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I joined a gym (again)!

Yesterday I signed up with World Gym. I felt like I was ready to resume weight training. This yoga thing is great (almost 4 straight weeks of doing it every damn day) but my body and mind are ready for more of a challenge. 385 more words





Anytime Fitness is offering free fitness consultations and “Get Started” plans


Fall is the time of year when young people head back to school and families start getting back to their routines – including their health and fitness routines, which may have slipped or changed during the summer months. 338 more words


The Toys.......

The decisions have been made and it’s time to showcase our equipment selections. There’s a lot to opening a new business and a lot of it isn’t fun. 822 more words


In Search of Motivation

It must have been a long time since I last blogged as I even had to reset my password. Things are looking bleak at the moment, I started losing weight in July then the summer holidays came and I put half of it back on, then we had a death in the family and the rest came back on. 793 more words

Letting Go!

Last week I really had to grind.
During Karate practice on Tuesday I noticed I wasn’t fully recovered just yet.
Decided to push through it and went to the gym on Wednesday anyways. 335 more words


Day 156: On a Triumphant Return

I’ve been back for a week already. I should have posted sooner, but life gets in the way. Now that I’m back, though, it’s been great to get back to the gym and into the thick of things. 272 more words