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Target Won't Face SEC Charges Over Breach

Nearly two years after a massive data breach at Target left millions of consumers’ personal information at risk, the company announced it won’t face enforcement action from at least one government agency. 449 more words

Why The Stolen Ashley Madison Data Is (Legally) Fair Game For The Internet

If your credit card information gets stolen in a data breach, there are certain rules in place that limit your liability and protect you from fraud. 1,086 more words

Wyndham Hotels Loses Legal Battle With Feds Over Lax Security Practices

If a consumer-facing company, like say a massive hotel chain, touts its dedication to the security of customer information and then does something to repeatedly put that information at risk — like storing unencrypted credit card data on barely secure networks — can they be forced to share some of the blame when hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers are stolen? 841 more words

About Power and Truth

If, as the Daily Mail, and certain elements of the Labour party, would claim, Jeremy Corbyn is “hard left”, then I suppose that would place me firmly in a tendency located somewhere between lignite and granite. 709 more words

Even More Ashley Madison Data, Including CEO's E-Mails, Dumped Online

Just as you were finishing up examining all the dark corners to see if you could find any famous people hidden in the first 10GB AshleyMadison.com data dump… 235 more words

Cheating Website AshleyMadison.com Reportedly Made Nearly $2M/Year From Users Trying To Delete Accounts

One of the reasons that hackers first attacked AshleyMadison.com, the dating site for people looking to cheat, is because it charges upwards of $20 to users for a “Full Delete” service that scrubs their accounts and photos from the site; something it could just do without charging. 154 more words

Very Personal Information For Over 30 Million Ashley Madison Users Set Loose On Internet In Wake Of Hack

Ashley Madison, the website for cheating cheaters who specifically want to go have an affair, was hacked in July. A day later, the company said… 526 more words