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The Key is just Being Active

The other night I took Lilly to her soccer practice with Hilary in tow. It’s always entertaining when I take both girls somewhere as Hilary doesn’t like to sit still. 512 more words


Day 3 and I am down another # 3

Whoooo Hooooo who would of thought it…..I had been sweating and stewing since a week back….really attacking my self for being such a fool with my food decisions a week ago….Now, I am not thinking I can do this and still loose weight, I am thinking that because I caught myself early and got back on track I am still loosing weight, I was never trying to cheat the system, ( like I would of before)  I just simply felt sorry for myself and thought I deserved to eat what I wanted because of  the “poor me: attitude and situation that I put myself into.. 473 more words

Eat Your Way To Younger Looking Skin and Use Nerium Day and Night Cream To Always Look Your Best

Along with using Nerium to reduce the signs of aging you can also eat your way to younger looking skin by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and the darker and more vibrant they are, the more chance they’re packed with all the antioxidant goodness your skin craves. 884 more words


Don't Be a Little Fish, Make Your Own Pond!

A Fitness Faux Pas: Comparing Yourself To Others

I am a huge fan of Canadian Journalist and Author, Malcolm Gladwell. I have read many of his books which hold interesting theories about why certain people stand out among the rest and become successful in life. 574 more words

Bleachers be gone!!

And then they were no more.

In these exclusive pics, snapped by a mysterious photo bug, we see what the Coupeville High School gym would look like without bleachers. 110 more words

CHS Wolves

Real Results Nerium Firm

     What is Nerium Firm?

Just like NeriumAD, your face has been reflecting your youth for quite a while. It’s time to let the rest of your body in on the Nerium secret! 284 more words


A Secret Pleasure at the Gym

No, it’s not the swimming pool. It’s not the hot tub. It’s not the gorgeous male trainers.

It’s the closed captions.

Some machines at the gym have TV monitors attached so users won’t become bored. 400 more words