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Wk 9: Hackers Go To Heaven? Hell? Or Are Hackers Atheists?

Would you like to read something so comical that it almost sounds fake, and yet is completely real? Go to Hack Heaven. This is crazy, and I beg you to read this. 162 more words

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PlayStation Network Users Report Hacked Accounts, Terrible Options From Sony

If you use PlayStation Network, Sony’s online platform for buying games and downloadable content for games, consider not keeping payment information on file and changing your password. 310 more words


Editors, the great beasts of the newsroom face extinction as the desire for money replaces ethical journalism

Editors. Those great beasts of the newsroom. So often they have been misunderstood by those who work with them.

They are made out to be characters to fear, as if they are some peculiar villain from a Hammer House of Horror film. 986 more words


Putting the "Cracy" in Democracy

I think I’ve found my favorite chapter of Hack Attack

In chapter 9, “The Mogul and his Governments”, Davies goes into detail about the actual power of the Murdoch conglomerate. 321 more words


Screaming Bloody Murdoch

Murdoch and MacKenzie. What a team.

One a mogul hungry for power and influence, the other ruthless enough to provide the means. 320 more words


Today In Social Media Hacks: Delta, Newsweek, And CFO Of Twitter Really Need To Change Their Passwords

Social media tools are an effective way for businesses and bigwigs to communicate with their customers… that is, as long as those companies or people are in charge of their own accounts. 271 more words