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Back & Leg Workout

We joined forces in our local gym this weekend. Rosie was in charge of the back workouts, I was in charge of the leg workouts. 280 more words


Goals In 2017 | Powerlifting | People Motivating Me

As I’m sitting on the bed with a laptop resting comfortably on my lap, I feel like there’s a lot I want to say that I should be keeping for other blog posts, but fuck it. 491 more words


First Day At The Gym

This morning at 7 am Steve, my husband, and I were at the gym for a session. It was more like seeing how flexible we were and learning a few things more than anything. 103 more words

Combatting Gym Anxiety

Everyone starts working out. No one walks into the gym their first time with complete and utter confidence. I started working out when I was about 14, and I tried as hard as I could to be invisible. 332 more words



Right now it feel’s like I am fighting to stay afloat going to the gym. This month I don’t remember how many times I have attended the gym. 251 more words

New Blog Post

January Gym Haul

I’ve been going to the gym for a few months now which you can read about here.Whilst I had some gym wear already, as I’m going more frequently I was finding I was often stuck if I hadn’t done a load of washing during the week and well –  it’d be rude not to take advantage of some bargains! 834 more words

Women's Sport

Imani, Sports, or the lack there of.

Here’s the thing:

My name is Imani Harris. I’m a sophomore Public Relations major with a minor in Black Studies. I love singing, eating, reading, and pretending to be a fitness enthusiast. 212 more words