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Spencer Roll Gyu

Spencer Roll is prepared from a Forequarter´s dorsal portion after the removal of the Chuck and Neck and this Japanese gyu is amazingly beautiful. The butcher trimmed the cap and leaves you with an almost sirloin looking cut of meat.

Meaty Days

Kushi Yuck-Gyu

Japanese beef is best cooked over sumi-charcoal but the problem is heat transfer. The meat shown was skewered by using kushi (the holes are seen) and was probably one of those very good Japanese cuts until its too late – overcooked! 80 more words

Meaty Days

Central's GYU Packages Shea Butter

On Friday, December 6th, members of Central’s Global Youth (GYU) United packaged twenty-five pounds of shea butter, provided by the Sangariku Shea Butter Cooperative in collaboration with Leah’s Dream, a nonprofit organization that helps fund women’s education in northern Ghana. 132 more words


Japanese Gyu Sirloin

The Japanese beef is simply put superb! There are few places I’ve traveled where you can find he quality and consistency. Japanese farmers are meticulous about their work, and I am asked frequently about their habits and practices. 271 more words

Meaty Days

Central's GYU hosts Gender Equality Seminar

Central’s Global Youth United (GYU) hosted the Gender Equality Seminar on May 18, 2015, in the Spain Conference Center. After school, students were invited to listen to slam poetry about gender equality, respond to questions about various issues facing gender equality, watch different presentations led by GYU members and speakers, and even enjoy some pizza and beverages. 466 more words


Yutaka Blacks |Female Gyu|

Never underestimate the intensity of Japanese beef. Some thirty years ago I was invited to Yutaka in Kyoto, a well know steak shop serving some of the finest beef from matsuzaka. 221 more words

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Wakadin Matsuzaka |gyu|

What happens if you travel all the way to Matsuzaka for a beef dinner. The answer is you’ll eat beef but consider that the majority if not all gyu from Matsuzaka gets sold in Tokyo and Osaka.

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