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German Jail Guards Shocked That Syrian Suicide Bomb Suspect Would Want To Kill Himself

“I am incredibly shocked and in disbelief that this could have happened,” said one guard after being informed of the hanging, while eating a sandwich and watching… 106 more words


Charges Dropped Against German Comedian Because He Wasn't Being Funny On Purpose

He was only being funny by accident, investigators say, so that’s OK.

If he had been funny while trying to be funny on purpose, however, this guy would have been up… 107 more words


It's Time To Get Outer Ear

Boy oh boy. Drunken tourists these days (this story is really earie, folks).

Berlin police say a 43-year-old Norwegian tourist is in custody after biting off part of the ear of a man who tried to break up a fight between him and a dark-skinned German passenger he’d allegedly taunted as being a terrorist. 67 more words


The Constitutional Right to Effective Assistance of Trial and Appellate Counsel

Charles Ajoloko’s allegations in his Habeas Corpus are sufficient for a belated appeal, new trial or dismissal.

Charles Ajoloko file a timely motion for a new trial. 307 more words

Ig Noble Deeds That Are Concealed Are Most Esteemed

Perhaps the best-known awardee Thursday night was German car manufacturer Volkswagen, which was handed the Ig Nobel for chemistry, “for solving the problem of excessive automobile pollution emissions by automatically, electromechanically producing fewer emissions whenever the cars are being tested.” No one from the company attended the ceremony to collect the prize, however. 22 more words


Duterte Admin, on this day - 19 Sept 2016

The weekend just passed and then there goes a sudden turn of events. Some people must have gone double time over the past few days since Matobato’s gaining credibility. 240 more words


Laurel & Hardy in HABEAS CORPUS (1928) - When a body meets a body

Habeas Corpus is a pleasant reminder of the days when black cats and preying bats were all it took to scare movie audiences. And if it isn’t Laurel & Hardy’s greatest short by any means, it’s at least far more tolerable than… 260 more words