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Getting Sports fans to understand "Go Green!" isn't just a cheer

The Natural – Ian Gordon for Mother Jones

“The question is, how do you change people’s cultural attitudes?” he says. “How do you change their minds?

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Finding the Balance Between Infrastructure and Habitat Protection

ACEC members are trained to seek creative solutions to problems. We are proud to help clients achieve their vision and thrive when we have the opportunity to bring a vague concept into focus. 441 more words


Birding...For Science!

Do you love birding? Can’t wait to add to your life list or ID a new species? Consider taking your love for all things with wings to the next level: volunteer with the… 125 more words


Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management are considering a plan that would protect the greater sage-grouse by protecting the bird’s habitat. 118 more words

Action Letters

Endangered Species Chocolate: Indulge in a Cause with Natural, Dairy Free Filled Bars

Chocolate, in its many delectable forms, is often labeled a guilty pleasure – something that we try to enjoy in limited quantities when what we really want to do is devour it by the pound. 311 more words

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Public, Private Agencies to Discuss Protection of Freshwater Mussels March 7

The Kentucky Division of Water is sponsoring a meeting March 7 in Frankfort to bring together representatives of the barge industry, natural resource organizations and environmental regulatory agencies to discuss ways to conduct river maintenance activities while protecting natural habitats. 118 more words

Division Of Water

Stabilize Water Resources for Animal Life Initiative

Water is the only compound on Earth for sustaining life to exist in liquid, solid, and gaseous forms. Each of these naturally occurring conditions are vital to sustaining animal life. 125 more words

Animal Welfare