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Houses Built from Plastic Water Bottles!

This guy in Panama is building a village of houses whose walls are insulated with empty plastic beverage bottles!  Click through to watch the video.  This is a really great idea for making use of garbage, reducing construction costs, and building well-insulated homes that will require less energy to cool or heat. 91 more words


Peek Into My Pantry!

This rare glimpse into an actual Earthling habitat shows you what foods we keep on hand and how we organize them!  Get all the details in… 205 more words


“Love is great, love is Divine”–an addendum:

This follows it’s very predecessor post nearly in the same name as an addendum being a comment as from R.S. Pandey, a versatile writer. It’s not confined to a mere comment but has fully assumed the characteristic of a full fledged write-up dealing with the relative theme philosophically like Annie Besant did while writing on Mira Bai. 382 more words


Distorted Space-Time in City

Space and time are physical phenomenon that modern physics is able to define substantially to an extent. Occurrence of event in certain space is recognized by us as function of time and few forces that we understand. 360 more words


Walk with me awhile

In recent days I sensed that the presence of the Lord nudging me to draw aside. The Lord chose to appear, walking along beside me along the sea shore (my favourite waking place), inviting me to walk with him. 572 more words


Drowning in Veggies? 5 Steps for Using a CSA Farm Share

It’s dinnertime on a Wednesday, and you’ve just been handed 10 pounds of fresh, organic, locally-grown, assorted vegetables!

You’re eager to get some of them onto your family’s plates tonight and make sure you use every bit as wisely as you can before next week—when another load of vegetables will arrive—and you never know what kind of veggies they’ll be until you get them. 95 more words


HVAC Hacks: Energy-Saving Improvements You Can Make Yourself

HVAC=Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning–the system of ducts that brings hot and/or cold air to the rooms of a building. The advice here applies to systems that deliver only heat or only AC, as well as those that do both. 568 more words