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The Liar, The Comedian And The Fat Jew

That was a tough headline to write. Clearly it’s pejorative. It’s offensive to many people. In fact, it’s kind of offensive to me. But, this post is about several things that are offensive. 1,174 more words

Professional Development

At Honey Horn: the Art of Stanley Meltzoff

I don’t know of him. Perhaps you do.

His works were featured in a temporary exhibit.

His underwater works have an ethereal quality (that being a good thing and not meaning spacey). 221 more words


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Free Recharge

DIY // Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard

40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself
How To Make A Diamond Tufted Headboard DIY // Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard Random Inspiration 154… 30 more words

3 Awesome Mashed Potato Hacks To Try On Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

These are 3 VERY simple things that can improve your mashed taters on Thursday…and by VERY simple, I mean I could pull these off…and that’s saying something. 52 more words


The Most Expensive-Looking Ikea Hack We've Ever Seen

Good, Great, or just OK?
Bookcase Stuff You Hoped You’d Have In Your Twenties Vs. What You Actually Have This Father And Son Duo Made The Most Insane Bookshelves Apartamento minúsculo (de 26 m²) ganhou espaços com a marcenaria… 20 more words

Arduino Getting Started - Program #4 - Photo Resistors or LDR

Today, I am going to use a photo resistor or LDR to activate an LED light.

photo resistors are like variable resistors or potentiometers. they change their resistance depending on the amount of light they receive. 138 more words