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Bamboo Shoots: 竹の子

Takenoko, 竹の子 or たけのこ, are bamboo shoots in Japanese. Recently, whenever I look at takenoko, I think about the Ghibli film about Kaguya-hime かぐや姫の物語.

Today, there was fresh takenoko at the farmers market (and it was fairly cheap), so impulsively bought some…! 91 more words

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Harajuku Gyozaro – One Of Tokyo’s Best Gyoza Shop, Be Prepared To Queue

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Luck shone on me as I waited only slightly less than 10 minutes to get into Harajuku Gyozaro (or Harajuku Gyoza Lou), probably one of Tokyo’s best gyoza eateries. 391 more words


Gyoza | 浪花ひとくち餃子 餃々 (Chao Chao)

Here comes the No. 1 gyoza dedicated chain originated from Osaka (will group the two ‘Ohshos’ more under ‘Japanese style Chinese restaurants’). And yes, Hong Kong, again, is the destination of their first ever overseas shop. 218 more words

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Eating our way through Tokyo

The last time I was in Tokyo, I was six years old. As a kid, I was a fussy eater. Like most god-fearing Indian families, mine too was largely “chick-atarian” (vegetarian + chicken on occasion), so the idea of eating fish, let alone raw fish, was a non-starter. 1,797 more words

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Osaka Ohsho Megamall

Osaka Ohsho, they claim to be a place where we can find the world’s #1 gyoza. We’ve seen this restaurant a lot of times already but ignored it because it is always full of people. 556 more words


Japanese Inspired Feast 

On Friday night we had a few friends round for the night, a great excuse to try out some new recipes, and put on a big spread! 295 more words


Bento Baon: Almost Asian

I was kind of going for an Asian-themed bento baon for work tomorrow with my homemade gyoza and stir-fried vegetables, but a Southwestern eggroll made its way into my lunchbox. 246 more words