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Las Vegas BLVD.

As I stated in a previous post, Las Eiffel Tower, I visited Las Vegas for the first time earlier this month. What a great place to get away with good friends for a weekend of partying. 45 more words

H.u.d. Photography

Las Eiffel Tower

It was my first time in Vegas…and the first time i’ve ever seen the Eiffel Tower.

I thought it was gonna be taller…

Las Vegas, Nevada

H.u.d. Photography

The Chillin Chairs

These guys are just waiting for someone to sit on ’em…I hope they weren’t lonely for long. But hey, at least they have each other!


Toronto, Ontario

H.u.d. Photography

North on the City River

Took a walk along the Don River today. Many more pics to come.

Stay tuned!

Don River

Toronto, Ontario

H.u.d. Photography

East Dundas

I saw this sign, I thought i’d take a picture of it…and do a little CC…cause I like to do that kind of stuff…

Dundas St E.


H.u.d. Photography

Texture Behind Bars

Something a little different than what I normally post. But why should a photographer confine oneself to one style? Oh cuz it one style can make you a lot of money.. right…

Whitby Ontario

H.u.d. Photography