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Othello and Iago

The sound at the beginning is our wheelchair dolly. You can see the idea here, Othello now has to go around with Iago and collect the money because Cassio has been set up and banished. 6 more words

Thomas Jude Gerard Wright

Desdemona and Emilia

Kate Elliot and Korede Falana-Ajayi. Listen to the melody Kate wrote for Shakespeare’s words, she is truly talented!

Thomas Jude Gerard Wright


Modern European fare in a stripped back aesthetic 101 more words

Modern European

The second instalment for Othello

Bianca gets pissed with Cassio because he has the scarf Othello gave to Desdemona. The dramatic irony is that we all know he is being set up by Iago.

Thomas Jude Gerard Wright

Vegan Review: Temple of Seitan (Hackney/London) ★★★★★

Temple of Seitan is a vegan chicken shop, think KFC but better and vegan. They sell popcorn chicken, burgers, 2 piece meals, gluten free nuggets, mac’n’cheeze, hot wings, fries and much more (including special guest appearances of the… 635 more words


The Best Yoga Classes In London

I love yoga.

I started practising when I was 12 and when I was 21 ran off to an Ashram to train to be yoga teacher (before that became a ‘cool’ thing to do….). 795 more words


A peregrination in De Beauvoir Town

I went for a long walk North.

De Beauvoir Town and De Beauvoir Estate are next to each other.

Here is a quick sketch of the very pretty houses on De Beauvoir Square, De Beauvoir Town. 188 more words