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Encountering your paisanos abroad

You know the awkward feeling you got when you meet other people from your country on your travels? The awkward conversations that start with “Oh, you are Finnish as well? 652 more words


What is happiness? Going back in time, to the Declaration of Independence, we find out that this one refers to inalienable rights, among which are “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness”. 1,000 more words

Mental Health

The symptoms of highly desperate People

The blog post is an extension of my deeply ordinary observation about the lives around me – The symptoms or habits of highly desperate People. 158 more words


Behavioral Approaches to Forming Habits

     Thirty-six years ago, the hazards of smoking during pregnancy were unknown to a majority of the public.  Warning labels first appeared on cigarette packs in 1966; then in 1970, the warning changed to one that “The Surgeon General has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health” (Knight, 2003).  912 more words


Loss and gain

People who are available 24*7 to others loose their value!

Be valuable, by being available to your ownself !

Personal Reflections

Giving up is taking over

We give up inessentials when we take over something which makes our life meaningful, every day!

Personal Reflections

Away from the shit

If you are going to utter shit about others. Excuse me! I would prefer to happily leave the conversation!

Personal Reflections