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Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach; At Least 500 Million Users Affected

As was rumored this morning, so it has come to pass. Yahoo has confirmed a massive data breach — and it’s far, far bigger than anyone guessed at first. 255 more words

$50 Device Could Hack Countless Computers

We’ve probably all done it in the past: left our computer open, but locked, thinking no one would be able to gain access. But security researchers say we shouldn’t feel so confident about the security of our data, especially now that there’s an inexpensive device that can snatch login credentials from locked computers in a matter of seconds. 167 more words

Kimpton Confirms Credit Card Info Stolen From More Than 60 Hotels

In July, boutique hotel chain Kimpton revealed it was investigating indications that its credit card payment system had possibly been the latest to fall victim to a data breach. 260 more words

Dropbox Breach Affected Logins For 68 Million Accounts

Last week, Dropbox asked longtime users to update their login credentials after learning that their information may have been compromised nearly four years earlier. At the time, the file-sharing site didn’t say just how many users were affected by this breach, but a new report shows that more than 68 million accounts were involved. 202 more words

Today In Hacks: Opera Sync, Voter Databases

If it’s a day that ends in Y, someone who shouldn’t have access to a system is trying to get access to that system. Unfortunately, today there’s news in the air of two big successes for the bad guys. 463 more words

Dropbox Asking Some Users To Change Passwords

Are you a longtime user of Dropbox? Then you might be asked to change your password. Was the online storage service hacked? No… at least not recently. 184 more words