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Shanghai Zéro waste: mission Alizée

Un style de vie en harmonie avec ses convictions… Des rencontres inspirantes avec des personnes qui l’ont convaincue que c’était possible… Voilà les raisons d’un changement de style de vie qui ont conduit Alizée à reconsidérer sa façon de consommer et à s’orienter vers le ZERO WASTE… D’origine belge, dès le plus jeune âge, Alizée a grandi dans un environnement dans lequel le « bien manger », le recyclage était déjà d’actualité. 221 more words


German Of The Day: Populismus

That means a left-wing political doctrine that proposes to help the common people who are being exploited by a corrupt dominant elite. Or at least the one I am referring to here is of the left-wing variety. 85 more words


The Man In The White Castle

Frightened by unsubstantiated fake news reports that US-Amerika‘s president has turned the place into an alternative history (alternative fact history?) horror-land run in part by their creepy grandparents, German vacationers are staying away in droves. 76 more words



That rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

GM gets rescued by the American government (government is a code word for taxpayer, by the way), Opel gets rescued by the German government and Peugeot gets rescued by the French government. 113 more words


Enjoy Your Super Bowl Commercials Responsibly

“In this polarized world, it could easily upset half the country and be seen as political and stepping into something they don’t want to get into. 22 more words

Home Cooking


Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

“We are extremely pleased and proud that we managed to convince Norway of the superiority of our proven technology.”


Diplomacy Is Everything

Just ask Donald Trump (after he gets off the phone with Australia). He and the new German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) ought to get along just fine. 102 more words