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The name “anonymous” is a term widely used in online blogs and forums to hide the identity of an individual who post commentaries, images, or upload videos. 1,016 more words


Privacy group calls for a boycott of tech companies supporting CISA

Privacy advocates are stepping up their lobbying efforts against the controversial cyber threat information sharing bill currently in Congress after several tech giants indicated their support. 1,012 more words


The Rise of Hacktivism

The rise of the Internet and related technologies brought with it new methods and practices in all areas of human activity, including activism. Activism in particular was affected in two ways. 2,822 more words


Remembering Aaron Swartz

This guy just wanted to make of this repressive and inequality world a better place.  For those who committed an Institucional murder. We can not forget.


Canadian issues a hot topic for hacker group Anonymous  

Federal government websites were rendered useless for a brief time Wednesday afternoon, brought down by an alleged cyberattack by the hacktivist group Anonymous in response to the passing of Bill C-51. 629 more words


The Mystery of the Creepiest Television Hack


Right up until 9:14 PM on November 22nd, 1987, what appeared on Chicago’s television sets was somewhat normal: entertainment, news, game shows. 416 more words


LogJam, Little Sister of FREAK

On May 20, 2015, researchers from the University of Michigan announced a new vulnerability in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, called LogJam.

The vulnerability resides in the basic design of TLS itself, exposing both clients and servers, including mail servers, to a MitM attack, in which a malicious attacker can downgrade SSL-based connections to 512-bit export-grade cryptography, thus bypassing the basic security mechanism and allowing the attacker to read and modify any exposed traffic. 419 more words

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