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Toys 'R' Us Says Rewards Accounts Being Attacked Using Data Stolen Elsewhere

Here’s another example of why you should take experts’ advice when they say not to use the same password on multiple sites: Hackers have been apparently been attempting to breach accounts of Toys ‘R’ Us rewards program members using data they got from other hacks. 361 more words

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Samsung "Smart" Camera Is Ridiculously Hackable

A security camera in your house, that you can access remotely, might seem like a good idea at first. You can log into it from anywhere, to see what’s going on and if it really was the cat who opened your kitchen cabinets every day last week. 534 more words

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Ransomware Spreading Onto Smart TVs, Is A Pain To Fix

Streaming TV has been a boon for consumers. Programming is everywhere, right at our fingertips, as soon as we get our screens online. But that connectivity comes with a big risk: wherever there’s an internet connection, there’s a possibility for bad guys to show up. 1,233 more words

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States Re-Examine Security After Russia-Linked Malware Targets Utility In Vermont

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Several states around the country on Saturday asked cybersecurity experts to re-examine state and utility networks after a Vermont utility’s laptop was found to contain malware that U.S. 757 more words


Marvel Entertainment And Netflix's Twitter Accounts Hacked

There’s more bad news for Twitter today as a group called OurMine hacked accounts for Netflix, Marvel Entertainment, and NFL Network.

OurMine sent tweets on the victims’ feeds, mostly saying that it was testing their security. 164 more words

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LinkedIn's Education Service Lynda.com Latest Data Breach Victim

Less than a week after Yahoo confirmed a second data breach affecting nearly one billion users, another online social network has been targeted by hackers: LinkedIn says that its online education service — Lynda.com — is the latest hack attack victim, albeit with a much lower number of affected victims.  178 more words

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