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Infused with love...and antibodies...and chemo (but mostly love)

Holy moly I am feeling the love! Usually I end my entries with the appreciation I have for those cheering me on. I still receive daily messages from family, friends and supporters from all over the globe. 993 more words

TREAT YO' SELF: Being your own advocate

I feel compelled to follow up on my last entry Questioning Quality of Life because today I received a phone call that put me at ease. 585 more words

Questioning Quality of Life

I haven’t written since the end of February…yikes.

Where we left off was with my unhappy guts. I had another consult with the gastroenterologist and she decided that although the x-ray showed no sign of lingering obstruction, it was not safe to perform a colonoscopy. 476 more words

Guts (but not the Aggro Crag kind)

To start off, if you grew up in the early 90’s you may enjoy the beautiful ‘Guts’ reference in the above title. If you do not fall into that category, the ‘Aggro Crag’ was the coveted trophy awarded to the 1st place winner of the Nickelodeon show ‘Guts’. 603 more words

What Hits Below the Belt? Review: N.E.D (No Evidence of Disease) Documentary

Cancer runs rampant in my family gene pool and ovarian cancer is what ultimately claimed the life of my grandmother in the early70’s, shortly after her 50th birthday. 721 more words

Documentary Film Review

Why hello there 2015

Happy New Year!

This time of year has been challenging for me in the past two years as it has been met with troubling news followed by invasive surgery. 444 more words

Twas the Night Before Chemo: Take 2

After much anticipation and a few trips back and forth to Boston tomorrow is the ACTUAL day that I will start my chemo trial. The format of the day, as explained to me, should be pretty painless (if you don’t count the needle accessing my chest port). 222 more words