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Maximum rep test

A few weeks ago I talked about how progressing your workouts was vital, increasing the amount of work that you do during a session, whether through weight, sets or reps is an absolute must for continued progress. 240 more words


When trying to achieve any kind of weight loss or weight gain, the calories that you take in are all important. Following on from last week when I talked about how it’s important to be careful when choosing protein sources so that you can achieve your calorie target, I’d like to use greek yogurt as an example…………exciting I know…… and how you can use the different types of it to fit your other targets. 308 more words

London Aquarics Centre

I’ve been living near the London Aquatics Centre for nearly two years now and only today I decided to visit it… I’m kicking myself for this! 138 more words


Do you spend all day sitting down?

Most of us tend to spend a lot of our time sitting down, especially those who work in an office. Most people’s typical day would involve moving to the car or public transport, sit down at a desk for the majority of 8 hours, back to the car and then on to the sofa for some TV. 326 more words


How much protein should you eat?

One of the simplest most beneficial things to implement in your diet is an increase in protein. It’s one of the biggest diet trends at the minute, take a close look around the supermarket and you’ll notice protein is being added to everything, yogurt with extra protein, snickers protein bars, soup with extra protein even BEER with protein. 337 more words


3 stretches to improve your squat.

A huge issue for many people when trying to squat is the lack of mobility they have around the ankle joint. The knee should be able to travel forwards in front of the knee to allow for full depth on the squat to be achieved… 186 more words


Progressive Overload

When lifting weights there is a very simple mistake that most people make, not challenging themselves.
An all too common theme with people training alone is too find a weight they find challenging enough and then stick to that weight, in other words they don’t progress. 267 more words