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Briser le cycle, changer nos habitudes

Imaginez-vous dans le siège conducteur d’une voiture. L’automobile est en train de lentement s’engouffrer dans un lac. Vous n’avez qu’une option, briser une fenêtre pour vous échapper. 457 more words


Steinmeier First President Ever To Put Parliamentarians Asleep During First Half Of Swearing-In Ceremony

In a refreshing twist on the rather staid traditions of German presidential swearing-in ceremonies of the past, Germany’s new president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD), broke with protocol and chose a speech that put a large number of German parliamentarians asleep a mere seven minutes into the ceremony. 58 more words


Childless Chancellor Concerned About German Reproduction Rate

Distraught by her countrywomen’s rotten reproduction record, childless German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called an emergency demography strategy summit in Berlin.

“What’s with these Luschen… 101 more words


You Say Potato

I say Kartoffel.

Let’s call the whole thing off.

I can be the most presidential person ever.” But… “Always be more than you appear… 9 more words


Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up, Martin

According to Andy Warhol, as you all know: “In the future, everyone will be a popular German chancellor candidate for 15 minutes.” So you can move on now, Martin Schulz ( 98 more words


Turks Kick Off New Tourism Campaign To Lure Germans To Turkey By Calling Them Nazis

Its tourism sector taking a real battering this year for some inexplicable reason, Turkish authorities are now attempting to lure German tourists to Turkey by calling them Nazis. 86 more words


Two From Togo To Go?

Two violent and drunken asylum seekers from Togo (Syrian migrants, I assume) who smashed up their asylum center because of the lousy mobile phone reception there? 84 more words