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Azerbaijani Hackers Deface NATO-Armenia, Embassy Websites in 40 Countries

The cyber war between Anti-Armenia Team from Azerbaijan and The Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) from Armenia is getting more sophisticated with every passing day. Last month the MMCA leaked sensitive data from Azerbaijan Ministry servers and in reply, the Azerbaijani hackers have come up with a huge cyber attack in which top Armenian government websites have been hacked. 275 more words


Hactivists unmasked over BBC website collapse on New Year's Eve 2015

“New World Hacking” finally claimed responsibility two days into 2016, following the attack on the BBC website which was a relatively common Distributed Denial of Service (“DDoS”) cyber attack.  325 more words


BBC, Trump attacks "just the start," says hacktivist group

NEW YORK — The group that claimed responsibility for taking down the BBC’s global website last week has said the attack was “just the start.” 472 more words


The name “anonymous” is a term widely used in online blogs and forums to hide the identity of an individual who post commentaries, images, or upload videos. 1,016 more words


Privacy group calls for a boycott of tech companies supporting CISA

Privacy advocates are stepping up their lobbying efforts against the controversial cyber threat information sharing bill currently in Congress after several tech giants indicated their support. 1,012 more words


The Rise of Hacktivism

The rise of the Internet and related technologies brought with it new methods and practices in all areas of human activity, including activism. Activism in particular was affected in two ways. 2,822 more words


Remembering Aaron Swartz

This guy just wanted to make of this repressive and inequality world a better place.  For those who committed an Institucional murder. We can not forget.