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Three Unique Baby Shower Ideas

I was lucky enough to have a few different baby showers before the boys were born and I loved all of them! Two of my friends at church threw me one, my sister threw me one, and my work threw me one. 372 more words


20 Amazing Beauty Tips

Hey Crispers! I am great fit well. Hope you all are doing same. Here I am with some of my beauty tips assembled in 20 points. 689 more words


5 Tricks to Instantly Reach Your New Year's Resolution

The New Year is around the corner. Its funny how slowly the year seems to creep by for the first half, and by June it’s flying so fast you might as well start Christmas shopping because it’s just around the corner! 471 more words

The Willow Brook Life

My personal travel tips

1. When beginning to prepare for travel , what is the first step you take ?

So the first thing before we even decide where we are going – is to decide what type of holiday – beach and sun ? 857 more words


STAYING HYDRATED THE CUTE WAY (how to drink more water)

Drinking water is boring af, but you gotta do it.

Water tastes like nothing, looks like nothing and smells like nothing, but it’s somehow really important. 525 more words



               As silly as it sounds, it was quite easy; I just stopped.

Apparently, it’s bad for you. Crazy, right? I didn’t know that either. I’ve been doing it for years and even when I stopped, I didn’t know it had an impact on my health, but here’s why : 652 more words


2/22/2016 6 Laundry Tips You Must Know (that I learned from a Pro)

I started cleaning my own laundry as a teenager. I thought I knew everything there was to know about cleaning clothes. I had been taught by my Mom, how could I go wrong? 534 more words