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Latest version of Windows 10 may have a Linux subsystem secretly installed inside.

Linux Penguin called Tux By Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Anja Gerwinski

“Renowned Windows Hacker and computer expert, who goes by the name ‘WalkingCat’, discovered that the latest version of Windows 10 may have a Linux subsystem secretly installed inside.”

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Vincent Banial

The Time My Identity Was Stolen And How I Got Revenge

Tonight I used my card at the carry out across the street to buy a delicious bottle of Bogle Cabernet.

“Decline,” my little Indian buddy said with the same passion she says all of her 8 English words she has picked up over the past 10 years. 1,061 more words


The nicest botnet I've ever met

“Bugat,”  “Cridex” or “Dridex” is a botnet with intent to defraud, damaging computers, wire fraud and bank fraud, it distributes malware as macro inside harmless .word-files attached to phinshing e-mails. 375 more words



The University of Central Florida announced today that 63,000 social security numbers were stolen by students who work(ed) at UCF. According to the Orlando Sentinel… 176 more words


Hierarchy of Command. Circa 2016.

I decided to push, prod and pull this proverb into the 21st Century :-)

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What Is Cyber Insurance & Do You Need It?

With companies falling prey to devastating cyber attacks on what seems like a daily basis, small business owners would be wise to consider investing in cyber insurance. 506 more words