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Nos habitudes françaises

Le Capitaine et moi nous sommes rencontrés en Grande Bretagne où je vivais depuis plus de 5 ans déjà. Ayant du sang britannique dans les veines et y ayant en plus passé une grosse partie de mes étés, je vivais beaucoup à l’anglaise. 908 more words

La Vie Quotidienne

Forget Mediation

What these guys need is some meditation. Or maybe some heavy medication.

Don’t worry. These GDL train drivers will be back for strike number ten… 64 more words


As If German Women Talking During Sex Wasn't Bad Enough Already

Now they’re talking about it again. Like afterwards even.

Must be a slow news day. This is clearly a re-run of a re-run that’s already done run. 36 more words


But What Does This Guy Know?

China and Russia are the most avid intelligence gatherers in Germany, says Hans-Georg Maassen, head of Germany’s intelligence agency.

But like, who cares about that? That’s beside the point or something. 30 more words


German Of The Day: Behindert

That’s what Germans are. Or at least one out of eight Germans are these days: Disabled.

Not only are they getting more and more old and gray and in the way… 189 more words


Why I Teach

Childhood Dreams

As early as kindergarten, I identified teacher as a potential
in my “School Years” book, a collection of elementary school memories. My kindergarten-self chose nurse, teacher, model and mother as possible career and life choices, although the options were limited to traditional girl-jobs only. 993 more words


Germans Can't Figure Out Why Germans Keep Disappearing

Suffering from one of the lowest birth rates in the EU and xenophobic to the core (although officially in denial about this), Germans everywhere (or at least where you can still find them) are puzzled by the… 56 more words