfriend or her dad?

Join the conversation! 15 more words

Karson & Kennedy


After many months of running wilderness, today I embraced (plucked up the courage more like) my first run of 2018. I decided with my fitness level being that of zero to use day one of the couch to 5k app. 182 more words


Should You FaceTime In The Gym Locker Room?

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Boston comic Don Zollo happens to know producer Dan and they are friends on Facebook. Dan saw Don go on a rant about dudes Face timing while in the locker  room at the gym and we had to get the full story from him. 32 more words

Karson &amp; Kennedy

Sunday Summary (Y18#3)

This will be a short(er) summary than normal as I am in the midst of writing up  my current essay.  I started my week with a full gym day, went through the machines, free weights and ended with some cardio. 328 more words


Getting started

Newcomers to the gym often have a certain idea of what they need to do for a “fat loss workout”. The idea of, if you want to lose weight you need to do hours of cardio, still shines through. 283 more words


Cauliflower medallions and simple salad lunch

Tuesday and I have had a cardio day at the gym which was lovely. Horrendous weather here though, hence the difficulties in finding a ‘nice’ natural light for photos. 374 more words


Sunday Summary (Y18#2)

Sunday summary is officially back in the mix now that a new year has begun! I have had a great start in January and I am back enjoying the gym to the fullest. 393 more words