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A Secret to Forming the Habit of Giving Thanks

For years I’ve obsessively cracked my knuckles. I hate the habit. I’ve tried everything to stop—from paying my kids a certain amount for each time (which they loved) to popping my wrists with rubber bands to hypnosis via audio recording. 384 more words


Finding Peace Through Writing

I haven’t been much of a writer. Ever. Especially in highschool.

I took History, and combined with English, we were always required to write essays. Long, long essays! 331 more words

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365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 76


Do you have self discipline? If this is a problem for you, what can you do to improve?

  • Yes, I have self discipline when it comes to certain aspects of my life.
  • 102 more words
365 Day Self Discovery Challenge (2018)

'History of OVERRIDING DEMOCRACY' Brexiteer warns EU THIS habit will trigger UNREST

The eurosceptic MP warned the European Union could fuel further dissent among member states with its plans to integrate more. Mr Smith claimed Brussels had “a lot of history of overriding democracy” by re-running referendums until citizens accept plans to integrate more. 8 more words

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Why habits are boringly important

I think I’m finally starting to understand why habits matter.

If you’re a plane leaving a certain city, the first few minutes of take off matter. 533 more words

66 Days of Meditation - Day 46

I haven’t written about my meditation experiment for weeks now. It feels like the benefits I was experiencing have vanished or diminished and there seemed little worth sharing. 411 more words

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316: Reviewing the After-work Routine

After-work Routine

I love the after-work routine. This has helped me immensely in completing some goals I have been working towards. I’ve read a book, read some magazines, kept up on my physical therapy, and more. 208 more words

Progress Update