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Alternative to Folsom Gyms: Triathlon Preparation in Fitness Centers

Triathlons are no doubt some of the toughest multi-stage competitions anyone can ever participate in. All those long miles of marathon running, open-water swimming, and biking can take a sheer toll on the bodies of the participants, thereby requiring ample strength and conditioning training to help them make it to the finish line. 80 more words


Practice Everywhere: Let Them See You.

Practicing Ashtanga at the gym is perhaps one of the best ways to confuse the heck out of gym-goers.  From the front desk check in with a  yoga mat tucked under my arm elicits the “sorry, we don’t have a yoga class on the schedule right now” to the locker room women stating “there’s a yoga class right now?” the inevitable RCA dog look as the phrase “I don’t take classes here” is perpetually amusing.   439 more words


Casuarina 24/7 gyms: An additional reason why working out should be a part of your new daily routine

I am sure everyone on this planet is aware of the importance of working out – it slows the aging process and reduces the risk of premature death caused by diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as other illnesses that are related to the amount of fat your body contains.  287 more words

Casuarina 24/7 Gyms

Getting in the gym, it's up to you in Sykesville Maryland

 The hardest part of joining a gym is just getting in the door.  A big part of not joining a health club, martial arts gym or working with a personal trainer is fear.   236 more words

Truth Hurts 

I won’t lie- I am not a fan of Dr. Phil. I am not a fan of any TV doctors. Long story short, too many endorsements, blanketed statements, and (in Dr. 341 more words


Last Chance!!

There are only a few days left to pre register for our fitness side! Access to the open gym is a great opportunity to accomplish a new set of goals along your journey. 119 more words

Partial Converts and The Teacher Becomes The Student

I’ve been really busy (when I’m not contemplating virgins) converting yogis. So far, I have two partial converts. I call them “partial” converts because I said I wouldn’t take their commitment seriously until they bought their own mats (which neither of them has done). 75 more words