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And for my next trick, I will effortlessly whine about the time Facebook revoked the 60-day name change rule to allow me to change my name from “Large N In Charge”, back to “Verity Morley”. 164 more words


Digital Resistance: Hacktivists and Whistle-blowers

Wikileaks is the greatest example of hacktivists and whistle-blowers and it will be hard to ever beat. Those being exposed hated it and were condemning it to be illegal (even though the things that they did that were being exposed were illegal) and the mainstream audience loved it because all that was being hidden was coming to the surface. 90 more words


Anonymous calls for travel ban on US citizens, boycott of Donald Trump businesses

The hacker collective Anonymous has once again set its targets on U.S. President Donald Trump, calling on people around the world to find ways of protesting the new president’s administration, which it refers to as a “tyranny.” 558 more words


A Sad Irony of the Internet 

Denizens of the Internet tend to value privacy above all else. However, it seems slightly paradoxical, to me at least, when the Internet is the place with the absolute least privacy. 337 more words

Treasure Files

Ukrainian hackers 'snatch huge email cache from Kremlin'

Two Ukrainians calling themselves hacktivists have given the BBC access to what they say are thousands of emails they claim to have pried out of the Kremlin. 537 more words