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Boxing Gyms: The Perfect Place Get Back In Shape

Few athletes need a lot of mental strength and physical ability that boxers take into the ring for each battle. Boxing is a to a great degree extreme game on each level, yet it can also be a standout amongst the best.   373 more words


Finding Inspiration After The Holidays

Enjoying the many tastes, wonderful dishes and delicacies of the holiday period is a dual edge sword, but no mystery to solve: it the flavor so good going down, but can be so tough to burn off. 532 more words

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Make the decision and bring on the pickle jars

Decisions come in all kinds of packages. Some are easy. If your laundry detergent makes you itch, you change it.

If you don’t like anchovies on your pizza, you don’t order them again. 382 more words


The best rock climbing gyms in Singapore

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Boulder Movement

My arms are sore and my thighs are quivering. Yet I can’t let go. Not unless I want to free fall three metres or so on to the, admittedly, cushy crash pad below – but I’m too chicken to do that. 297 more words


Gym Review: Mesa Rim

This review covers 2 different gyms: Mesa Rim in Mira Mesa, and Mesa Rim Mission Valley. Website: Mesa Rim


Belay test

Bouldering Finals

Mesa Rim Mira Mesa: 809 more words



I spent the night at the pokécenter but didn’t really rest all that well, I couldn’t help looking around in constant suspicion of every little noise. 277 more words


Gym Review: The Wall

I used to think Groupon was the dumbest thing in the world. I still think it’s pretty dumb. Almost everything I tried on discount was some watered-down version of what you’d get if you had walked in without the coupon code. 468 more words