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What's your habit?

Being happy, healthy, serene and grateful is a habit.

Likewise, being sad, unhealthy, stressed and complainful is also a habit.

What we practise every day grow in us. 7 more words

Personal Reflections

 Is your behaviour the result of a positive mindset?

Once we have opened our mouths and words have blurted out, we cannot reverse the process. We know the importance of thinking before speaking and acting. 423 more words



From today forward i will start posting either some videos made by myself or videos that i believe may inspire you the same way as they inspire me.  28 more words


Be Prepared For A Sick Day

I am a notorious procrastinator.  Procrastination causes stress, which in turn causes anxiety… so as someone prone to anxiety, I need to get this bad habit in check.  321 more words


Catching up...a week of meaning

Sorry for the super long absence….I’ve had another round of kidney stones, so haven’t been feeling that great. In exchange for me being gone for the week, you get a super long blog post covering everything that I was going to post about this week. 856 more words

Home Life

The Battle For Sleep: Relaxation and it's trade-off

Let me tell you a secret: my life isn’t all about productivity. Yes, I wake up early 5-6 times a week. But that’s out of necessity. 347 more words

Home Life

Motivation--what drives me

We’re all driven by something. There’s something that drives us, that pushes us to be better. For some of us, it’s the knowledge that we have kids/animals/spouses to take care of that motivates us. 469 more words