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The Narrow Road #2 (aka an amphigory on social media)

The more I use Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all these other time-consuming social networks, the more I come to two conclusions:

  1. This is shallow, dumb, and a waste of time.
  2. 186 more words

Are You Determined?

Lets face it, if we are not willing to put in the work, we know we cannot experience change. We simply decide to accept the status quo and go about our day, business as usual. 1,174 more words


The Words I Speak and Loving Myself

It’s been a couple of weeks since posting anything. This morning the weather is perfect for reflection: cool, cloudy, rainy. Where I live in the Western US, rainy days are uncommon, so I cherish them when they come. 1,273 more words

Bit or But

HaBIT is formed when the frequency of bit exceedes the frequency of buts.

Personal Reflections

Being silently different

What does being different means?

I’ve reflected on this question for long and what I’ve understood is there’s no such thing as being different on an outer periphery. 175 more words


Autumn is here

Today started as rainy and cold with everyone running around with umbrellas. My thoughts turned to warm clothes and where to find them, which lead to the question whether others are like me and start searching for warm clothes on the internet at particular points throughout the year. 53 more words


Stumbling, Doubting, Passing

I returned to old, well-worn, comforting habits Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. The drive to SLC in the pouring rain was quite nerve-wracking. I arrived to the location of the interview just in time. 738 more words