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The little things that matter on the road

I, the nurse, have my own little things I do when traveling. Call them hacks, if you like, for me they mean comfort, security, and survival.

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My life lately is like a roller coaster. But in a good way. I have a son. I gave birth almost two months ago. Yet I still catch myself staring in spaces and thinking how I still can’t believe I’m a mom. 87 more words


Yahoo!'s claim that they were hacked by state actors is complete b.s.

Yahoo was compromised in 2014 by a group of professional blackhats who were hired to compromise customer databases from a variety of different targeted organizations. Some of their initial targets, which occurred in 2012 and 2013, are linked directly with the recent large scale data breaches of social media networks and online-services such as MySpace, Tumblr and LinkedIn. 1,866 more words

Data Breach

Broadband access creeps along but DDoS attacks explode

Akamai released its quarterly State of the Internet reports today, one detailing quality of access and the other attacks on companies and infrastructure. The slow march continues towards a better and faster internet for everyone — and that includes hackers. 326 more words


First YouTube Video!

My first YouTube video was uploaded a couple month ago, but I forgot to tell you guys, sorry! It’s linked down below if you wanted to watch it. 24 more words

Holy Grail- Dupe That.

We all have our personal beauty faves, that mascara that you swear by, that highlighter you’d sell your first born for and regardless of our personal style, a few of these products are things we have in common – products that we’ve found through Youtube videos or IG makeup viddies or even our mom’s little stash that will most likely never be discontinued, because to be frank, they’re just that great. 699 more words


State voter registration systems under attack says FBI

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday (28 September), FBI Director James Comey revealed hackers have attempted to hack into voter registration sites in more than a dozen states and on several occasions. 299 more words