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Last call

That was it, I was down to my last pokémon.

Kadabra leapt out of his pokéball without needing any orders and face the enemy with an aggressive stance. 293 more words


A Story By A Concerned Community Leader (A Fan Submission)

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Trainers, today we are bringing you another fan submission from a reader who reached out to us on our Discord Server, which you can join by clicking… 916 more words


Yes, I’m bitching about exercise…again...

I promised myself that this year…this year…I would find an exercise/workout routine I liked. Because then (I hypothesised optimistically and prematurely) I wouldn’t be able to make excuses about not keeping fit. 837 more words

Life | Rants


Okay, I was down two pokémon but I could still recover. Trapinch had saved me once before and maybe she could manage another rescue, especially considering that she was immune to electricity, a fact that could be vital. 346 more words


2 Down

– Now for the main event!! I hope you still have energy, if not we’ll be more than glad to share!

Wattson released his final pokémon, a large one with light blue fur and yellow patches. 444 more words


Dig, avoid, hit

Considering my choices, I felt it best to choose Trapinch even if it was suffering from paralysis. The immunity to electric damage was the one thing that could finish this battle. 126 more words


Metal shock

My roster wasn’t doing too well, most of my pokémon were either paralyzed, low on health or both and my opponent still had at least another pokémon up his sleeve. 212 more words