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17 Really Smart Burning Man Hacks

(Source: www.inc.com)

In just over a week, somewhere between 75,000 to 100,000 artists, DJs, entrepreneurs, nudists, rebels, tech CEOs, and “normal” people looking for adventure will convene for Burning Man. 1,059 more words

Money Matters

14 ways you can keep your stuff clean with almost zero effort (as told by gifs)

Stop spending your weekends cleaning. Actually, let’s be a little more honest, stop spending all weekend putting off cleaning until Sunday night when you remember that you wanted to get some chores done. 634 more words


Two Helpful Hacks

Having a smooth day doesn’t always happen however putting strategies into place can help create a more easy way to navigate through the day.

Here are two of my hacks which work for me. 153 more words

5 Gym Hacks (for when you don't know what the f* you're doing)

Ok lets be real here, gyms can be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve just joined a new one and are unfamiliar with the equipment / layout / gauging the best time to go when it’s not jam packed / etc. 447 more words

Samurai Hacks, Fixing Wood Damage

This is the very best method to fix damaged or rotten timber in my point of view. It's quick as well as very easy and also lasts permanently! 9 more words

9 MORE travel hacks...

Hello fellow budget hunters

As we all know, my hack posts are fairly popular… everyone wants to know the secret to our holidays! These are just a bunch of crazy ones I thought up recently! 186 more words



Hey guys,

Hope you all are doing well. Sorry for being away for so long. but finally I am back here with some hacks. So lets get started. 507 more words