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Anonymous calls for travel ban on US citizens, boycott of Donald Trump businesses

The hacker collective Anonymous has once again set its targets on U.S. President Donald Trump, calling on people around the world to find ways of protesting the new president’s administration, which it refers to as a “tyranny.” 558 more words


A Sad Irony of the Internet 

Denizens of the Internet tend to value privacy above all else. However, it seems slightly paradoxical, to me at least, when the Internet is the place with the absolute least privacy. 337 more words

Treasure Files

Ukrainian hackers 'snatch huge email cache from Kremlin'

Two Ukrainians calling themselves hacktivists have given the BBC access to what they say are thousands of emails they claim to have pried out of the Kremlin. 537 more words


Hacktivism - Cyber Criminals or Political Activists?

 We now live in an age where our digital network typography is characterised as a distributed network whereby each individual – as an individual node in the system – has the power consume, produce, subvert and disrupt the network. 234 more words


Blog post 8: Digital outlaws

This week’s articles are difficult. I will not apologize for that. You signed up for graduate school, after all! You are supposed to struggle with new ideas that are challenging to understand. 522 more words


By Anonymous.

Hacktivists support the idea that information on the internet should be free, a principle that put them at odds with private institutions, corporations and governments around.  247 more words


A Hackers Bread and Butter

Hackers like what they do, and they’re good at it. Individuals have hobbies because they are interested and enjoy whatever it is they are undertaking. Is that not the same with… 374 more words

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