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Sunday Summary (Y17#40)

This week has been all about bouncing back from last weeks illness. It’s been lovely to finally get back into the groove of lifting weights and spending time on the various cardio machines. 452 more words


Want to get stronger? Here’s some things to consider if lifting heavy things and putting them down again are a priority to you.


Alkalize Your Body

Many people don’t realize how important is to balance your PH. Acidity causes people to suffer of pain, weight gain and other health issues. Acid foods like sugar, fried food, food additives, meat, cheap and bad oils and trans fats cause acidity in your body and over time acidity can have very damaging effects on your body. 312 more words


Sugar Addiction

I’m being facetious, but it isn’t addictive in the same way as a drug addiction is. It’s important to understand the difference between something being an addiction and something being highly desirable as it is sometimes the first step into finding a way of managing your behaviour with highly desirable food. 399 more words


Need a new workout?

Struggling to think of a session to put yourself through? Here’s a good workout, that’s a full body session and involves some explosive lifts along with standard resistance training. 112 more words



“I don’t want bigger muscles though, I just want to try and tone them”.
Wonderful, I know what you mean.

One problem though, you can’t tone a muscle. 307 more words


3 tips for glute development

Glute development is huge these days, fashions constantly change and currently the desire for women seems to be for more of a booty.

To develop this you have a couple of options one is too pay for expensive surgery like the Kardashians and pretend that you worked for it, or, you need to be specifically targeting the glutes, the muscles in the bum, when you train. 242 more words