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Reluctant dishonesty

What is the least dishonest answer to the question: Have you ever had a boyfriend?

On the face of it, saying “No, I have never had a boyfriend” seems the most honest answer. 154 more words

Creating spaces

“I just dedicated today’s (public forum) to you” reads a text message from my niece. I ask, “Fuck! How? Why?” and she texts back “Because it was a women’s day special”. 168 more words


She wants to know if I understand why she had to choose her family.

The only thing I know is that I never wanted to be a choice. 6 more words

Broken hearts

She gave up the woman she loves for a family that she hopes will learn to love her back. She says that it hurts.

Being around her family is a constant reminder of the fact that she gave up the woman she loves in search of their love.She says that too hurts. 92 more words


“Well, I think a good deed should get you into heaven,” I argue. “And I think I am a fairly decent person who any God would deem worthy of heaven”. 317 more words