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Warner's Safe Cure: Safe Cures at the Sacramento Expo (2016)

I intended to post this back in August, but got busy with work. So, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Every once in a while, someone puts together a great Warner’s Safe Cure display. 193 more words

H. H. Warner

H. H. Warner: His Company & His Bottles 2.0

If you collect Warner’s Safe Remedies to any serious degree, you are already familiar with the name Michael Seeliger. If you aren’t, you should be. I have collected Warner’s for nearly 40 years and I can credit or blame Michael, to some degree, for my addiction. 432 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure - Rediscovering the London Office

When I was in London recently, I got to wondering if the building that housed the London Office of H. H. Warner was still standing. The London Office was one of the most successful of the foreign offices and existed from 1882-83 until well into the 1930’s. 507 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure: Labelled Animal Cures

In the world of Warner’s Safe Cures, there are a few things that you don’t often see. Certain Safe Cures are just plain RARE! It might be a Frankfurt Nervine in pint size, a labelled Presssburg “Diabetic Cure” or a labelled strap-sided Safe Compound from London or even a labelled Animal Cure with contents. 231 more words

H. H. Warner

Warner's Safe Cure: The Assassination of James A. Garfield

As I have recounted before, H. H. Warner had a brief, but heady flirtation with national politics. Although he served a the president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Warner did not actively seek out political office. 453 more words

H. H. Warner