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Where is the Body of Christ? An Easter Devotional

Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ the religion of Christianity would be a waste of time. He promised that his physical body would be raised up. 650 more words

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Is the Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party Government trying to extinguish people's Right to constitutional remedies?

Lalit Shastri

Is the Bharatiya Janata Party Government in Madhya Pradesh bent upon extinguishing the citizens’ Fundamental Right to constitutional remedies by following the route of bulldozing and passing a Bill through brute majority in the special one-day session of the state Assembly tomorrow in order to enact a law to prevent people from approaching the superior court directly to file writ petitions as public interest litigation (PIL) against State ministers or government officers accused of indulging in corruption on the basis of information procured through the Right to Information Act. 795 more words


Habe O'Corpus

I’ve kept a tiny furry freak
Inside a sack for years. The week
Of March the 17th is when
I feed it, then it goes back in. 93 more words


"Abe lincoln's nationalism..."Mises Daily | Mises Institute


…..Here precisely is where the trouble with the book arises. Kateb presents fully and fairly the evidence against his initial view about Lincoln.

Indeed, his skeptical portrayal of Lincoln’s aims and motives is so devastating that a reader might think pages from… 497 more words

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47 Vallandighams: The GOP's Iran Letter and the Shadow of Civil War Treason

What exactly is treason? Well that’s an easy one, innit? Treason is when a scheming, disloyal jerk betrays a sacred oath they took to their country, usually in the service of an enemy power or for shallow, partisan, political gains. 1,771 more words

Constitution Thursday 2015

Episode 2 – Titles of Nobility


What is the opposite of “slavery?”

It’s not actually “freedom.” The Founders weren’t fighting for freedom, they fought for Liberty. 70 more words

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Slaves, animals and Lord Mansfield

A fascinating riff has been playing around the London Review of Books since Stephen Sedley (erstwhile Sedley LJ) reviewed a biography of the 18th century judge Lord Mansfield – … 963 more words

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