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David's Haunted Library: Meddling Kids

Imagine what a story would be like if you had 4 kids and their dog who went around solving mysteries.  Each time they solved a mystery they discovered that the culprit was someone in a fake monster suit. 561 more words


Facing The Black Sea And All Therein That May Be Explored... Mariano Baino's DARK WATERS Reviewed

BD. Region Free. Severin. Unrated.

The collapse of the Italian film industry in the mid-late ’80s was followed by an ever more significant one in the early ’90s, that of the Soviet Union. 818 more words

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Trivial Differences

One criticism levelled at Lovecraft is that his characters don’t represent the gamut of the human condition. However, the prevalence of educated Caucasian male protagonists might actually be a partial virtue. 468 more words


That Unearthly Aroma: My Favorite Kind of Horror Story

In the summertime, when I was a child, dozens of spiders would congregate on the ceiling of our carport just above the back door.

There were large spiders and small spiders, web-spinners and hole-hiders, and perhaps even a wolf spider or two, but the most numerous were the ones we called granddaddy longlegs: round bodies the size of pinpoints surrounded by long, spindly legs thinner than fishing wire.  3,285 more words

Climate Change and Cthulhu

What could be more evil than working to end all life as we know it? It’s a tough question for me, because I’m not in the habit of using the term ‘evil’ in direct reference to anything that happens in the real world. 1,454 more words


Late Night Reading

Over the past two nights I’ve spent a few hours reading tales by H.P. Lovecraft. I bought this book with some of his best stories back in the 1990s. 140 more words

"Through the Gates of the Silver Key"

The Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2006, 2016): “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”, H. P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffmann Price, 1932 — 1933. 379 more words

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