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The theme of ‪#‎cyberwar‬ and ‪#‎hacktivism‬ lately attracts more and more attention. TV, new movies and TV shows, for example, ‪#‎mrrobot‬, taped the new documentary stories.

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Definitely, your humble computer is a worthy prize for any hacker!

No one will attack my computer. this is a common belief, and it is a myth.

My question is: are hackers background is a coder, programmer, developer or computer scientist? 397 more words


Phineas Fisher Attacks Catalan Police Union

Phineas Fisher has launched an attack aganst the Catalan Police Union, defacing their website, publishingr personal information of police officers as well as hijacking their twitter account. 77 more words

Anonymous' 'Hack Israel Day' Could Impact the Entire World

Israel was hit by a massive cyber offensive today. But unlike other attacks (APTs, criminal campaigns, etc.) to hit the nation, this one has been announced in advance. 972 more words


20 Angolan Government Websites shut down by Anonymous

According to reports by Sahara Reports, 20 Angolan Websites have been shutdown by hacktivist group Anonymous after 17 young activists were arrested for allegedly plotting a rebellion against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ government and sentenced to between two and eight-and-a-half years in prison. 194 more words

Debating the Existence of Cyberpunk Today

The last two weeks I have been conducting a literature review to see what I could find about the existence of cyberpunk today. My first research objectives was to get a clear definition of what cyberpunk is, so I could create some sort of criteria for examining modern texts. 342 more words