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3rd June 1793. Triumph for Human Rights.

Today June 1793 saw the publication of James Gillray’s cartoon which portrayed William Pitt at the Helm of the Ship Constitution, between the rock (Scylla) of Democracy with a Liberty Cap on its summit, and the whirlpool (Charybdis) of arbitrary power in the shape of an inverted crown, looking to a distant Haven of Liberty. 437 more words


The Land Ethic

Despite the plethora of ethical theories that revolve around an anthropocentric set of values, there are still strong believers in a non-anthropocentric value set. One example of a… 1,641 more words

Environmental Ethics

Leadership, the law, and statesmanship

One sweet note in the sour symphony coming out of Washington these past few weeks is the Supreme Court’s decision on recess appointments. In an emphatic unanimous decision, the Court reinforced the authority of the separation of powers and the hope that it will be the last and final successful bastion for constitutionalism. 824 more words

Obama Foreign Policy

How Dangerous is the U.S. Government ?

This Vlog discusses specific legislation already enacted into U.S. law, some of which preempts the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and also the Writ of… 42 more words

Bruce's Vlog

December 31, 2011: America Became a Stasi State!

As I look outside of the windows of my humble abode here in northeast Ohio, the leaves of the tress have given way to the snow that is littering the ground.  609 more words


The Boston bomb suspect's Rolling Stone cover: Aren't we forgetting people used to be innocent until proven guilty?

By Sophie McAdam.

“”The Rolling Stone story breaks not only “traditions of journalism”, but several media laws and ethical boundaries that are crucial in a fair, free, democratic society.  1,244 more words