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The Geto Boys Plans a New Album with the Help from Fans

Word about The Geto Boys working on a new album has been widely publicized, now the legendary crew is turning to their fans to make it happen. 422 more words

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Walking through history

On Saturday we joined a group of about twenty five of our friends to spend a leisurely day in the region of Windsor Great Park and Runnymede, exploring various monuments before the crowds descend for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta on June 15th. 527 more words

Jurisprudência em Teses

Publicação periódica que traz os diversos entendimentos existentes no STJ sobre temas específicos, escolhidos de acordo com sua relevância para a comunidade jurídica. Cada edição apresenta um conjunto de teses sobre determinada matéria, e abaixo de cada enunciado estão relacionados os precedentes mais recentes do Tribunal sobre a questão, selecionados até a data especificada. 16 more words


Echoes of the past: Judge Reinhart, Judge Lay and habeas corpus

With a tip of my hat to How Appealing, I urge federal practitioners of habeas corpus cases challenging state convictions under 28 U.S. Code § 2254… 713 more words

Habeas corpus for chimpanzees and other matters of personhood

Welcome! It’s a Friday! And what better way to kick off this ‘Emerging Law Case-Series’, than by celebrating the hearings at the Supreme Court of New York County in Manhattan, in the case of… 1,259 more words

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Chimpanzees Getting Same Protection as Humans?

A court in New York is hearing arguments that two chimps, housed at a research facility, are being held against their will. The lawyers for the chimps want them sent to a sanctuary in Florida because although they aren’t humans, they are “designated persons” who can remember the past and plan ahead for the future. 280 more words

Habeas Corpus… Η ασπίδα στην αυθαιρεσία της εξουσίας


27/05/1679… Θεσμοθετείται στην Αγγλία το Habeas Corpus, που καθιερώνει την προστασία των πολιτών από την αυθαιρεσία της εξουσίας.

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