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Win a Free Gym/Diaper Bag

I am hosting my first giveaway! The prize is this awesome brand new Black Thirty-one All-in-Tote. Follow the link below to enter the giveaway, and check out ways to earn extra entries. 49 more words

Blended Family

Gym Bag Essentials

Have you ever played that embarrassing game where you dump out the contents of your purse and everyone laughs at you because you have 800 different kinds of lip glosses and chapsticks (that mostly never even get used), old gum wrappers, and a banana peel? 639 more words


Where motivation, exercise and food meet

Last week both my PT and my partner were away. My PT offered me a replacement for the week, but to be honest he sets the standards pretty high and his replacement in the past just hasn’t been up to scratch, so I said no and promised him I’d train myself. 405 more words

Random Thoughts

Day 3 (week 1) new gym bag yey!

The day after my last workout my calves weren’t sore at all which really surprised me. My other muscles weren’t necessarily sore, but felt like they’d been used; like i was really aware of having biceps. 486 more words


In My Workout Bag

My workout bag is, in my opinion, a beautiful work in progress. If you’re into fitness at all, you know your workout bag is like insight into your method – your ticks and tendencies – your needs. 339 more words


Germ Patrol

When we think of spring cleaning, our minds immediately go to purging our closets, uncluttering our cupboards and giving things a good old fashioned scrubbing. While that is a great practice, there are little things that we often overlook that may be harboring nasty germs. 861 more words