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Random question to self

Do I exist in my silences or in the spaces that I create to speak?

A question that I think about while listening to Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” … a fitting song about judgment and the quest for deliverance, one way or another.



I hope you are as mesmerized and fascinated by the video and song as me. The song is written to honor and celebrate Emperor Menelik’s defeat of the Italians. 38 more words


Here is the thing about living in Ethiopia: One gets body searched almost everywhere – hotels, government and private buildings, banks, airports, supermarkets and even some restaurants. 630 more words

Reluctant dishonesty

What is the least dishonest answer to the question: Have you ever had a boyfriend?

On the face of it, saying “No, I have never had a boyfriend” seems the most honest answer. 154 more words

Creating spaces

“I just dedicated today’s (public forum) to you” reads a text message from my niece. I ask, “Fuck! How? Why?” and she texts back “Because it was a women’s day special”. 168 more words