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One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. – Michael Korda

You had a great start. You started the race with a bang!

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嵐- Arashi

There are times in which you awaken in total peace,a serenity of blissful portions,but there are those days where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.I am having one of those days,and gosh…it’s been on an epic scale! 238 more words


Making Matcha a Habit

At the beginning of 2017, I am proud to say that I ended a decades long habit of savoring at least one diet coke a day. 609 more words



આદત વસ્તુઓ ની નથી નડતી,
માણસ ની નડે છે…..
©Devika parekh

In Defense of the Meek, the Timid, and the Quiet

There is a difference between self-confidence and exhibited confidence. One appears inwardly, only seen by the actor. The other appears outwardly, observed and interpreted by those around the actor. 373 more words

Single Player Mindset

5 Things I learned From Drawing Every Day

A few months ago I realized the best way for me to improve my art was to make drawing a habit. I dreaded the idea. I know practice makes perfect, but I really didn’t think I could commit to daily drawing. 672 more words


Knock, knock

I am back.

Ok, pipe down. No need to be so excited. I know you missed me.

So I guess it is now too late in the year to be asking about your break, holidays etc. 197 more words