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Stay Focused on Your Journey 4 lessons learned.

Now we have all had a decision to make as far as what we are going to do with our lives. unfortunately this decision is likely made on a whim. 970 more words


What they don't tell you about Coachella

After a couple hundred dollars (understatement) later and weeks of planning our outfits we finally found ourselves walking into the mother of gypsy wonderlands. Coachella. While I will admit I had extremely high expectations and mostly all of them were met, Coachella 150% has some things to work on… 410 more words


Summer Music

I love these kind of nights, the nights where someone suggests grabbing drinks or seeing that free band and you find yourself laughing and singing till the show ends. 330 more words


Botanical Beauty

So Mr. And I did a self tour through the botanical gardens in Kauai today. We loved the McBryde Garden. The Allerton Garden is right across the way from McBryde –and looks amaze balls as well. 61 more words

Family Tree

Family Tree

I took a day, and forayed away from present 2.8 million word trilogy manuscript, current WIP opus, working title Dragon & Ye Sperm Of The Gods or possibly The Hoblit, or just Sperm in big letters on the front cover,    to write about my interesting life outside of writing, and write about the somewhat interesting dead people who contributed in their little person ways to my existence as a celebrity writer. 229 more words


California Dreamin' on a Summer's Day

All things California, laid back, colorful and boho can be found this week, through August 20, at Mieville’s summer event California Dreamin’.  From San Francisco’s Victorian row houses and cable cars at the top of the hill to the retro amusement park down on the beach, it’s fun, fun, fun! 245 more words

New Release

Hawaii isn't Mexico

So you may have noticed that the last post hardly looked like it was in Mexico.

You are correct!! Mr. And I are in Hawaii and it is a loooong story. 95 more words