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Warner's Safe Remedies Proprietary Tax Stamps

On occasion, you will find a Warner’s Safe Cure with its label in tact along with some of its contents. In some instances, the top of that bottle may include a proprietary tax stamp similar to the one below. 59 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure: A Sampling of Safe Cures

During the lifetime of the Warner’s Safe Remedies Company, it is impossible to say how many samples were distributed to the public, but over the years, it would likely to be millions of bottles. 120 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Dictionary Revealed

Blogging about H. H. Warner means blogging not only about his extensive line of cures and remedies, but also about his amazing advertising pieces that he used to make his products a household name in the late 19th Century. 223 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure: More of the Very Best Labels and Advertising

Over the years, I have written a number of posts celebrating the importance and value of labels on Warner’s Safe Cures. It has always been my feeling that a good label adds both value and interest to a Safe Cure. 423 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure: Safe Cures at the Sacramento Expo (2016)

I intended to post this back in August, but got busy with work. So, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Every once in a while, someone puts together a great Warner’s Safe Cure display. 193 more words

H. H. Warner

H. H. Warner: His Company & His Bottles 2.0

If you collect Warner’s Safe┬áRemedies to any serious degree, you are already familiar with the name Michael Seeliger. If you aren’t, you should be. I have collected Warner’s for nearly 40 years and I can credit or blame Michael, to some degree, for my addiction. 432 more words

H. H. Warner