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"Your stars will realign and things will get a little bit better"

I read this article in Cosmopolitan a few days ago (thanks Mom!): I Have Cancer…And It Sucks by 25-year old Deanna Pai, Cosmo Beauty Editor. Go ahead, it’s a quick read. 968 more words

Chemo & a Canine

My life has taken an interesting turn in the past week. Last week, I wrote about adopting little (big) four-legged furball named Josie. The past week together has been exciting, heart warming, and challenging all at the same time. 925 more words

Everyone Loves a Good Comeback Story

Week 4-5 of treatment has brought about some excitement. I’m riding the wave of what I would call an upswing.

If you just want a quick “how is chemo going?” you can scroll down to item #4 the bottom. 1,216 more words


Cycle #1- Donezo

Oh hey there friends!

As of this past Friday I have completed my first full cycle of the new treatment. Each full cycle is three weeks of treatment: 477 more words

So far, so good

Hello there friends, so we are 2/3 of the way through my first cycle of chemo. This week was even easier than last week’s infusion since it was roughly 2 hours shorter. 635 more words

Infused with love...and antibodies...and chemo (but mostly love)

Holy moly I am feeling the love! Usually I end my entries with the appreciation I have for those cheering me on. I still receive daily messages from family, friends and supporters from all over the globe. 993 more words

TREAT YO' SELF: Being your own advocate

I feel compelled to follow up on my last entry Questioning Quality of Life because today I received a phone call that put me at ease. 585 more words