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Session Hijacking

In my previous article I showed you the easy way to “hack” Facebook accounts, but then I received a notifications about a comment of my article. 190 more words

Ethical Hacking

What are Straight and Crossover cable

What are Straight and Crossover cable

Common Ethernet network cable are straight and crossover cable. This Ethernet network cable is made of 4 pair high performance cable that consists twisted pair conductors that used for data transmission. 224 more words

Computer Science

Text Message Code Discovered That Will Shut Down Your iPhone

CUPERTINO (CBS NEWS) – A particular string of character sent by text message can cause an iPhone’s messaging app to crash, or shut down the phone. 158 more words


104,000 taxpayers have personal info stolen from IRS website

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 100,000 taxpayers have had their personal tax information stolen from an IRS website as part of an elaborate scheme to claim fraudulent tax refunds. 669 more words


[VIDEO] ISIS hack phones: the last iOS vulnerability

{UPDATE}: Video of an iPhone hacked, crashing

On Twitter people are talking about an ISIS phone hack… A simple text message could shut down your phone. 365 more words


This Bizarre New Bug Is Causing iPhones to Melt Down

A single line of text can reportedly freeze and shut down iPhones.

Technology blogs are reporting that a specific text message, when sent to an iPhone from any device, causes the phone to crash, shut down, and turn back on—and in some cases, some users are still unable to access messages again until the offending sender sends another text message. 307 more words