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Laila Ali

Keeping the celebration of black history going, our next African-American, female legend in the sports world is Laila Amaria Ali.

Ali was born Dec. 30, 1977. 186 more words

Postwork out meal

Monday morning breakfasts/brunch featuring avocado and egg toast with a whey protein shake.

A great post-workout meal and personal favorite! Combination of healthy fats and lots of protein.

¿Entrenar una o dos veces al día?

¿Hacer uno o dos entrenamientos al día?.

Un único entrenamiento al día debe ser suficiente para conseguir una buena salud, mejora física y del rendimiento. No obstante hacer un segundo entrenamiento al día no es para nada una mala idea, ojo, no lo es siempre que se planifique bien. 281 more words

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Maximize Your Training During Peak Gym Hours

If you’re a “9-5er” and live in the vicinity of a climbing gym, you know the frustration of attempting to train during busy hours. With two kids teams stealing a third of the routes for their after-school practice, their parents milling around, and all the other 9-5ers showing up at the same time, it’s hard to find space on the wall to warm-up, let alone get in enough burns on your project to feel like you got something our of your two-hour “session.” While chatting about weekend plans with your friends between attempts is fun, it doesn’t lead to great strength gains if it takes up 95 percent of your gym time. 1,006 more words


Training Till You Hurl - Pushing Yourself To Your Limit

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just finished a conditioning session. It was an hour long high intensity interval training (HIIT) bootcamp which involves 30 seconds of flat out exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest. 888 more words


The numbers count... ♥♥♥

Now I’ll be the first to admit when I’m on a mission to lose weight, I become a little obsessed with the number on the scale. 233 more words