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POST 1....the night it began

After a night of shamefully eating probably about 30 biscuits, as well as sweets and anything else that I can find that is laden with sugar, I have decided to cut out sugar, refined sugar. 245 more words


Gym etiquette

This is mostly for the “muscle heads”.  I have noticed that the newbies and average looking guys in the gym typically know how to work out with others, but the guys who look like they have been working out since they were 2 need a little help with how to act in a gym. 287 more words


Why you SHOULD be picking up weights in the gym...

Okay, so if you are finding your gym routine is a bit stressful and you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, I STRONGLY recommend throwing some weight training into your regime… 735 more words

Giorno 250 - Mercoledì 27 Maggio

Great gym session today – I needed it!

Now I need a shower and a pillow :P

Good night!

Colazione: tè, succo esotico 100%, yogurt greco, mela, 8 biscotti… 56 more words

Diario Alimentare

Day Seventy-Nine

Ohhhh Tuesday. Well, I did better than the weekend. But I didn’t exercise and I didn’t weigh-in… But hear me out, my family arrives tomorrow and I’m getting married on Tuesday, my in-laws are meeting my family for the first time and my partner is graduating. 208 more words

💊Supps of the day💊

*Supps of the day*
Pre workout: Xtreme Napalm Fruit Punch flavour. Apparently fruit punch flavour but the only punch I was getting was the one to my face 😂. 115 more words


💊Supps of the day💊

*Supps of the day*
Pre workout: BSN N.O.-Explode Dragonfruit flavour. A relatively new flavour that’s not stocked in too many places. Even with 400-600ml of water, 1 serving is very sharp tasting and becomes a little hard to sip on continuously. 115 more words