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A sacral pain in the butt!!

Me and Parker competed at a an indoor championship on Saturday. I asked the venue if we could go first and managed to warm up, do two tests and be back on the road in an hour and a half so I could get home and start teaching by 11.30. 408 more words


Haiku Duet, Driftin' 'n' Slidin'

“Do not attempt to – recreate or reenact – any of this shit”

“Hey Seth Rowley why – does this Ken Block video – remind me of you?”

Ken Block goes back to his roots in Gymkhana 9 Raw industrial playground

So the latest of Ken Blocks Gymkhana videos is up online, and frankly I’m a little disappointed, Gymkhana 9 as you see above see Block go back to his early Gymkhana videos, big open disused industrial area, 600BHP Focus RSX and extreme driving. 206 more words

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,NINE...oh my!

Heeeee’s Baaaaack! The world famous Hoonigan Ken Block has returned to deliver another monumental Gymkhana thrill ride. And man does he get you on the edge of your seat with his 9th, I mean…NINE’th one. 84 more words