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A little bit different this one and another idea from my Daughters.We try many different ideas as to where we can generate business and this one is way out there, but as my Daughter says “its the only time business people take their shoes off in the working day”. 156 more words



Fitness is big business these days. Everyone wants to get fit. People shell out thousands for gym memberships. They get into their gym clothes and head off to the gym and climb on a stair stepper or stationary bike or a treadmill and do their workouts. 416 more words

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Weekend Coffee Share: Working Out

Good afternoon.

It’s pretty wet right now. It’s not cold, but it’s nice to get a break from the unusual January weather. But if you know anything about Georgia, you know how erratic the weather can be. 605 more words


Texas: Austin Bouldering Project

Pretty large bouldering gym in Austin, TX. $16 for a day pass. Also has a fitness center and decent amount of work space. We went around 5PM on a Thursday and the gym was pretty active, progressively busier as the night wore on. 74 more words

Rock Climbing


If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I despise the word and concept of DIET as it means a temporary change in nutrition to achieve a single (and misplaced) goal. 527 more words

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Our gyms: fitness temples or dangerous territories?

For the fitness industry, January is an important month. Our over indulgence in food and drink combined with a decrease in physical activity provides a fertile ground for g… 462 more words


Dear Snarky - What Can I Do About the Slackers At the Gym?

Dear Snarky,

 I’m a gym rat and I hate January because all the slackers come out of the woodwork and pretty much ruin the gym. Hello, how hard is it to wipe down the equipment and not expel gas in public? 262 more words

Dear Snarky