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Jillian Michaels Detox Water Review & A look at the previous week! 


Happy Friday yall! I’m more than happy Friday is here finally it’s the weekend! Our second favorite “F” word  hehe I hope your week was filled with great positive vibes and lots of love and food! 612 more words


Should People Who Don't Use Gym Equipment Correctly Be Banned?

If someone cannot use the gym equipment correctly, should he or she be banned during prime time hours?

Listen below to hear this woman’s story! 44 more words


Second Month Complete

I have officially been a gym member for 2 months now. It feels like much longer though.

Things have improved a lot over the past month. 148 more words


Gym Classes

I’m so glad I finally tried a gym class last Monday. Today I went to my third class!

I’m pretty sure no one likes the teacher of the Monday classes because no one shows up. 120 more words



For me (Lorenzo) goals were just the reason to start with fitness. I used to be a little bit chubby. My main goal was: getting a fitter body. 318 more words


4 Months And The Mirror

Do you know it’s been four months since I confessed to anything?

Not that I had nothing to confess to, believe you me, there was a lot of stuff going down…none of it however, was my weight, girth or dress size. 181 more words

Starting Again

Follow these tips to lose weight.

Cook at home to have complete control of the healthy ingredients going into your meal.

lunch needs to be healthy and filling, it needs to be low in calories,Aim for at least 10 grams of fiber and at least 15 grams of protein. 92 more words