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Do you even Alcohol?

I’ve touched on this before.
Short answer? Yes, I do.
In Belgium you’re allowed to drink beer if you’re 16 years old.
So you can probably guess how my last years of high school went. 309 more words


Escape the Holiday Trap Trap: 3 Tips to Stick to Your Nutrition

The holidays are a joyous time in which people get to see family members and eat lots of good food which is latent with sugar, grease, and many other fatty sources that can get you into trouble if you don’t know how to mitigate through this holiday season. 571 more words


Making the cut.

As I am about to start a cut I thought that it may be worth me writing a little about how I go about the process of cutting. 471 more words


Our resident cyclist says.......

5 vitamins and minerals cyclists need….courtesy of bicycling.com.

Vitamin supplements have gotten some bad press lately, as more studies find that mega-doses of these healthy chemicals may actually do more harm than good. 34 more words


The truth about weight loss supplements...

Like many, I am a sucker for following all the fitness pages on social media and falling for the many supplements they advertise. As I scroll through, thinking about how I maybe shouldn’t have eaten that chocolate bar whilst looking at all these ‘PERFECT’ women that are lighting up my screen, I can’t help but wonder if the people I’m seeing are genuinely that ‘perfect’ and whether the supplements they are advertising can really help you get the body of your dreams… 491 more words