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Better than Before: Marriage Safeguards

Gretchen Rubin speaks to me. Her type A, Gold Star-desiring personality is similar to mine, except more extreme. (No offense, Gretchen.) This is probably why she has accomplished so much in her life, including writing a book on Happiness and this one on Habits. 393 more words


Why Entrepreneurs Should Have A Personal Trainer

Everyone knows that working out is good for your mind., but not enough people have talked about why exercise is so essential to entrepreneurs and freelancers. 995 more words


Relaxation is better than tension

What story do I want to tell today? I want to tell about yesterday, when I learned a lesson on my run and then forgot this lesson as soon as I stopped my watch, walked inside, and began the real part of my day. 835 more words


Staying Focused

It’s not easy to stay focused.  It’s really easy to get distracted.  I’m much more easily distracted at night.  I feel like I turn into a caveman. 166 more words


Finding the fun in healthy

It seems to me that aligning body, mind and soul is the ultimate goal of everyone, consciously or not. When out of alignment, our bodies tell us so. 373 more words



I’ve tried waking up early, I’ve tried waking up late. I prefer to wake up early but I feel like I can’t wake up early enough to accomplish everything I want before I have to get ready for work. 278 more words


Good habits from the Lean Startup toolkit

The Lean Startup methodology is recognised as a proven strategic management system that combines entrepreneurial principles, innovation development activities and an iterative learning-based process to enable startup ventures to make better decisions about how to create customer value. 1,703 more words

Agile Thinking