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Dumb Question

“What Would Have Happened if Germany Had Invaded the U.S. During World War II?”

That’s easy. They would have ended up like this little Canadian… 97 more words


German Sommerloch Update: Two New Mysterious Extraterrestrial Phenomena Found Near Berlin

No, not in Friedrichshain. NEAR Berlin. In a place called Großziethen. The Germans in this area call these phenomena “Kornkreise” and they appear to be designs or patterns laid down gently in a growing crop, leaving the surrounding crop untouched. 68 more words


First Sommerloch Monster Sighting Already Over

They don’t usually catch them, this time of year. But they had this guy in the bag in no time.

Kangaroos in Brandenburg? Why not, they’re in… 48 more words



Ugly Germans of the week.

Because somebody has to detest them.


Speaking Of Posing With Animals...

What’s wrong with this picture?

Dogs are allowed on the beaches here.

Six odd things Germans do in the summer: These summer pastimes show that Germans’ reputation for being uptight and straight-laced sticklers for punctuality couldn’t be further from the truth. 18 more words


Is This A Polar Bear Panda-emic?

I’m not koala-fied to say.

But I think I’ll have a kodiak arrest if I have to look at anymore photos of Germans posing with polar bears. 20 more words


More German "Universalization," Please

German policy-makers genuinely believe the harsh medicine for Greece and others is the right thing to do, he added. In some ways, Germany is “trying to universalize its own history,” Mr. 68 more words