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Who Woke Up Insulation Nation?

Like how rude is that? Even if they’re only awake for a few minutes it’s still uncalled for.

* Germans long felt insulated after opposing 2003 Iraq war… 82 more words


Germany Says No Before Being Asked, Again

Fearing any possible Alleingänge (going it alone) by Germany, Germany is once again going it alone by telling the world it will not participate in any bombing of ISIS positions before the world ever even thinks of asking it to. 155 more words


Germany Increases Its Pressure On China

This time by selling the Chinese 130 Airbus aircraft for $17 billion.

And two pandas were also included to sweeten the deal. For Germany, I mean. 49 more words


Lampertheim, Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Remseck...

Beautiful German arson attack(s) of the week.

Because somebody has to notice they’re happening.

Wie die Polizei mitteilte, sind Unbekannte am Sonntagabend in die Büroräume einer im Erdgeschoss des Gebäudes ansässigen Firma eingedrungen und haben Inventar in Brand gesteckt. 21 more words



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

German weapons exports up for 2015.


It's A Good Thing That The BKA Warned Us In Time

A confidential report by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) that has been leaked to German media said the far-right scene had been spurred on by the continuing influx of refugees to Germany and experts believed that what it referred to as the group’s sense of “agitation” towards the government’s asylum policy was set to intensify. 93 more words



Beautiful German arson attack of the week.

Because somebody has to notice they’re happening.

Ursachensuche nach Feuer in geplantem Flüchtlingsheim