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Osaka Ohsho

I am always tempted with their poster of Bacon Asparagus, but never tried to dine with them. Until yesterday…

They introduced their bestseller as World’s No.1 Gyoza. 228 more words


Gyoza ''tender ears''

Gyoza, also known as pot stickers are dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped into thinly rolled dough skins. They were originally referred to as “tender ears” in Chinese: 娇耳; pinyin: 239 more words

Week 13--AWESOME....but 1st bike wreck! (March 22, 2015)

This week has been awesome.

Monday: P-day. lots of shopping. Just to help you understand a Japanese shopping store: anything by the Walmart pharmacy in Utah is in the same isle as the dog food and canned veggies in japan. 4,068 more words

Mandoo Bar Dumplings to go, New York, NY

I recently discovered that Mandoo Bar will sell you freshly made, raw dumplings, ten to an order, to take home.   The dumplings are dusted with flour which absorbs the oil during pan frying, so you will need to use a bit more oil than usual to fry them. 54 more words


Harajuku Gyoza opens their new store in South Bank

Location: South Bank

Meal: Dinner

Pricing: $5-25

Food: 8/10

Service : 10/10

Harajuku Gyoza has opened up at their newest store in South Bank. We were lucky enough to try out their amazing menu and hospitable service. 275 more words


Restaurant Review: Sushi Boat

Location: 806 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Website: http://www.sushiboat.co/

This is one of the sushi places that our family returns to time after time. Not only is the food reasonably priced, but it’s also good. 1,013 more words


T O K Y O  

I have so much to say about Tokyo I don’t even know where to begin!! We arrived at 9pm Tuesday night here after an incredibly long day of travel from SF, and thanks to the fact that tokyo’s metro and subway systems are actually easy to navigate, we made it to our hostel, toco, without a glitch. 4,055 more words