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Pilgrim in the World

“I am a pilgrim in the world, but at home in my God. In Earth I wander, but in God I dwell in a quiet habitation.”

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10 Links for Greening Your Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Michelle Peng, who collected these resources on realistic ways to go green in everyday life.

Save About $600 per Year by Switching to Solar Energy… 179 more words


A tale of two swamps -Exploring the lacustrine village

The meeting complete we were invited to inspect the fishery.  We walked in amongst the labyrinth of hard clay footpaths meandering between various houses, stores, shops.  537 more words


Go Green in 2017: Drink Better Milk

Did you make a new year’s resolution to “eat better” without defining specifically what you meant? or did you try to start the new year choosing all the healthiest, most responsible foods, and now you’re reeling at the difficulty of changing too many habits at once? 959 more words


Notes From the First Monday of 2017: Stormy Piney Woods Edition

Hot and humid, followed by tornado warnings, lashing slantwise rain, thunder rumbles that seemed to go on forever, and lightning strikes that lit up the chain link fence and scared hell out of the dog. 419 more words

Daybook 2017

Go Green in 2017: How to Clean

Photographs by Nicholas Efran.

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions!  There are many ways you could change your habits to reduce your environmental impact.  One change you could make is replacing cleansers that harm the environment with cleaning products or cleaning methods that are safer for your family as well as the wider world. 3,083 more words