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2014 Travel Japan - Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka - 027 Midnight snack

2014 Travel Japan – Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya – 027 Midnight Snack

Osaka Namba

A.Finishing up

It was kinda getting cold at night and I’m very tired. 275 more words


A Saturday of Wagamama Inspired Cooking Fun

For the past year, I’ve managed to stay (mostly) grounded in my location. Somedays that makes me a little crazy (especially when it comes to craving foods from other cuisines.) Fortunately some of my friends are as foodie minded as I am, so we arranged a Saturday to cook together. 291 more words


How to cook pot stickers in just three seconds: Lots of garlic, lots of craziness 【Video】

I love gyoza, the pork and garlic-packed dumplings that you can find in diners, ramen joints, and grocery stores across Japan. Seriously, when the Japan Gyoza Association… 623 more words


Chinese Gastronomy: Lamb Gyoza (dumplings) at AOI BEER STAND, Shizuoka City!

Service: easy-going and very friendly
Equipment & Facilities: Very clean overall. Superb washroom shared inside Den Bill Bldg.
Prices: reasonable~slightly expensive
Strong points: Craft beer only. 444 more words

Shizuoka City

Wagamama - Ezdan Mall

Food Review

My friend and I had a yen for ramen today so we deided to eat at Wagamama in Ezdan. This is the first time that we will try their ramen and we thought that based from our previous experience with their delicious food, the ramen would be amazing. 227 more words

Gotta catch em all - The Mega Pokemon Centre

Im a nerd. If you haven’t figured it out by now, then I don’t know what’s actually wrong with you. So when the Pokemon centre in Ikebukuro opened (it moved from Hamamatsucho) my friend and I were definitely in on the opening weekend. 357 more words


Edamame Gyoza With Dipping Sauce For Fiesta Friday #57

One of my favorite things to eat besides sushi in a Japanese restaurant is Gyoza. Traditional Gyoza has a minced pork filling, they are succulent and delicious and loaded with umami especially when dipped in the very flavorful dipping sauce. 535 more words

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