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Filet Gyu Japan

I love filet and just as it is. I trim away the muscle and maintain the filet and a little wasabi and shoyu with a touch of ginger grated.

Meaty Days

Make This a Better World Today for a Better Tomorrow

Every Friday at Central, students from all four grades congregate in room 202 after school to partake in discussions about global issues, learn about ongoing crises and human rights debates, and understand various cultural, religious, and ethnic traditions and how they interact with a globalized society. 1,017 more words


Steak City Sirloin Gyu

Insane steak never bothers anyone who adores Japanese meat, and this is pure insanity. The sirloin’s etymology was originally written as “surloyn” or “surloine” reflecting its origins in the Middle French word “sur la longe”, with sur meaning “over” and longe meaning “loin”. Here it is…

Curious About It?