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Why Not Right NOW?

When it comes to setting goals, we are quick.  But when it’s time for action, we postpone and procrastinate.  How many times have you set a goal and then decided to start the actions next Monday, at the beginning of next month or at the start of the New Year?  510 more words

For Real This Time… Actually Achieve Your Goals!

How often have you checked in on your goal progress and made a promise to yourself that you’ll get it together and get on track on Monday?  530 more words

Best Yourself


Habit is a cable;  we weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it— Horace Mann

Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them… 26 more words

Ray Visotski

All the places we don't want to be

Goals are garbage.

Goals can create stress and heartache.

Goals can make you feel worthless.

If you have a goal to lose 50 pounds and only lose 45, will you consider yourself a disappointment? 1,135 more words

Post 2014

Overwhelmed, Party of One?

Hello friends!  Remember me?

After taking (most) of the summer off, I’m back and ready to blog.  So much has happened that I’m excited to write about.   368 more words


The Narrow Road #2 (aka an amphigory on social media)

The more I use Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all these other time-consuming social networks, the more I come to two conclusions:

  1. This is shallow, dumb, and a waste of time.
  2. 186 more words

Are You Determined?

Lets face it, if we are not willing to put in the work, we know we cannot experience change. We simply decide to accept the status quo and go about our day, business as usual. 1,174 more words