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Beyond The Gates

You stop at the gates, not sure if you have come to the right place. The building in front of you is dilapidated, run down, in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. 1,479 more words


Emptying Out the Old Pockets

As the Fourth of July holiday is upon us, it is time to empty your good blogger’s pockets and see what posting tidbits are lying about with the pennies and the lint. 199 more words


Gym Intimidation

The best advice I ever received about gym intimidation is to “stay focused”. Concentrate on your workout and don’t look at the people around you. Consider it a job – you are there for a task, to get the “job” of working out done. 128 more words


Adidas on my Pedals

Well…. first run in 3 weeks this morning, first run since my surgery and I was seriously surprised! I wasn’t expecting to make it 2 miles today without wanting to keel over and die! 217 more words


The very first real post

The other say I decided to go to the gym. I took the bus to go to the city. As soon as I told the driver where to stop for me, he looked at me grumpily and mumbled something about not stopping there. 216 more words

Where There Is [No Struggle], There Is [No Strength] - Part 1

To Push or Pull?

In this series I will be telling you why without struggle, there is no strength. What that really means is if you never have to try particularly hard, you’re never going to get better at what you’re doing. 591 more words


Fitness Friday July.3

This week has been a bit of a mix bag.

I started the week with a slightly cloudy head – okay, okay! I started the week with a raging hangover. 411 more words