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Anonymous tackles IS

Hacktivists from Anonymous took down more than 1,000 jihadi web sites and more than 800 Twitter accounts. They also hacked Facebook and Google Plus accounts as part of their operation.

Source: Today’s Metro.

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Anonymous Targets ISIS Social Media Accounts

In case you missed it, hacktivists Anonymous have now targeted Islamic State (ISIS) by attacking and suspending hundreds of social media accounts owned by members of the terrorist group. 145 more words

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Anonymous hacktivists hammer ISIS terrorist network

”ISIS is a virus that Anonymous plans to cure; so far the hacktivist group has put the hurt to the online ISIS terrorist presence by knocking out websites spreading jihadist propaganda and social media accounts that have been used for recruiting new members,” Darlene Storm reports for Computerworld. 221 more words


Vigilant Broadcasting on Media Watch

(12:01 PM) – Ms. Lejano says Filipinos should use the social media to create other forms of protest.

(11:56 AM) – “PNoy should empathize further with the Filipino people. 902 more words

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Airline Aggrivation, Medical Marijuana

Malaysian Airlines’ website has been compromised by self proclaimed Islamic extremist hackers. They displayed the error message as “404 Plane not found” as opposed to the regular message “404 Page not found” in an attempt at humor. 51 more words


Hacktivists: Cyber Terrorists Or Modern Heroes

Hacktivistm is a blend between the words hacking and activism. The definition of the word, is the non-violent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends. 695 more words

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