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Cyclops Lives by Herding Animals

Wikipedia Poem, No. 660
in ages of strategy 
find form of war  
                yellow highlight 
            the location i see before me
         six disloyal but touching memes 
     earn unseen-careful paroxysm of stormy sea-monster
made of myth ether and yoke upon yore upon 
fathom a revolutionary stratus 
the mythical canon can 
must mean grow

Part III from Hackensack: A close call along Highway 371

TOOLING ALONG MINNESOTA State Highway 371 just south of Hackensack on the second to last day of our Up North vacation, Randy and I chatted and watched the northwoods landscape pass by. 328 more words

Part II from Hackensack: My observations of this northwoods Minnesota town

IN THE HEART OF NORTHWOODS MINNESOTA, in the land of legends and lake cabins, sits a village of some 300 folks. Hackensack. Twice I’ve been here, twice photographing Paul Bunyan’s sweetheart, Lucette, who resides along the shores of Birch Lake, and once picnicking along that same lake. 323 more words

USS Ling...

A rather grey, humid, drizzly day today, but I decided to try and get another wide-angle outdoor shot with my homemade pinhole.  I found a great vantage point at the open lot at the intersection of Bridge and Court Streets, visible in the satellite image-map below.  281 more words

Part I from Hackensack: Into the Minnesota northwoods to visit a blogger friend

NEVER HAVE I FELT more grateful for specific directions than when invited recently to my blogger friend Sue’s lake home near Hackensack in north central Minnesota… 822 more words

I-80 West Local Lanes In Hackensack Reopen Hours After Tanker Crash, Cleanup

HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — The local westbound lanes on Interstate 80 in Hackensack have reopened nearly 12 hours after a crash shut down that section of highway. 93 more words


Oil tanker truck overturns on I-80 west in Hackensack, road closed for cleanup

HACKENSACK, N.J. – An oil tanker truck overturned on the I-80 west in Hackensack, New Jersey Thursday night.

The tanker truck collided with a Hyundai sedan shortly after 8:30 p.m., causing the tanker truck to overturn, blocking all westbound lanes, said the fire department. 197 more words

New Jersey