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How to Train for a Marathon

It’s officially marathon season, as runners around the globe challenge themselves to compete in competitions of stamina and endurance. The Boston Marathon was held on April 17 and many more will be held throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. 691 more words

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Fun Ways to Stay Active This Summer

In the summer months, it’s no fun being cooped up inside all day…okay, maybe if you’re a teenage boy playing video games inside all day, oblivious to the gorgeous weather, that’s fun for you. 704 more words

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Random Thoughts/Blurbs

  • I often think I have to much time on my hands, but not right now. My excess time seems trivial compared to some.
  • I always hate when judgmental dumb cunts say ‘take your meds’ cause there are real people out there, very sweet people, who do take medication for moods and you’re lucky they do cause they’d fuck a mouthy cunt up.
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How to Get Kids Interested in Sports

Summer is just around the corner, so it won’t be long until kids are out riding their bikes again, kicking balls through grassy fields, building tree forts, going on adventures, declaring themselves king or queen of the jungle gym, creating chalk masterpieces on their driveways…okay, this sounds more like the summer of a child growing up in the 1960s. 691 more words

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What it Takes to be a Great Coach

When watching a sporting event, most of the focus revolves around the players and their abilities to score, shoot, dribble, and kick. One key component to a team’s success, usually refraining from the spotlight, is the person standing on the sideline, the coach. 523 more words

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The Mass Appeal of March Madness

March Madness is in full swing, as offices around the country rush to submit their brackets. Division 1 men’s college basketball is so popular in the United States that there’s a whole month devoted to it. 475 more words

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A New Generation of Frozen Meals

I know what you must be thinking. This is a site about fitness and nutrition. He can’t possibly be advising us to eat frozen meals, can he? 679 more words

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