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Morning Pages 11.23.15

I don’t mind change & growth…unless it’s for the wrong person who turns me into a negative person.

Rambles About The Old Her 5...

I asked the universe for happiness… Then you started acting different.

You created a distance between us until every conversation was an argument highlighting our differences…

The Cycle

Our best work as writers is when we’re falling out of love…
U used to make me beyond happy.
I didn’t have a care in the world. 216 more words

Flirting ... or not

The heteronormative spaces in Addis don’t really do it for me so I avoid going out. I occasionally (and reluctantly) go out when friends and family persist. 366 more words

Habesha Market and Carry-Out

The Habesha Market and Carry-Out is one of the few Ethiopian restaurants that stands out amongst residents. It brings the style and cuisine of the African country to the Howard-Shaw U district of DC giving the community a chance at experimenting with the diet.

39 more words

Refusing erasure

My coming out in Ethiopia is usually preceded by weeks of contemplation. Some of the questions I ask myself might include: Would this person be OK with my queerness? 227 more words

Adventures in Eritrea 1- [Tish, the Eritrean smoke bath sauna]

Depending on how much I can remember, this could be a long blog post, so I will separate it into bits. I usually write down some kind of record of my travels, but strangely not for this one, so I am attempting to recall as much as I can now to keep memories alive. 907 more words