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week reflection (05/12/2017-07/12/2017)

tuesday 05 December 2017

on tuesday we start by runing thought the onpining sequence and the first scene, we then started to workn on thye change between the first two scenes. 584 more words


Week Starting (4/12/17)

Monday: We continued working on our dances that might be used in the Musical Theatre Show Case. We went through the moves and the timings again then worked in small groups to come up with the dance for the opening bit of music before the main bit of the dance kicks in. 320 more words

hacktivists music (07/12/2017)

as a group we all thought of some song that we could use for the scene changes the list of music we thought of are : 182 more words


Hacktivists first rehearsals reflection 1/12/17

This week we have started to work on the ‘hacktivists’ script, which we will be performing in February.

On Monday, we worked on character development in our session with Charlie- we put our character in situations to help us think about our character and what they would do. 109 more words


Lines Involving Me - Scene One

Lines I Say:

‘No one’s going to die.’

‘I mean today.’

‘I haven’t got any wood.’

‘What now?’

‘Because we are taking a vote that could end up setting a principle for the collective.’ 260 more words


scene 1 line Analysis (01/12/2017)

line 1:Maybe we should call the staff room? Get one of the teachers down?

line 2:Alright, now can we call the teachers?

line 3:We’ve got to do something of we will miss this afternoon’s classes… 166 more words


Hacktivists character inspiration (24/11/2017)

I think that some one I could use to inspire my character is Hermione Granger as she is portrayed as some one who a teacher’s pet that knows every thing she should know and more, also she always seem like she is ready the correct some one when they are wrong  and take pride in knowing she is right. 433 more words