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Yutaka Blacks |Female Gyu|

Never underestimate the intensity of Japanese beef. Some thirty years ago I was invited to Yutaka in Kyoto, a well know steak shop serving some of the finest beef from matsuzaka. 221 more words

Curious About It?

Wakadin Matsuzaka |gyu|

What happens if you travel all the way to Matsuzaka for a beef dinner. The answer is you’ll eat beef but consider that the majority if not all gyu from Matsuzaka gets sold in Tokyo and Osaka.

Life Cycles

Boys Steak |Chuck Chicciano|

Never be fooled by photos! Searching for a new steak restaurant is not as easy as it looks. After some book research I discovered this restaurant (Chicciano) which is in principle a restaurant specializing in /gyu/ meat. 122 more words

Meaty Days

龍ラーメン&カレー (Ryu ramen & curry) , UP town center

Since its been kind of 涼しい (Suzushii) meaning that it has been getting cooler  lately here in Manila. I decided that we should have some Ramen for dinner. 322 more words

The Hungry Ballerina

Sirloin Gyu

If you adore meat as much as I do, then read on. I purchase a 4cm thick slice of Japanese sirloin and cooked it under vacuum for 45mins at 52℃ degrees. 59 more words

Life Cycles