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Daily WTF: Gym Equipment Isn't Made for Women

This month I returned to the gym after almost nine months off. I’d been doing body weight exercises and stretches at home as well as walking and running, but I wanted to get back to lifting. 503 more words

Daily WTF

End the Dictatorship of Gym Contracts, and Related Matters

If there are any budding entrepreneurs out there or venture capitalists looking for a new business to create that can make lots of money for the investors and foment a new revolution by cutting life-improving deals for consumers, how about creating a national consumers union that would negotiate heavily discounted rates on everything from cell phone plans to cable television rates and from gym memberships top airline tickets! 1,363 more words

Treadmill Things

Both of the treadmills in my gym have been out of commission for the past five or six weeks. Who knew it took so long to repair treadmills? 640 more words


Outdoor Gyms: Putting an 'I' in Public, But Where Are We?

Outdoor gym equipment is now common to public parks all over the UK encouraging us to live happier, healthier lives, but something is missing.

All over Britain our local parks are being fitted with new play areas for grown-ups; I think we call them ‘ 823 more words

Hannah Arendt

Why I Love Teaching Yoga In Gyms!

Why I love Teaching Yoga In Gyms

Sometimes the hype gets pretty thick around yoga.  With so many different styles to choose from and places to go to practice.   864 more words


Holiday essentials - Natrasan

Going on holiday this summer? On a bike trip? or even just sitting in your garden?

Then make sure you grab one of these handy sprays. 247 more words


Recreational Facilities

Another great feature of Northwestern are its Recreational Facilities. As a student you have unlimited access to the gyms for free. There are also plenty of green spaces in which you can read, play sports, or just relax in general. 673 more words