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On Sleeping

While sleeping, leave the window blinds, curtain open.. let the natural light wake you up
Our body is more suited to wake up naturally using the natural light… 42 more words

I Have A Bad Habit

Whenever I am solving a new problem/ engaged in something, so focus would I be on the matter at hand that I would often neglect every other aspect of my life. 325 more words


Questions are the doors of Life

Develop The Information Habit. 

Ignorance creates crisis. Information settles crisis. Keep up with current events. Watch. Listen. Observe. Ask questions. Analyze what happens around you. Open your eyes. 19 more words

Dialoging with God

I don’t know about you but for me, praying was very difficult. Sure, I’d mutter little prayers now and then during the day; however, rarely did I make prayer something I committed to and never did I volunteer to pray in front of people, heaven forbid! 1,134 more words

So, what’s the weekend for?

Feeling as frazzled as I am, I need to head into the weekend with a strong sense of intentionality, so I have an aim over and above the list of appointments.  302 more words


Building your Emergency Fund and Why is it important.

On this blog, we are going to tackle about What Emergency Fund is, Why you should have it, And if it is really important.
I also am clueless before regarding Emergency Fund, after one of my housemates educate me regarding the importance of having it. 406 more words