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What You Need to Know About So-Called “Green Mattresses”

This is a guest post by Rick Blanchard, an expert on sleep product materials and manufacturing for BestMattressReviews.com. His research covers the entire life cycle of mattresses and bedding, including production, wear over time, and disposal. 661 more words


Entering The Promised Land

We learn that the Israelites could not enter into the promised land because of their unbelief. And we are warned that we Christians too may not enter into the promised rest if we follow in the same example of unbelief. 304 more words


Go Green in 2018: Try Something New!

Happy new year! This is a great time to start a new habit to make a little less garbage, use a little less energy, or otherwise reduce your environmental impact. 552 more words


Hand Soap of the Zygons [method ocean plastic soap review]

Earthlings have been discarding too much plastic too irresponsibly for the past five decades, and a lot of it has ended up in our oceans.  Plastic never goes away.   551 more words


Autumn Leaves: FREE Mulch to Nourish Your Garden

Winter’s cycles of snow and thawing can erode the soil from your yard.  Especially if there’s any slope, your carefully enriched topsoil may wash downhill, uprooting perennial plants. 798 more words


Gardening is Good for You! {infographic}

It’s been a tough year for our garden.  I’m going to write more about it someday, but at the moment we’re busy digging, planting, laying a new stone path, building a new raised bed, and visualizing a beautiful garden next year! 80 more words