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Pandora Report 8.18.2017

ECDC Tool for Prioritizing Biothreats
The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has released their tool for the prioritization of infectious disease threats. “This qualitative tool, implemented as an Excel workbook, is based on multi-criteria decision analysis. 2,742 more words

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Makalah Avian Influenza



A.   Latar Belakang

Dalam bidang kedokteran hewan penyakit zoonosis seperti Avian Influenza atau biasa dikenal dengan penyakit Flu Burung merupakan masalah serius yang harus ditangani dengan tepat. 2,843 more words

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RANDOM AUDIO: Avian Flu Outbreak obsession


Influenza, in all its forms, is the master of mutation, making it irresistible to a “bug” junkie like me. So when the 2014-2015 outbreak swept across the country, mutating as it went, and in the end causing 48± million birds to be euthanized, with portable incinerators carted from commercial poultry factory to commercial poultry factory still unable to keep up, I was obsessed. 170 more words

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I spy... H5N8 x2 = ?

In New Scientist, 26 Nov. 2016

In Hebrew, there is a fitting colloquial expression: para para (in direct translation: cow cow) meaning to take one step at a time. 765 more words

I Spy