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German ISIS Defectors Explain How Terrorist Lifestyle Was Actually Somewhat Disappointing

Clearly not the sharpest knives in the drawer, two Germans who fought for ISIS in Syria are standing trial back home and are now prepared to give “deep insights” into the life of foreign fighters in Islamic State. 67 more words


Judge fails to release foreign sex offender shock

“Judge frees illegal immigrant sex offender in human rights shocker”. That’s a story. “Judge leaves failed asylum seeker in jail without charge for potentially two years or more.” That, apparently, is not a story. 1,691 more words


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False Confessions

No Habeas Relief for Chimps Hercules and Leo, Either.

Matter of Nonhuman Rights Project v Stanley

This is the latest in a series of habeas corpus petitions, uniformly unsuccessful but notable nonetheless, brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project in an effort to have various captive chimpanzees recognized as “persons.” The strategy is that granting habeas relief to chimps necessarily entails recognition of their personhood, since habeas relief is available only to “persons.” As with the others, this petition has been dismissed, but this time not without achieving the minor victory of having obtained a hearing on the merits. 768 more words


Anja S.

Beautiful German of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.


Willie D on People of Color & Police: American Law Enforcement is an Oxymoron

Photo Credit: Instagram

“First of all, law enforcement in America is an oxymoron. That doesn’t even make sense. They are not enforcing the law. What they do is they enforce prejudice.”          – Willie D…

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