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Progressive Overload

When lifting weights there is a very simple mistake that most people make, not challenging themselves.
An all too common theme with people training alone is too find a weight they find challenging enough and then stick to that weight, in other words they don’t progress. 267 more words


Personal Trainer problems.

So I joined a new gym on New Years Day, #newyearnewme and all that.
I usually train at the gym that I work in, but needed something a little closer to home for those times when I’m not there. 248 more words


My mind is telling me no...But my body..

​Today I was talking with someone close to me about the concept of clearing your mind.

It is so rare for me, that my mind is not thinking about 4 or 5 things at once. 337 more words


Gym Etiquette

Gregg was at the gym for his Pre-Thanksgiving sweat fest, and encountered a woman “saving” one of the machines. He asked her if he could jump in? 84 more words


The Rut

To say I wake up every day super psyched to take on the day would be a complete lie. And anyone who thinks I walk in to the gym ready to tackle every work out with the enthusiasm of Mr Motivator is also mistaken. 1,198 more words


War Of The Roses Marathon: He Picks Things Up and Lies About It

Stephanie’s man Scott has been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. Is he hitting the weights or the pancakes?

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 16 more words


Bodyweight HIIT Cardio Intervals

Want to get in a quality cardio session without spending 45 minutes to and hour on a treadmill?  You can optimize your time and get better results with this 20-minute high-intensity interval workout.   448 more words

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