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German Of The Day: Männerfreundschaft

That means male bonding or man-to-man friendship.

But, like, not all of these German Putin understanders are men, are they?

He (Putin) also spoke how he and former German Chancellor… 152 more words


She's Not Even Showing Her Bazoobies

What’s the point of that?

Femen women these days. They used to take this kind of thing much more seriously. But now? Once sextivists start throwing confetti at adversaries without even bothering to take their tops off then I say this movement has jumped the shark. 19 more words


Germans Outraged About Greek Finance Minister Giving Them The Finger

Sort of. Politicians just don’t do that kind of thing, you know.

It undermines their credibility or something.

Appearing on German TV on Sunday, Yanis Varoufakis denied that footage showing him raise his middle finger at Berlin was genuine.


Mass Numbers Of Germans Flee Country

And then return again. Several times a year even. They call it Tourismus (tourism).

That’s right, when not moaning about capitalism and democracy itself, Germans like to spend their ample free time breaking new records in the World Travel Champions category. 62 more words


10 bonnes habitudes pour un runner!

Me voici de retour. J’étais sur la touche tout le mois de février avec une pierre aux reins au début du mois et ensuite j’ai attrapé 2 rhumes un à la suite de l’autre. 438 more words


Manger comme un étudiant

Les étudiants rencontrent plusieurs difficultés durant leurs parcours scolaire et parmi ses difficultés on trouve les troubles alimentaires. Les révisions, devoirs, cours, sorties, loisirs et un repas rapide et souvent peu équilibré. 235 more words

15 Cool German Illnesses You Can Only Get Here

Mostly because 1) you probably can’t pronounce them and 2) they don’t really exist.

Germans aren’t hypochondriacs, by the way. They’re Hypochonder.