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Chris Goes Solo at Gymkhana in Immodest and Lengthy Fashion

I’m afraid this is going to be a Chris-heavy blog, so feel free to tune out if you only read this for Rachel’s beautiful prose (and face). 1,353 more words


Travelbloggers meeting: organización, formación y profesionalismo

Durante el 8, 9 y 10 de mayo pudimos asistir a nuestro primer Travelbloggers meeting, mejor conocido como TBM. Este evento reúne a más de 150 blogueros de España, Europa y Latinoamérica con la intención de ofrecer un marco de intercambio de experiencias y aprendizajes.  1,046 more words


This past weekend was Big Gymkhana at The Thacher School, the boarding school my father and I attended (he was C’DeP 1965, I was C’DeP 2004). 2,384 more words


Drifting RC cars looks like way too much fun

Who needs a real car when you can have one of these?


Lunging for big horses

I had a well deserved rest this weekend when Jane and Susanna very thoughtfully went away to spend their time admiring larger versions of me called Suffolk Punches.   153 more words