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Inside Out

I thought that we could have a barbecue tomorrow. I looked at the weather forecast and it doesn’t look too bad. I had already bought some meat and put it in the freezer and, the other week, I got some of those easy to light barbecue coals. 732 more words

My fitness progression.......so far.

So I’ve always been slim. During high school I was tall and gangly, with big boobs, and that was how I stayed. When I got to uni and was tempted by the world of £1.60 pints of snakebite and late night kebabs my weight crept up and up. 343 more words


1st August

Hey folks,

Apologies for not posting yesterday, been on an epic downer to be honest. The last couple of days have been really bad for me. 392 more words


Something to help you in your endeavor to get the perfect body

When the journey gets tough

Getting the perfect body is a task that requires a lot of you. A long and protracted course has to be followed to attain success if you opt for the lifestyle modification route. 453 more words

Weight loss mistakes

You see this beautiful dress and in your mind’s eye, there you are, wearing it and flaunting your gorgeous curves  right in the center of a crowd of open mouthed wonder. 1,057 more words


Fifty And Fit!

Today i just want to take the time out to say thank you to the older generation who realize how important fitness is for their lives. 270 more words


Which Is Better for Effective Weight Loss? Diet or Exercise?

I’m just going to jump right in and give you the answer: One cannot function without the other in a “healthy lifestyle” context. It is like trying to drive a car that has a perfect engine and flat tyres. 130 more words