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Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness

Part of Lovecraft’s Investigators and Their Guns.

(set in 1928, written in 1930, published in 1931)

Blasphemous influences seemed to surround me and press chokingly upon my senses. 1,939 more words


The Case of Charles Dexter Ward: Early Providence

The NYC Public Library has put online an enormous amount of digitalized images from their collections. Poking around and looking for pictures of Providence, I stumbled across the following two: 101 more words

The Call of Cthulhu (2005)

H.P. Lovecraft’s stories work best as silent film.

Who knew?

The Call of Cthulhu was a labor of love of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, who decided to adapt the 1926 story in the style of a silent film of the mid-twenties. 105 more words

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Unearthing Some Entertainment

For today’s Found Film, a freshly-posted treatment of a moldering short work of literary fiction.

Tee hee.

Today’s pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Today’s ink: Waterman blue-black (modern)


It Started with a Whisper

As my blog cover/header photo would suggest, I am a fan of all things H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos in particular. So, after recently reading Lovecraft’s iconic short story for the first time in 30 years or so, I had a thought… 943 more words

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10 Quotes: H. P. Lovecraft

  1. “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all of its contents.”
  1. “Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.”
  2. 265 more words

[Bea's Reviews] In The Mouth Of Madness [1994]

Dir.: John Carpenter

Starring: Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jürgen Prochnow  and David Warner

As far as I am concerned, this review is dreadfully redundant, but that being said, there is no such thing as a bad time to discuss this diamond in the rough film that makes sweet love to the seminal works of Howard Philips Lovecraft which beckons the audience with sinuous tentacles to join in the fun. 57 more words

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