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H.264 H.265/HEVC Video Extension - Windows 10 Insider

About restoring your video playing experience. HEVC Video Extension on Microsoft Store

The last fey days I had some trouble getting the latest Windows insider slow ring update on my main pc.

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Ffmpeg Commands for video processing

1. Crop specific portion of video using ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter:v "crop=1080:560:0:650" -c:a copy out.avi
2. Extract individual frames from a video using ffmpeg… 263 more words

Audio & Video Streaming

Why Won't my mp4 Play on Windows?!

If you’ve never asked this question before then you’ve never tried to convert a captured .avi file to a .mp4 and play it in Windows Media Player – it’s that simple. 1,263 more words


WebRTC Ships in MacOS and iOS 11


Looks like VP8 is not there after all, bummer. More political jostling afoot, which sucks for the development community.

This is a big deal, to have Apple / Safari onboard is really the final major obstacle in the adoption of this awesome standard. 101 more words


New Technologies in Win 7

Blu-Ray: Windows can write Blu-ray disk without any additional software. However, it can only write data discs. The operating system does not support Blu-ray writing for films. 20 more words