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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovations

We Earthlings are planning to renovate and slightly expand our small, shabby, 1950s kitchen, so I’m very interested in this guest post by Sofia Lockett… 879 more words


I let my vegetarian kid cook a steak.

We’ve raised our kids to be mostly vegetarian.  We have fish once every week or two, but we never cook any other meat at home.  We sometimes eat meat in restaurants or in other people’s homes.   1,160 more words


House of Cards

There should be no “shock” at the disaster unfolding at the moment in Puerto Rico  The combination of an ineffectual and venal Administration which has been undermining the public sector since it took office and of more intense hurricanes driven by extreme climate change was bound to create an humanitarian crisis in this part of the United States. 290 more words

Climate Change

What I Really Learned in College

A few years ago, some people from Alumni Relations invited me out to lunch so they could ask for my perspective (about 20 years after graduation) on what my Carnegie Mellon education has meant to me.  1,722 more words


Tango & Climate Change

When I get really sad about the state of the world, about the sixth extinction that is in progress https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jul/10/earths-sixth-mass-extinction-event-already-underway-scientists-warn, about the floods, fires, and famines to come, I dance tango. 555 more words

Climate Change

When "Progress" is insanity!


I have been glued to my screen, watching the juggernaut that was Hurricane Irma as it overwhelmed Florida. I have a personal interest in this: since I was a baby, Florida was my home for a couple of weeks every winter. 709 more words

Daily Life


Laying in bed contemplating if I could ever love again.
So use to being alone, happily enjoying myself
The thought of someone interrupting that luxury… 320 more words