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Glimmers of Hope for IoT Security - via VMware CIO Vantage

Glimmers of Hope for IoT Security – via VMware CIO Vantage

Glimmers of Hope for IoT Security

Amid reports of massive IoT hacks, the industry is ramping up initiatives to bolster the security of the IoT ecosystem.

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Simple Hair Hacks

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with long hair. I absolutely enjoy being able to do many hairstyles with long hair but the whole maintenance of it get to me. 235 more words


Printing ExtJS Checkboxes

When printing in Chrome 57 at least, an ExtJS checkbox does not print correctly. It turns out ExtJS is implementing the checkboxes (and likely radio boxes) as background images on a button. 77 more words


15 Ways to Land Cheap Plane Tickets

Let’s face it. When it comes to airline ticket pricing, there is no crystal ball. It can be hard to navigate around all the myths, like the importance of buying tickets 54 days in advance, making your purchase on a Tuesday by 3 pm, flying out on Wednesday or when there’s a full moon. 1,103 more words


well shit...

So its January. 2017.

Trump will be president in 5 days. Fuck.

It’s a weird time really. Your still in holiday mode; working, chilling or possibly travelling, but yet you have to start thinking about this years plans and if your unlucky enough to be starting uni, well you have a whole lot of shit to do. 254 more words


Goodbye puffy eyes

Whether you partied all night or you didn’t sleep enough, puffy eyes is an issue most people have to deal with and which never looks attractive. 244 more words



As it is getting closer and closer t exam season, i though I’d share a few of my tips…

Obviously, since I have not yet don my exams, I can’t tell myself if my revision tips are successful however, so far, I feel confident that what I am doing is getting me some where! 565 more words