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Environmental Habits

I have been a very big fan of collapsible cups for some time now, and have been thinking of purchasing for myself since I love drinking coffee and taking it for a takeout would mean that another disposable single-use coffee cups would be added to our stockpile of plastic wastes. 466 more words


Change These Habits and you will look younger by Sarah Donalds

Getting rid of bad habits takes at least 21 days. “Change is not always quick and easy, but with time and effort you will be able to change almost any habit,” wrote Charles Doehig, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author of The Power of Habit. 557 more words


Pure Blue Sky and Bitter Cold 13

What makes blue sky pure?
Is it tint or cloud cover?
I can see for miles.

How cruel the frozen
ground must seem to the rabbit.
A delight for owl.


working inside tupperware 12

Powershell is mad,
where “Default” is not Default.
Still remarkable.

I love listening
to the wind as it howls through.
Trees and dunes make way. 8 more words



How do we change a bad habit?

It’s like solving a problem, really.

And how do we solve a problem?
Especially when it’s quite complex? 87 more words

[Blog] The Unexpected

Earlier this week, I noticed that my normal parking spot was included in a stretch of temporary no parking Wednesday through Friday, starting at 7am and going to 4pm each day: as far as inconveniences go, definitely a minor one as I’m at work for most of that period. 187 more words


Writing and Traveling

Several of the other blogs I follow include travel blogs as well as those with crafts and writing as their focus. But I rarely see people talking about both traveling and creative writing together. 538 more words