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How to tell if you have been hacked

Antivirus programs are important for preventing cyber attacks, but it’s unwise to leave your computer security solely in the hands of your antivirus. In fact, most attacks are designed to infect your computer only when you perform an action that lets them in, or they trick you into installing them yourself. 950 more words

IT Trends

Nightcap - Aug 24

Start-up Engineering and Pokemon are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


teaching college students

So, thanks to a former colleague, I have a gig teaching middle school teachers how to teach writing. I signed the contract yesterday. The class starts Monday. 87 more words


Get Up Poll: Listener Explains Why Erica Campbell Is Her Inspiration [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asked her listeners to tell her who inspires them and why. One listener gives a heartfelt response about why her mother is a big inspiration for her. 165 more words

Get Up!



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Wednesday showdown TV Show analysis OZ vs Mr Robot


I am currently watching an old show called OZ; also the name of a correctional facility, in which there is a constant power and survival battle between inmates and combative crews. 1,027 more words


What Are You Watching Right Now?

What are you watching right now….

Is the question I use to judge most people I know or meet.  If they are the average millennial they will most likely answer with any of these shows; House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, … 503 more words