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Working Outside The Box

This weeks post is all about training a home, looking at the benefits and downsides of it. Some people hate gyms and others don’t have time, it might be difficult to get there or some people may not be a member. 397 more words


Body360 for Gyms

How many gyms are there in London? At last count it was said there were over 1200 independent gyms just in London, add to that number all the big chain names and it means one thing,  every gym no matter where in London will always have competition. 261 more words


Meals on Wheels

I’ve decided that I need an overhaul of my diet as well going to the gym.  In the past I have tried almost every diet going from Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 and even the revolting cabbage soup diet.  829 more words

Detox Time!

So with my birthday coming up in a few weeks I decided it was time to detox. For my detox I decided to do the 28 day Teatox by skinny me tea. 163 more words



BETA ALANINE supplement! Yes, introducing the main character of this article. I was wondering why is this ‘MUST TO HAVE’ supplement lacking its place in the supplement essentials list for those who take their training seriously??!! 705 more words

Gym Motivation

The naked truth

I wore my activity belt into the gym today and as I walked in I saw my ‘name’ up on the board in lights. Fame had arrived but in the most unexpected form. 764 more words

Belt up

Had another PT session today and I’m feeling more relaxed about going to the gym and less paranoid about my appearance.  Granted most of the people there are smaller than me but there are a handful who are very big indeed.   467 more words