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Viva notes

  1. Describe how you have used a piece of research to inform character choices.
  • Hermione Granger-intentions and strength for fighting back
  • Friend- demeanour, movement, nervous ticks…
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Viva Notes

Describe how you used have used a piece of research to inform character choices.

  • Researched Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, related my character to him…
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Show evaluation

I feel that the finale performance would have gone better for some of the cast didn’t know they line or cues and would mix up which line was said. 859 more words


Viva assessment Hacktivists

1. Describe how you have used a piece of research to inform character choices.                    ( ). Mark in this version of the play is more of a demanding character not a character with dreams or reason for example instead of the Mark I play as is more of a character that is mainly depended on himself as well as pursuing his dreams. 336 more words


Group braids

So that each character had a something to show that they were part of the group I braided together embroidery thread using three different strands one of which was white to show that we were a group, which also changed to black for the finale scene to show the change from following Archie to flowing Beth the change from white and black was to show that in the audiences eye we had changed from white hat hacker to black hat hackers also to show the different between Beth and Archie. 260 more words


Hacktivists evaluation of performance

For the past few months, we have been organizing and rehearsing a performance called ‘hacktivists’, which is about a group of students who enjoy computers and hacking, and are convinced to try and take down BT for keeping everyone’s private information. 1,793 more words


show day (09/02/2018)

We started show day with a run through to make sure all the tech was working on everyone knew what should happen however this went quite badly because people were unsure on their lines and so we ended up skipping through skipping over lines or jumping through different scenes we found this whole however helped as we found out scene three was the worst part and went over the lines war make sure we knew them but in all run through we ended up meeting a prompt for scene three onward which did not help with your confidence in the performance. 561 more words