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Where is the Body of Christ?

Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ the religion of Christianity would be a waste of time. He promised that his physical body would be raised up. 650 more words

Bible Lessons - Mini

Save Chico!

But always keep him fed really, really well, OK?

It’s German oddity time again. They may not care much for humans but when it comes to dogs they’re, well, nuts. 156 more words


PCdoB: Liberté pour Lula! Pour la restauration de la démocratie- o Povo con lula!

PCdoB: Liberté pour Lula! Pour la restauration de la démocratie


En niant l’habeas corpus déposé par la défense de l’ancien président Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, la majorité de la Cour suprême (STF), donne son rôle de gardienne de la Constitution pour prendre une décision qui rejoindront les grandes erreurs historiques  du pouvoir judiciaire du fait  d’avoir agi à la merci d’intérêts politiques réactionnaires. 637 more words

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O fim da saga de Nine Fingers

E nesta última quarta feira, 04 de abril, o STF decidiu por 6 votos a 5, negar o habeas corpus do ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. 442 more words


German Of The Day: Verliererin

That means loser. In feminine form.

A German federal court has rejected a customer’s demand for her bank to include the feminine form of words such as “account holder” on official forms. 62 more words


Smoke - mirrors

Post 911:
Patriot act
Patriot Act 2
NDAA &c. – n on, n on.
Soon! police with no education in mental health, will be able to make mental health assessments – on the spot – and detain suspects considered to be mentally ill; all this without the credentials for making such assessments. 217 more words

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