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Top 75 Habit Blogs

Habits are what we repeatedly do.   Do good things then you will good habits.  Do negative things you will have negative habits.  Be lazy and procrastinate you will automatically be lazy as your default position.    145 more words


Think Big Start Small!

Every day when we wake up in the morning we have to choose between good or bad, correct or wrong, God or Evil and going forward or step back. 130 more words

The Calorie Counting Conundrum

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re having a happy and healthy week. Most of our articles up to this point have been about exercise and running. So today we decided to do a nutrition article. 911 more words


I Want To Quit

Tak bisa dipungkiri, mencoba dan konsisten dalam hal yang baru ialah hal yang sukar. Terkadang ada saja hal-hal yang membuat diri jadi ingin kembali ke hal yang sudah terbiasa, alih-alih ke kebiasaan baru. 192 more words

Develop a Routine to Develop Ideas

This is it, friends.  I’m now officially self-employed.

I got up today at 5:30.  I had some oatmeal.  And then I sat down to get to work.  1,458 more words


The Way I Read Books

Everyone who enjoys reading has a particular habit or method. My husband likes to think that my particular habit or method is a little odd. I have always loved reading. 450 more words