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sad voices

if we fold
we fold within ourselves
becoming smaller
and more compact
in honour of our lack

we see it before we do it
we accept it… 44 more words


Flying Over I-40 N. Moments, Sparkling. Moments, Not.

2006. July. (I think.) Barcelona. I’m sitting in a conference room in the basement level of an aging hotel. You know the hotel – the one where all of the investment was poured into the lobby, and you don’t need to search to find disappointment, it finds you, … 385 more words


when will is not enough

habit is a harlot that we too often allow to seduce us. breaking her heart is a mind f&ck; here’s how to do it.

  1. realize that she needs you more than you need her.
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One Thing I've Totally Failed At

I wrote this blog post about saying sorry, promising that it was a habit I was going to get out of in 2017. I have utterly failed. 199 more words


Sooner or later one feels the necessity to change something in life. Some call it starting a new life, others (including me) do not exegerate the true value of it and call it changing a lifestyle or a habit. 583 more words


A Woman at the Gym

Taylor Kitsch once said “You never walk out of the gym and say, “I shouldn’t have gone””. So true. Although it always took a little (or a lot of) pushing for myself to go to gym, I always left without any regret – and, in fact, I left with a feeling of accomplishment and a boost of confidence. 551 more words



Habit (from Latin habitudo, habitudinis, physical or moral structure) is the disposition or attitude acquired through repeated experience. This provision is inherent in the behavior of humans and animals. 292 more words