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"Sanctions Against North Korea Apparently Ineffective"

Like, duh. How could they be effective if countries like Germany, and a number of other “cooperative States,” keep letting the North Koreans get around them? 97 more words


Somalia Now Finally At Peace

So it’s time for the German Bundeswehr troops stationed there to leave. All five (5) of them.

They couldn’t have done it without you five guy, guys. 65 more words


German Of The Day: Freeloader

That means freeloader. Actually, the German word for that is Schmarotzer but this is so-called Neudeutsch or New German (English) so relax about it already. 108 more words


The Next Generation...

Numerous questions exist when thinking about leadership in the next generation. Tim Elmore’s book, Habitudes, uses images, relatable stories, and experiences that are designed to help the next generation of leaders form the right habits and attitudes. 71 more words

Germans Oddly Quiet About Protests In Iran

I wonder why?

I know, let’s ask the Tasnim News Agency: The head of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce said Germany sold 2.358 billion euros ($2.846 billion) worth of goods to Iran, and imported just $328 million worth of goods from Iran in nine months from January through October 2017. 50 more words


Merry Christmas!

“It wasn’t my idea. This decision came from Brussels.”


You Get Cabbage This Year, Kid

Bah, humbug! Take this German Christmas quiz and see if you failed it like I did.

Every year in Germany, the Christkind, a childlike angel, arrives, and with it, Christmas markets and festive spirits. 59 more words