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Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

Here’s another filling yet low-calorie meal that has become one of my go-to lunches: Trader Joe’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers. I love these little guys (and TJ’s!). 88 more words


Autumn in Korea - Day 1 (Busan) - Arrival

Setelah berjam jam di pesawat dari Kuala Lumpur ke Busan, akhirnya kami tiba juga di Gimpo Airport, Busan, South Korea. Kami tiba disambut dengan hujan, tidak terlalu lebat, tapi impactnya dingin banget, angin kencang ditambah suhu yang sudah hampir 1 digit, brrrr dingin banget waktu keluar dari pesawat. 1,278 more words

Lil Sis

I will always be a fan of Japanese Cuisine

Sweet potatoes to balance the saltiness of edamame and ramen, and my all time favorite gyoza ^_^


Vancouver, Day Three; or: The Happiest of Happy Endings (15/3/15)

Sunday was used as a relative rest day, after hitting the ground running the way that we did (if you overlook the hardcore 12 hour sleep fest of the first day/night), and was spent catching up on a little sleep before the main point of the day: to meet Thea’s friend, Connie, who has been doing her second year of University over in Vancouver. 473 more words


King of Gyoza

People don’t believe me when I say “it will take a lifetime to eat through just my neighborhood in Tokyo” but Tokyo is really, that dense. 659 more words



r a m e n

r o m a n c e

Head west along Gouger street, get to Krispy Kreme and keep walking (no seriously, keep walking). 339 more words


Gaga for Gyoza -- Japanese Pork Dumplings

A Japanese friend of mine once told me that in her house “Gyoza Night” was family night. The evening had one very strict rule. Every single member of the family who wanted to eat these amazingly flavourful dumplings, from the grandparents down to the small kids, had to take part in the “gyozo chain”. 1,820 more words