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All Access Gym Pass

Spice up your workouts with The Freeplay App gives you a one all-access membership to tons of gyms and fitness studios for only $79/month. 125 more words


Don't Tap on the Tank!

How does a fish interact with its watery environment? They have many of the same senses as we do: sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. But, did you know that fish can sense vibrations in the water around them using a special organ called a lateral line? 258 more words


A Few Benefits of Training at Home Instead of at the Gym

Just about everyone in today realizes that regular exercise improves physical health and fitness, reduces stress levels, increases energy, and even extends the average person’s lifespan, but many are intimidated by the idea of signing up for a gym membership. 418 more words


A Month at the Gym: Is the Gym Really Worth It?

I was sooo lucky that my boss gifted me with a month’s free pass to…… not just any gym, but THE BEST, the most expensive gym in Malaga. 2,000 more words


What's in a (gym class) name?

I get it—Hong Kong gyms need to stand out in order to succeed, whether it’s with killer views, KOL trainers or novelty features like black light and bungee cords. 311 more words

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Summer deals: Hong Kong's latest gym and fitness promos

If you were planning to get in shape for summer—news flash—it’s already here. This May has been the hottest May in Hong Kong since 1963 and if you’re not ready for the heat (and/or the beach)… it’s a little too late! 459 more words

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