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Check Your Heart

I am so happy that by now doing our reading at bedtime has become a habit for our (and I know many of yours) kids.  Yes, maybe it is a means to delaying bedtime at times, but whatever the means I like the end result. 484 more words

What We're Learning

Tiny Habits Program Review

What do you do when you want to build a new habit into your routine?

A few years ago, I was trying to make sure I took my vitamins. 1,476 more words



What habits do you do everyday? Are these habits moving you towards your goals or holding you back?

Everybody has things or rituals they do everyday. 443 more words

Eating Habits

For May – I found that I wanted to become less self-confined and eat at least one main meal at the kitchen table (with or without others). 114 more words

Daily Ramblings - Motivation Monday - Habits

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

“There is no influence like the influence of habit.” Gilbert Parker

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Habit is a terrific thing, as long as the habit is good. 705 more words

Motivation Monday

How (and Why) to Make Daily Meditation a Reality

Meditation is defined as the act of engaging “in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of awareness.” And, it is one of the most beneficial (and free) tools you can use to create positive change in your life. 589 more words

How Your Healthy Attitude Affects Nutrition

Eating clean, healthy foods and exercising are part of the puzzle. A new study reveals a positive attitude and mindset could be the missing piece. In this study of over 1,000 people, they refer to a positive outlook as a promotion focus. 379 more words