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There's a New Blood in Town!

A new guy arrives in Windenburg and he’s quite rich. He decided to invite the town’s residents to let them know how filthy rich he is. 119 more words

Sims 4

Q&A (12.02.2016)

This week seems to have whizzed by!

Again some interesting questions have been coming through, which I’ve really enjoyed answering. I’m on the lookout for more questions, so keep them coming! 647 more words

The time I actually liked Zumba

I went to Zumba once before, around a month ago at a local school. The class was ran by this beautiful, tall, confident lady who’s main facial expression was one I did not think possible considering the human condition, joy. 235 more words


Day 1, Gym 1

This is going to be short, but my first day of this was pretty cool.  I took a Barre Fitness which is kind of like a bootcamp featuring yoga, all sorts of body movement, and a bit of dance that was a whole body experience.  158 more words


No carbs tonight

Basically every meal I eat in a day has quite a lot of carbs in it. I’m trying to steer away from that, and only really eat a heavy carb meal or snack before hitting the gym. 97 more words

Strong Baby Man

Lifting weights, I

feel strong like bull. Next day, I

cry like big baby.