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Review - Drag Me To Hell

In 2009, Sam Raimi released the horror film he wrote with brother Ivan before taking to work on the Spider-Man franchise…

Did you ever see a horror film that made you howl with laughter but still left you creeped out? 801 more words


Monday Morning Mews

Good morning!  This is Gypsy, and I’m bringing you the mews today.

As you may know, I am a shop kitty.  Well, actually,  I am an office kitty AT my pawrents’ shop.  187 more words


Tarot reading? Why to get one?

You may be considering getting a Tarot reading, but perhaps you aren’t entirely sure about what will be involved, and what benefit it could be to you. 500 more words

Card Reading

How to Smudge?

Smudging your sacred space, your home or office, or even your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. 308 more words

Card Reading

Advice for Today

Today’s card is Temperance
Often, before you can really have peace and wisdom in your relationships, you need to have peace within yourself. Look at what you feel guilty about, mistakes that you feel you’ve made in your past. 24 more words

Card Reading

Just completed another road trip! This one passed by very quickly. I usually try to get as many miles in as possible on the first day of travel, but this time I broke up it and went at a slower pace. 745 more words

Solo Travel

The Hanged Man

by Tony Willis

Way back in the eighteenth century, the French pastor, Antoine Court de Gébelin, had an epiphany. It occurred to him that the tarot dated from the time of Ancient Egypt, and this being so, it must also have an esoteric aspect. 924 more words