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Habitudes - Stock Taking

The Qualities God has put in me (personality):

  • Caring – I have a lot of concern for people around me and I genuinely want to reach out to them and help them and love them…
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Plain Talk?

In Germany? When it comes to the refugee crisis here? I’m sure you mean well but you’re clearly on another wavelength than the Germans.

In Germany, in particular, there is a sense that the authorities have lost control and that established political parties cannot… 105 more words


Sensational Survey Shocker: Germans Pessimistic About The Future

Holy freakin’ Schei├če. Talk about coming out of left field.

A survey by the Allensbach Opinion Research Center has just discovered that Germans living in comfortable circumstances and aged between 39 and 59 are – now get this – really pessimistic about the future. 95 more words


Germans Just Not Integrating As Planned

Concerned about the huge number of native Germans who are clearly not willing to adapt fast enough to the foreign culture and bizarre new alien ways that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of refugees have brought to their new country, German sociologists are now demanding the introduction of integration courses to help these difficult Germans better assimilate. 39 more words


German Of The Day: Stinkefinger

That means stinky finger. You know, as in the finger?

SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel recently got some Sommerloch good press by doing what is generally considered to be a bad thing. 84 more words


What Germans Do In Their Free Time?

One popular thing these days is stockpiling food.

Arming themselves is another favorite pastime at the moment, too.

Losing confidence in the future is also big. 116 more words


Call The European Emission Commission

They won’t answer or anything. But still.

Strange, these guys never stop producing dangerous emissions themselves.

But when it comes to Dieselgate in Europe, it’s back to “ 53 more words