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Good habits from the Lean Startup toolkit

The Lean Startup methodology is recognised as a proven strategic management system that combines entrepreneurial principles, innovation development activities and an iterative learning-based process to enable startup ventures to make better decisions about how to create customer value. 1,703 more words

Agile Thinking

Death takes me closer to life

From more than a year, I’m doing a small exercise of experiencing death everyday.¬†

Early morning, before leaving my bed I feel each part of my body dying. 226 more words


Weekend Diversions 8.12.16

Deep breath. Every time I take a break from writing here, I am overcome with anxiety about returning. I know this is a common theme in my writing, and I apologize for the redundancy. 992 more words


Habit of Journaling, noticing small joys and expressing love : Another 100 days focus

I’m beginning with a combination of new habits, which may sound different, however, they are closely interconnected.

For the next 100 days I’ll focus on the habit of writing every thing, (small, big, trivial, significant etc.) noting down things which pops over my mental screen and tickles my heart. 61 more words


Individual, Story and Remembrance 

Every individual has a story.

Each story has some message, some lesson, some humor, some mistake, some love, some affection, some bitterness, some connection, some surprise and some dissociation as well. 22 more words


Day 92 of 100 days workout challenge 

I forgot to count! And I also stopped counting days when I didn’t exercised as they were very few. (Aisa lag raha hoga ki main apni taareef kar rahi hu, uske liye Kshama Karein :P ;)) … 23 more words


To the beach and back again.

Today’s my first day back from the beach with my family. This year, I decided to take a week off from all of my commitments and goals. 137 more words