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Review - Empress Ki (Sageuks, Not Sanity!)

Review – Empress Ki (Sageuks, Not Sanity!)

I feel like the most important thing everyone should know before committing 51 hours of your life to a historical drama is this… you will never get so torn up over whether or not two people will be in the same room together as you will in these slow burn historical romances.   3,093 more words


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Lover: You have an amazing and enviable reputation among everyone you work with it seems. You’re regarded almost as a saint! Why do you think that is? 534 more words

Ha Ji-won

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Lover: It was a bit unbelievable I suppose, the way your character manipulated the hard-bitten detective, and basically got away with murder. It must’ve been daunting for you, as you played alongside a famous Korean actor, Ahn Sung Ki. 537 more words

Ha Ji-won

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Lover: Thanks for your time, I’ve tried cooking this meal for you but I’m not sure you’ll like it. I can’t cook Korean – I mean I haven’t tried. 575 more words

Ha Ji-won

Recalling romance: the incomparable Ha Ji-won

Canto: Okay, so we’ve been so busy pretending to be sciency savants that we’ve forgotten about the romantic side of this blog…

Jacinta: You’re right, the Urbane Society for Skeptical Romantics must be a confusing name for some, unless they can find some romance in our scientific interests, which would be nice… 1,660 more words


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Have you guys checked out Strong Woman Do Bong Soon yet?

This drama has been a surprise hit in Korea and definitely surprised me with how funny & enjoyable it has been so far. 1,035 more words


Ha Ji Won Offered Lead Role in Korean Medical Drama 'Hospital Ship'

Ha Ji Won (The Time I’ve Loved You) has been offered the lead role in the new MBC drama Hospital Ship. Hospital Ship is about doctors on a medical ship that travels to rural 170 more words