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The Ultimate Life Hack Guide

1.Use cash. Instead of charging things to credit cards or debit cards, use cash for non-bill spending such as eating out, gas, groceries. Spending cash makes the spending more real, and there’s an added advantage of knowing when you’re out of cash, instead of spending more than you… 1,951 more words


7 Life Hacks for your Home that you Probably Don't Know

Everybody desires to have a perfect home that is not only a comfort zone but also an extension of our personalities. Thus, we continue to find ways that will help make our homes more organized and spacious. 281 more words


Beauty hacks 2

Its time for another beauty hacks post! Yayyyy!!! Not to diss my last hacks but these are sooooo much better! Ok let’s get into it! 154 more words


# What are s ome of the best computer tricks?

Answer by Himansh Jain:

How to Scroll Horizontally

If we roll our mousewheel, window will scroll up/down vertically. If you want to scroll left/right horizontally,

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20 AMAZING Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

1. Need a Question Answered. Call 1-334-844-4244. This calls Auburn University who will try to answer any question you may have

2.Short a Few Words on An Essay?? 451 more words


These 100-Year-Old Life Hacks Can Still Make Your Life Easier Today

Life hacks have been around longer than you and I have been alive. In fact, if we go back 100 years we’d probably be able to find life hacks from yesteryears in the cards that are included in packs of cigarettes. 20 more words