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The scale is messing with my head

2 weeks in and this is already happening.
At some point this will happen to all of us.
I’ve just uploaded “8 tips for a successful cut” 263 more words


#MondayMotivation #LetsGo #Exercise!!!

Happy Monday!!! Have you gotten your exercise in for today? If yes what did you do? If not what do you plan to do? Whatever your exercise choice is just make sure you don’t SKIP it altogether. 43 more words


Cutting out the shortcuts

Guys, I have to admit something rather embarrassing! For many years I have more or less blanked warm up activities no matter what my subsequent routine have been. 493 more words


A ray of sunlight and fish in the morning eh!

The sun is back and so am I! Well, I have had a pretty hectic start to 2018 with far too much on my schedule to be able to keep up with 365evermore. 341 more words



After many months of running wilderness, today I embraced (plucked up the courage more like) my first run of 2018. I decided with my fitness level being that of zero to use day one of the couch to 5k app. 182 more words


Sunday Summary (Y18#3)

This will be a short(er) summary than normal as I am in the midst of writing up  my current essay.  I started my week with a full gym day, went through the machines, free weights and ended with some cardio. 328 more words


Getting started

Newcomers to the gym often have a certain idea of what they need to do for a “fat loss workout”. The idea of, if you want to lose weight you need to do hours of cardio, still shines through. 283 more words