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Happy New Year! And hello to 2018. The festivities are well and truly over, New Years Resolutions have begun (..and potentially already ended for some) and January is in full swing. 1,416 more words

Luisa Lifestyle

Day 2 - Christmas Sales and Target Clothes

Today I faced the sales! Not something I would usually do but JW wanted to go and get some new clothes in the sale so I thought I would tag along too and pick up the dresses I had ordered from Topshop. 586 more words

Slimming World


Definition: when someone is very insecure about them selves and they feel threatened by others in the gym who are in good physical condition

Honestly, I have no freaking idea of why I even thought about this word or anything about this word. 460 more words


Alarm Clocks And My Hatred For Them

So last place we left off was the alarm clock challenge. I do have to say for myself is that I did fairly well. I made 4 out of 7 days. 607 more words

Boxing Improves Reflexes & Fitness

Going to a gym, which has a variety of classes and varied time-slots is a bonus. When I saw boxing on the schedule, I raced over, slipped on my boxing gloves and was ready to defend myself. 122 more words

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Nr. 92 - Reformer Pilates

On my mission to try something new ever week, Gabby took me to yet another form of exercise – Reformer Pilates. I don’t know the ins and outs of what it really is meant to be, but it surely uses some spacey looking machines. 165 more words


How to keep motivated for the gym


For some of us (myself included) I find it hard to keep myself motivated to go to the gym. I end up going for about a week and then I lose motivation, maybe because I don’t see a difference straight away. 1,079 more words