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In The End

It wasn’t worth it in the end
The one thing I kept by my bedside
And woke up with me in the mornings
Even sometimes being the one thing that woke me up… 139 more words

Project:Get rid of the potato

Let move the potatoes from our habit to our plate.

This going to be rush post.I reached earlier at my office.I should write blog during weekend but I ‘ve been a potato.

313 more words

Sabbatical, or maybe, the final one!

This is tough. Really tough, but I have to.  I am going on a sabbatical, from writing. I started writing,coz I loved to write, but now I know, deep down,off late its more of an habit that I do. 169 more words


Habit update 2 - Mindfulness

So far, in my habit, I have been mindful while going to sleep 3/8 days, no streak yet. I’m building upon it though. One key change I’m making is having a bedtime routine, so I know when it’s time to turn my mind off and gradually transition into sleep-mode. 19 more words


2 Hands, 10 Fingers, 1 Habit

I’m a person who has to do something with their hands. Has to. Has to. Has to.

An annoying habit of mine.

Studying? Play with your hair. 55 more words


The Big Break

There are different meanings of “Big Break”. The best one, the figure of speech, is the very positive one that I dream of…meeting that key person who can shift the direction of my career to great heights. 336 more words


I am not talented

Day ten has me questioning my very existence; what are your talents/ hobbies?

I don’t have many, I have an okay voice. I can play the clarinet, I can say my alphabet backwards, I’m double jointed; I really only have talents that won’t help me far in life. 160 more words

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