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Hackaday Links: November 15, 2015

There are a surprising number of Raspberry Pis being used in industrial equipment. This means the Arduino is left behind, but no longer. There’s your PLCs that use Arduinos. 218 more words

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Hackaday Links: November 1, 2015

It seems almost compulsory that we start off with a dose of Star Wars. Here’s an epic AT-ST build that motorizes the iconic walker.

That two-legger isn’t going to be lonely. 340 more words

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Hackaday Links: October 11, 2015

just turned into a rock hound and has a bunch of rocks from Montana that need tumbling. This requires a rock tumbler, and why build… 215 more words


Hackaday Links: October 4, 2015

got a tattoo of the Hackaday Skull ‘n Wrenches. His job is mostly office work in long sleeves, so everything’s good. The original logo was drawn in Flash by of Adafruit, and reworked into a slightly more modern file format by . 305 more words

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Hackaday Links: September 6, 2015

The MeArm is a cool little robot arm that can be controlled with just about any microcontroller. There’s a new version of it up on Thingiverse. 220 more words

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Hackaday Links: August 30, 2015

A month ago, we ran a post about ’s rare and strange transparent microchips. He’s back at it again, this time taking a look at the inner workings of MOSFETs… 225 more words

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