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5 Life Lessons From Judge Judy

I’m a BIG fan of Judge Judy Scheindlin. She holds everyone accountable for their actions and while others may waffle, she’s black and white on issues. 125 more words

Life Hacks

Get Spring-ready in 5 Easy Steps

     We’ve all been through this more times than we care to count. You spend all summer striving for that perfect sun-kissed tan then winter rolls around. 843 more words


Life Hacks

So in my 25 years on this earth i’ve picked up a few things that help make life easier so I thought I would share them with you. 333 more words

Tips on how to get more out of your day

if I told you that you could increase your productivity and even motivation by adding just a few steps in your routine- would you listen? 677 more words


RON FOURNIER: The Questions Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want Answered About the Clinton Foundation

National Journal: I don’t know what’s in Peter Schweizer’s book. But I know what the Clintons are capable of.

Gennifer Flowers. Cattle futures. The White House travel office. 122 more words


Making Room for the Weekend

Moleskine – myMoleskine – Diary Hack.

Moleskeiner Jane Blundell wasn’t happy with the space for the weekend in her Moleskine diary. So she hacked it. 25 more words


Easy camping hacks using soaps and sprays

Outdoor music festivals and the camping season is joyfully upon us. Is there anything better than packing up, unplugging, and going on an adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? 446 more words