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Viability of #SuperIntelligence #IntelligenceExplosion via #hacking #cracking #rogueAI | #AI #robot

The Rogue AI, which becomes super intelligent, and then hijacks the worlds computing resources for an intelligence explosion is a common cliché, from N. Bostrom’s ‘ 4,036 more words


Combating Malaria with Top Hacker!

Before addressing top hacker, it is important to identify some facts about mosquitoes:

  • Female mosquitoes bite to access protein in blood
  • There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes, and the Anopheles mosquitoes carry malaria…
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And for my next trick, I will effortlessly whine about the time Facebook revoked the 60-day name change rule to allow me to change my name from “Large N In Charge”, back to “Verity Morley”. 164 more words


How the Waltham cyberstalker's reign of fear was ended

The recent arrest and federal charges against a 24-year-old alleged cyberstalker brings into light the terrible fallout from unrelenting online harassment, and highlights that no one is truly anonymous online, not even criminals. 1,168 more words

Law & Order

Warcross - Marie Lu

Warcross by Marie Lu

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I didn’t know too much about the premise before I started the book beyond frequent comparisons to Ready Player One and it being about a hacker/gamer – which I think was a good thing. 591 more words


Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for protecting yourself against cyber thieves

(WTNH)– You may have never used Equifax but the credit reporting agency could still have tons of your personal information. This summer hackers made off with the most crucial tools that identity thieves need to impersonate you. 256 more words


Review: Hard Limit (Hacker #4) by Meredith Wild

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Originally published: December 9, 2014

Author: Meredith Wild

Preceded by: Hardline

Followed by: Hard Love… 423 more words