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A Trendy New Rowing Studio Is Bringing Full-Body Workouts to Chelsea

There is no doubt an hour at SoulCycle, Flywheel or any of the city’s top spin studios will leave one drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. 430 more words

Why USB fingerprint scanners are good for gyms and their members

by todbot
Fingerprint scanners are used to identify a person based on the acquisition and recognition of fingerprint images and compare them with pre-scanned images present in the database. 16 more words

10 Boutique Gyms That Top Models Love

As indicated by the booty craze that swept social media last year, beauty ideals are shifting. The thigh gap obsession is dead, and in its place is a new, welcome emphasis on strong, healthy physiques.  1,039 more words

The Nike Studio by Coordination Asia

Design studio Coordination Asia has completed its new architecture project: turning a Beijing art gallery into a gym and studio space for Nike.

The Nike Studio spans on two floors of a total area of 1,200 sqm2. 329 more words


Why you will get Fit in Korea

Korea has a ton of tasty food to offer. That’s a fact. Because of that, some people coming here might be concerned about enjoying marinated fried chicken, McDonald’s delivery and Korean BBQ a bit too much and gaining a few extra pounds. 506 more words

On Campus

Woman Claims Lucille Roberts Gym Accused Her Of "Trespassing" For Working Out In A Skirt

Should you be able to wear whatever you want when you exercise? A New York City woman says that employees of the Lucille Roberts gym chain were so upset about her insistence on wearing a skirt while working out that they harassed her and even threatened to call the cops on her. 429 more words

How to Bro in Cairo

I’m going to be up front here: This post is about gyms, mostly of the crossfit-y sort, in Cairo. If that doesn’t interest you or causes you to suddenly experience symptoms of hair-pulling, eye-rolling, or fake-vomiting, I politely suggest you skip this entry and find… 937 more words