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Science Caturday: Chimps seek Freedom; Cats Have Other Goals

This week brought confusing news on the legal status of research animals, as a judge in New York state seemed to grant two chimps legal personhood and then revoke it the next day. 152 more words

Science Caturday

Habeas Relief for Chimps - Will Hercules and Leo Succeed?

I have previously reported attempts by the Nonhuman Rights Project to have chimpanzees recognized as legal persons, through the vehicle of writs of habeas corpus. ( 570 more words


U.S. Court Recognizes Chimpanzees As "Legal Persons" For First Time - BuzzFeed News

  • In a historic moment for animal rights, two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo, were recognized by a New York court as legal persons Monday.

via U.S. Court Recognizes Chimpanzees As “Legal Persons” For First Time – BuzzFeed News.

A New York Court Just Recognized Two Chimpanzees As Legal Persons

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe granted a writ of habeas corpus to two petitioners named Leo and Hercules yesterday. What makes this interesting is that Leo and Hercules are chimpanzees who are currently being used for locomotion-based medical research at Stony Brook University. 198 more words

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I am ready to take that psychiatric brain scan, at any time

Five years ago, when I published my book, “Possessing Me, a memoir of healing,” towards the ending, I made an offer to the world’s major neurology, psychiatric, and psychology institutions. 1,121 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Where is the Body of Christ? An Easter Devotional

Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ the religion of Christianity would be a waste of time. He promised that his physical body would be raised up. 650 more words

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Is the Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party Government trying to extinguish people's Right to constitutional remedies?

Lalit Shastri

Is the Bharatiya Janata Party Government in Madhya Pradesh bent upon extinguishing the citizens’ Fundamental Right to constitutional remedies by following the route of bulldozing and passing a Bill through brute majority in the special one-day session of the state Assembly tomorrow in order to enact a law to prevent people from approaching the superior court directly to file writ petitions as public interest litigation (PIL) against State ministers or government officers accused of indulging in corruption on the basis of information procured through the Right to Information Act. 795 more words