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H1 Students, 2015

These are a handful of responses obtained from an online survey done by Jason’s students in 2015.

– Hihi Mr Low!! I really like how you taught us to summarise all the notes into a simple mindmaps and also how you made us see how everything is interlinked in economics. 114 more words


H1 Students, 2014

These are a handful of responses obtained from an online survey done by Jason’s students in

–  Lessons are interactive, resources given are very useful, and we are given the opportunity to think and voice out opinions. 40 more words


Jefferson Koh, SAJC, 2011 (H1)

I never liked H1 Economics and paid little attention to it, especially so since it was a H1 subject. No surprise that I started doing badly at it. 435 more words


Ivan How, SRJC, 2009 (H1)

I’ll be honest, I sucked at Econs; I was absolutely terrible. I was consistently scoring U’s for H1 Econs throughout my entire JC career. Thankfully, with Jason’s help, I managed to pull off an unexpected A grade for H1 Econs at the 2009 GCE A Levels (yes, I’m old, shut up). 143 more words


Joelle Hermia Michael, SRJC, 2009 (H1)

I was a student who was failing my H1 economics. I found it hard to study econs and thus never developed an interest for the subject. 208 more words


Chadwick Rufus Dorai, SRJC, 2009 (H1)

I was on the brink of having to repeat JC1, however, I got lucky with a mere re-exam and advanced on to JC2. A crucial point here to note was my Economics grade prior to re-exam – a “U” and post re-exam was – “S”(sub-pass). 321 more words


Keeping the Pace

Seattle Pacific University standards for the school of Education consists of 8 categories to demonstrate the growth of future educators. Standard 1.3, is engaging students in learning, which the lesson has clearly defined structure around which the activities are organized. 516 more words