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4 Christmas DIY/Hacks on a Budget


It’s the most wonderful timeeeee of the yearrrrr….  and sometimes the most expensive!

This year I am on maternity leave so this means two things- I don’t have much (read:any) extra spending money and I am also home more and have had a bit more time to be creative this holiday season!   600 more words


Get more horsepower!

Looking to give a little boost to your car’s engine? If you want more horsepower without overhauling your engine, look into investing in a cold air intake. 53 more words

Actual Pinterest Employees Try Iconic Pins

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So You May Be Wondering About The Name Change...

From the very beginning I intended to use this blog as an outlet to share with others in a personal diary type of format. My goal when I chose the original name of… 358 more words


Testing YouTube embedding

Hi there ♥

We are finally on the road :)

We left our hometown last Saturday, visited my parents and are now at the enginerd’s parents’ place. 169 more words


Lose Weight with these 6 Healthy Hacks

If you’re working around 7-8 hours in front of a desk and barely have time to eat a proper meal or head to the gym… 1,029 more words


10 eye makeup tricks to steal from bloggers

Let’s let the vloggers to do all the talking! Are you ready to learn some backhanded tricks and hacks to make your makeup experience so much smoother? 603 more words