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That's Not Fair

Why couldn’t German tanks take part in the competition?

Oh, I forgot. They’re all broken.

The idea of green U.S. Army M1 Abrams tanks… 71 more words


German Of The Day: Vogelschiss

That means bird shit. You know, like “Hitler and the National Socialists are just bird shit in 1,000 years of successful German history” kind of bird shit? 116 more words


Hard As Jello-O

This guy is. When it comes to Germany’s dealings with Russia. He’s making Vlad Putin shake in his boots as we speak or something.

And that’s why his comrades over at the SPD are expressing their irritation over Foreign Minister Heiko Maas’ “harsh criticism of Moscow” these days. 138 more words


German Women Clearly Upset

Or at least that one down here is.

There is simply not enough female leadership in Germany, they say. Boy oh boy can you ever say that again… 99 more words


The Trouble With Diversity Is That It's So Monotonous

Take Eurovision, for instance. Please.

And this competition is so rigged. At least it was this year. It had to have been. Germany didn’t get… 50 more words


Additional Terminal For Berlin Brandenburg Airport Also Not To Be Built On Time If Ever At All

Flushed with the success of not having been built yet but nobody really seeming to give a shit, Berlin’s hyper-delayed Berlin Brandenburg Airport will soon also not be getting an additional terminal for none of the additional millions of passengers that are almost certainly never going to land here. 97 more words


German Police Stand For The Rule Of Law

When not actually running away, that is.

Around 200 African migrants in refugee accommodation in the small southern German town of Ellwangen have forced police to release a man who was due to be deported to the Congo. 141 more words