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She wants to know if I understand why she had to choose her family.

The only thing I know is that I never wanted to be a choice. 6 more words

Broken hearts

She gave up the woman she loves for a family that she hopes will learn to love her back. She says that it hurts.

Being around her family is a constant reminder of the fact that she gave up the woman she loves in search of their love.She says that too hurts. 92 more words


“Well, I think a good deed should get you into heaven,” I argue. “And I think I am a fairly decent person who any God would deem worthy of heaven”. 317 more words

Homophobic bullets

It is a day spent in the company of three men.

Somehow we start discussing the need for Ethiopians to be open to change, to new experiences and to refrain from judgment. 230 more words

Day 31 - We Can Be Like

A knitted sweater… Handwoven with care.

A pair of birds sitting on a branch chirping early on a saturday morning or a pair of lovers with our legs intertwined in bed with the smell of hot pancakes & a side of coffee coming from the kitchen… Relaxed & invigorated. 87 more words

Day 30 – Manage

To me, I see you bigger than a planet but if it’s not in

the stars for us to be aligned together then I’m a have to plan it. 161 more words

Day 29 – Unnoticed

Am I wasting my time paying attention to every little

detail about you when I receive back next to nothing?

Is there something I should be made aware of before… 156 more words