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Favourite Pieces

A few weeks ago at work I was faced with an extremely minor decision. An older women came in to workout, with her personal trainer who I know she pays hourly, and she had forgotten her socks. 525 more words


Transformation Thursday

If you followed my other blog this one will seem real familiar but just to put things into perspective for those that didn’t here’s my “transformation” story? 422 more words


Weekend ready....

Pardon my distance! I’ve been very busy as of lately but I am gradually getting back to blogging as normal. Today was technically my Friday at work and I’m just ready to begin my weekend. 68 more words


Fitness FAQ

The best fitness advice I have ever gotten was, “Keep it simple, stupid”. The more complicated your health and fitness routine is, the less maintainable it will be. 644 more words


#6 quote of the day; night time edition...

This quote is beautiful. Couldn’t find who said it but ahh. Plus the background image I picked compliments it.

Georgie xoxo


My first blog!

Wow!I After months of planning to get around to writing a blog. I finally found some time to start. Allow me to introduce myself,my name is Riona and I live in Durban , South Africa. 503 more words

Thursday Already!!

Amazing how fast the week can go by…especially when I thought it was Friday on Monday…LOL   been a busy week…still working on the brick laying where the trees were…we re trying to do a little every morning when its cool enough to work outside, at least for us….we had the truck tuned up and had to take it out for a drive yesterday…we headed north and then took a side trip out into the desert, (on a county road) to Crystal Hill….it was beautiful out and we had a great morning playing…thought I would share some pictures…. 367 more words