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CloudPets' Poor Security Leads to Millions of Childrens’ Voice Recordings Leaked

CloudPets’ Internet of Things (IoT) teddy bear leaked more than 2 million voice recordings of parents and children because of their poor database security. This is only the latest compromise to occur with children’s toys. 320 more words

Money Saving Hacks

Hey friends back with another post. Its been so long since I posted the last post. 18 hefty days! So lets get on the topic. Ever wondered how you can save some bucks on your everyday things? 295 more words


Building a Professional Wardrobe

Personally looking at having to work for another 40 years before retiring. I’ve faced the fact I’ll want to live a glamorous lifestyle in my old age haha. 211 more words


Narro Reading of ‘Artificial intelligence is the next big thing’

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Spencer Kelly, presenter of the BBC’s Click technology programme, discusses Indian jugaad, South Korea’s jellyfish-hunting robots, and how self-driving cars are the future


12 healthy eating hacks nutritionists use every day | Fox News

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In an airport food court recently, a traveler spotted me topping my salad with hummus instead of dressing and said, “I never would have thought of that! #hacks

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Managing work, time, and reducing anxiety

Have you ever found asking yourself if you could handle this anymore or the work pressure is killing you or can you be more productive. If any of that is true, then read on. 486 more words


5 Unconventional Uses Of Baby Cream

There isn’t a single infant in my family but you can still find a tube of baby cream in each room of my house. “Why?”, you may ask. 400 more words