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Lets Call a Do-Over

People never tell you what it’s like to struggle badly with your mental health. They never warn you of the things it makes you do, the ways it makes you treat others, and the ways it makes you treat yourself. 322 more words


Coming in prepared

It’s a crucial time for everything right now.
8 weeks out of my “peak” moment.
My final exam next Monday.
The presentation of my thesis in 2 weeks… 399 more words


5 Excuses Everyone Has To NOT Go To The Gym! 

Going to the gym can be an absolute struggle with a capitals S! Trust me I know! Unfortunately fitness goals are not achieved in front of the telly or out shopping but instead by continually showing up week in and week out at your local gym/ workout spots. 371 more words


Horny Monster

All the exercise I’ve been doing – runs, swims, the gym – has turned me into a horny monster. I can’t stop thinking about sex, I can’t stop chatting to guys online about sex, I can’t stop reading the listings on sex sites, I can’t stop watching guys in public transport, I can’t stop staring at bouncing cocks when I go for my runs… 190 more words


Bulging biceps????

So here is an example of how not everything is exactly what it seems.

Take a look at this picture of me flashing my guns. They’re impressive right??? 102 more words

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