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Return of the King.

As a first generation Ethiopian American I see my community aligning themselves not with the Ethiopia of the present but with the refuse of the Ethiopian Monarchy. 289 more words


My Top 4 Ethiopian Beers

What is the definition of cheap? In my opinion it’s Ethiopian beer. But when I talk of cheap, I do not mean that the quality is low. 866 more words

Ethiopian Hair Butter....Habesha Hair Care

So guys, This past week I have tried a DIY treatment of putting butter on your hair. I know it sounds strange but apparently, this stuff can do wonders for your hair. 371 more words


Habaesha- Ramriddlz Music Review

The self-made Canadian songwriter, singer and impresario for Toronto’s hottest musical import crashes an Ethiopian (or Eritrean) wedding for his latest banger “Habaesha.” Ramriddlz who gained notoriety after being plucked by Drake for his homemade song “Sweeterman” in 2015 has been ogling commercial success with an exploratory flavor of music. 807 more words


I'm not Habesha: Origins

In 6th grade homeroom, I was introduced to my best-friend, Paula Mebrathu. We diverged on eminent matters like Jojo & lil Bowwow’s latest music video, and prodded each other on the identity of our crush.   230 more words


Massawa, Ethiopia | Down the Escarpment & Into the Kasbah (Part One)

All personnel assigned to Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia yearned for the adventure down the escarpment road to the port of Massawa on the Red Sea. However, the road was often closed to military personnel due to “Shifta” bandit or Eritrean Liberation Front separatist activity in the area. 1,130 more words


Nutrition and Habesha Migib

So I had to do a little spotlight on my country’s cuisine because #habeshapride. Habesha migib means “Ethiopian food” in the native Amharic language. Because of its deeply rooted religious practices, Ethiopia’s cuisine is predominantly vegetarian/vegan to accommodate tsom, the fasting season. 363 more words

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