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Watch the 51% attack live! You are invited!

On Oct 13, 3:00 CDT, 4:00 EDT 1:00 PST I’m going to do a 51% attack against the cryptocurrency Einsteinium
Such a statement was posted by the anonymous hacker. 80 more words

Which Hacker are you?

“we explore… and you call us criminals. we seek after knowledge… yes I am a criminal. My Crime is that of curiosity… You may stop this individual but you can’t stop us all…after all, we all alike” (the mentor, conscience of a hacker, 1986) 171 more words

"For the Digital Resistance" - Hacktivism

Hacking! Information! That’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s hackers or hacktivism, information is the key motivator for either of these actions.

When I think of hacking the thing that comes to mind is; bad, panic, criminal, help! 146 more words

BCM 206

Virus Bulletin 2018: Supply chain hacking grows up

Striking the balance between supply, demand and safety is a major concern.

With the pressure to ship as early as possible, especially when it comes to hardware, what assurances do we have that the hardware is really clean, and that future updates won’t be hacked? 725 more words

Security News

Outstanding Miccichè : Per Vincere servono Hacker

Credo fermamente che il mio ultimo post sia servito a Miccichè, che dopo tutta quella cocaina, ha fatto uno scatto nell’evoluzione dello spirito.


Questa è una Domenica pallosissima, sto riprendendomi a poco a poco dopo aver visto Blade Runner 2049, e seppur ingaggiato a fior di quattrini, o criptovaluta, come la chiamano oggi nel XXI° Secolo, non avevo la minima voglia di scrivere…di morti per overdose, guerre, antifa del cazzo, politica, guerre civili e fredde e vittorie generali, ma… 472 more words


Hackathon: Where miracles happen

This weekend I attended my first hackathon, and it was such a crazy experience that I felt it is worth sharing with you all. So all those who don’t know what this crazy sounding word means, a  887 more words


Digital Resistance: Hacktivism

Simply put, hacktivists are politically motivated cyber attackers (Nachreiner, 2013). Over the past few years, activists have realised the power of the Internet, and have started using cyber attacks as a means of electronic civil disobedience. 191 more words