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TGIM: 10 Workout Fails To Make Your Day Instantly Better

Very few of us enjoy Mondays, and it’s not a surprise: weekend seems to have passed again in a nanosecond and the next Friday is as distant as unknown galaxies. 192 more words


Day 27

the days just seem to be flying at the moment.

Still rocking my injured knee. Getting to the point that I may have to see a Dr about it. 111 more words

100 Days To Yummy Mama

Disappointing Week 16

Summer Sucks.

Yes I said it – it sucks! It’s full of summer BBQs, vacations and more BBQs. Summer is a recipe for workout failures and disasters. 375 more words


Get Fit or Die Trying

Ok Bec, it’s you time. That means feel good, look good, be good. You work too much, you eat everything but the kitchen sink (when you have a spare moment you take advantage of it), your not sleeping well because your thoughts are scattered between everything you do. 742 more words


Elliptical. Strength.

30 minute easy elliptical

6 pullups x 4
10 pushups x 4
15 curls (12.5lb x 2) (15lb x 2)
15 overhead (12.5lb x 2) (15lb x 2)
10 hanging leg lifts x 4


Day 23

well I hit the gym to do my start of week 4 training and…I did it. Only just though! I had to force myself through the last 5 minute run, but I managed to push through and then felt so accomplished! 75 more words

100 Days To Yummy Mama

Day 22

Weigh In Day

This morning I headed to the gym to continue the half marathon training. Tomorrow I start week 4 of the C25K. It’s gonna be tough! 138 more words

100 Days To Yummy Mama