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yo! ramen

With another coupon for ramen up for sale, I was lured into this small Korean run and owned ramen shop on the outskirts of downtown. I was excited at first, thinking it would be another hidden gem adventure like that of… 497 more words



Recently I made an attempt at making the Japanese dumplings called Gyoza. I have to admit I did not have all the appropriate ingredients for the dish to make it fully Japanese, but they turned out delicious nonetheless. 424 more words


Gyoza Meatballs

8 c. cooked meatballs

1/2 bottle Trader Joe’s Gyoza Dipping Sauce

1 package Lundberg Countrywild Rice

4 c. organic chicken broth

1 package Eat Smart stir fry vegetables. 62 more words



Fatboy and I were feeling for ramen, and you can never choose which one to go to in downtown because, like Starbucks, they’re everywhere. 

Fatboy recently got into this whole black garlic fad ever since returning from Hong Kong, I had heard Jinya serves a black garlic ramen as well so decided to give it a try. 471 more words


Rock, paper, jealousy... beautiful food vendor draws hate online

Apparently, selling foodstuffs is the sexiest occupation around, judging by the many recent discoveries of incredibly hot people peddling edibles. First, we had the KFC hottie… 209 more words


Adding Beard Papa to The List; Meet Up With The Master Shion

Met up with Master Shion earlier this month to discuss some computer stuff and since we only had coffee/tea and cookies, I was famished at the end. 1,020 more words


Eating Osaka (4/8): Osaka Ohsho (大阪王将)

A quick word on Osaka Ohsho, just as soon as I finish measuring the size of these meat dumplings… 329 more words