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A Beautiful Book

André and Judith are finally compiling all their incredible photos and texts chronicling13 years of their life traveling in Roulotte Papillotte with their two daughters. It will be much more than travel photos. 130 more words

12 - double star

This block is also known as “Hope of Hartford”, and thank goodness for that because can you imagine how many results come up when you try to search for a quilt block called “Double Star”? 156 more words

Amy Butler

10 - susannah

This was another instructionless make, but here’s a good little tutorial if you’re interested. I made mine a little differently- using half flying geese for the points and the center. 93 more words


9 - clover

My mom bought a copy of the Step-by-Step Needlecraft Encyclopedia by Judy Brittain when I was a kid and this book fascinated me. As the title suggests, it’s a detailed guide to almost any needlecraft/fabric art (everything from tatting to cord quilting to basic garment construction), complete with historical examples. 324 more words

Amy Butler

8 - farmer's daughter

This guy is essentially a variation on the churn dasher from a few days ago. Mix up the nine patch and add some blocks around the outer edge, and voila! 101 more words

Amy Butler

7 - rocky mountain chain

I love this little block- the star within star and the circle of blocks tumbling around the center. It’s good people. I do wish I’d made this about twice the size. 217 more words

Amy Butler

6 - lady of the lake

For whatever reason, I struggled to line up my seams on today’s lady of the lake block. As a result, the final product is charmingly (I insist on thinking my own errors are charming) irregular. 135 more words

Amy Butler