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Core Fitness at The Spa

Our Nationally Certified Fitness Trainers provide fitness & wellness services for members and non-members. These services include fitness and wellness profiles, customized exercise programs and private consultations. 103 more words


Leg Day

The one that most of us hate.
I actually started liking it somewhere along the way.
Only 1 Workout Wednesday left.
I hope you’re enjoying this series so far! 804 more words


Pull Day

3rd workout Wednesday already!
previous ones:
General information
Push Day

Still to come:
Leg Day (24/8)
Cardio & abs (31/8)

*If you don’t want to read through all of the text and just want to know which exercises I perform, you can scroll to the bottom of the page! 868 more words


Not caring about macros... again

Second week back at it with tracking macros and I already gave it up again.
Reason being: I ran out of protein.
Honestly, that’s something that never happens to me. 331 more words


Portion Control Tips and Tricks

The words “Diet and Dieting” have such negative connotations associated with them, when you just say these words out loud you feel an overcoming gloomy feeling. 333 more words


Push Day

First real Workout Wednesday and already a special one!
In the information post, I said I started off my workouts with a compound movement. 1,132 more words