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My brother took me Ramen shop.
It was really tasty!!


Ajihei…This shop is only my area and they have original taste.


Day 155 (ish)

Yesterday I took my mom to the hospital again to check on her fingers and learn what therapy/finger exercises she needs to do to get better. 83 more words

No Filter

Sukiya Suki Desu!

The brand-new Ah Mei and Sukiya restaurants now are ready to serve you at Lippo Supermall! Located side by side, you still can see its fancy bouquets scattered around Sukiya ’till November 10. 399 more words

Gastronomical Adventure

SHORYU Ramen Bar London (Limited Review)

There really is countless number of Ramen bars popping up in every corner of London. This time, I found this place by accident (as I was in a nearby Visa Application Centre) and decided to give it a try. 670 more words


Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Having a bowl of ramen on a cold and rainy Vancouver day is pure comfort food. It’s like chicken soup for the soul, but kicked up a couple of notches and then some. 407 more words


Komen - Cheese Miso Ramen

Komen–written 幸麺–literally means “Happy Noodles,” and this is for sure true. I don’t know why it’s been taking me so long to get around to writing this one, since this is one of my favorite ramen joints in the city (and I’ve tried quite a few)–not to mention I’ve probably been here more than any other restaurant in Utsunomiya. 369 more words


Ramen is a Popular Japanese Food, Right? : A Wagamama Review.

I was on anime marathon yesterday, and had a sudden craving for ramen, because one of the lead characters was eating it.

Yes, I know – I easily get food cravings  when I see food. 534 more words