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Introducing the Spartan DoDelta [satire]

In case you hadn’t heard, Spartan is introducing the Spartan Delta. But of course, you have heard about it, because the leaked news—and the massive hype that sprawled from the fact that nobody provided any information about it, other than their certainty that it was the best thing ever—captured the OCR world’s imagination just like a certain product that I think we can all agree turned out to be the most revolutionary transportation product ever. 354 more words


Trumped Up

I have never seen Donald Trump‘s faux-‘reality’ TV show, and indeed knew of Mr. Trump only from news reports in which he surfaced as some sort of real-estate mogul, or was mentioned as perhaps a candidate for the Presidency in some tongue-in-cheek way. 1,074 more words


Ted Cruz Ushers in New Golden Age of Political Satire

Political grand-stander and prolific reader of Dr. Seuss, Ted Cruz has made the more that obvious leap for the brass ring of the Presidency of the United States. 372 more words


The State of the Union is stodgy

At yesterday’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama referred to the dramatic improvements in economic productivity and employment that had occurred on his watch, but did not seal the point by displaying graphs or charts documenting and dramatizing his assertions. 789 more words


Discipline Over Desire?

“I am slow-thinking and full of interior rules that act as brakes on my desires….”
— The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Sounds like the words of a very controlled man, depending on how it’s interpreted.

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A-z Challenge

Quote of the Day - H. Ross Perot on Slacking

I’ve been slacking lately… I haven’t been posting a quote and a photo every day. Not because I have stopped enjoying sifting through the great words of others or because I haven’t been taking pictures, I’ve been taking lots! 97 more words

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