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The Hillbillies who Became Urban Poor

Progressives still don’t know the meaning of tolerance because they believe they are on the right side of history. Mencken understood the moralizing instinct that afflicts all uplifters, especially the ones that believe in progress (whether millennial or secular): 841 more words

Being Human

Sunday read: An elitist takes aim

In recent weeks, the chattering classes have been trying to come to grips with Donald Trump’s election win. Who are these people who voted for him? 481 more words


Lesson learned

Transitioning now, as gracefully as possible, from John Stuart Mill on barbarism to Anna Kendrick on dating (Scrappy Little Nobody, 2016):

Something amazing happened to me when I hit my mid-twenties. 191 more words


Pot, kettle, black

There’s a mildly amusing post script to my last post. I thought my American visitor would know why the US media depict Trump as a greater threat to world peace than Clinton, and asked her. 278 more words

Wisdom on Our Democracy

The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality.

140 more words

Don't Throw It Out

I am selling my Tippitoes Mini Baby Bath, which is absolutely brilliant when bathing small babies.  I originally bought this from Amazon and its in green/white… 32 more words

But They Also Elected Roosevelt and Obama!

Source: H.L. Mencken in the Baltimore Evening Sun, June 27, 1920

Democracy is that system of government under which the people, having 35,717,342 native-born adult whites to choose from, including thousands who are handsome and many who are wise, pick out a Coolidge to be head of the State. 39 more words