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A few reasons not to organise on Facebook.

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jef costello

Recently we have seen a big increase in activist Facebook pages. Facebook seems to have become an essential propaganda tool. However we should question the use of it as an organising tool, and even as a propaganda tool. 789 more words


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Warns about the Creation of Digital Armies

Havana Times.org

HAVANA TIMES — The founder of Wikileaks (an international non-profit organization that leaks secret information), Julian Assange, warned us on Thursday about the creation of digital armies in the world, which are a threat to society and don’t only come from Nations but from private enterprises too, reported dpa news. 560 more words


anonymous.. the first internet based super-consciousness.

anonymous the first internet-based superconsciousness…. anonymous is a group, in the sense that a flock of birds is a group. how do you know they’re a group?

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Thoughts on We Are Legion

Anonymous. Sigh. I like that they evolved from memes and trolling to helping with revolutions. I do think there is an issue with a group that isn’t a group and doesn’t have direction or a leader. 117 more words

IT Adventures

The Constitution and Conscience: NSA's Thomas Drake (Video)

A talk by Thomas Drake, a veteran of the Air Force and Navy, who was working as a senior executive in the National Security Agency when surveillance policy changed in the aftermath of 9-11 in ways that violated both the Constitution and his conscience. 149 more words

Military Madness

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Jeff Sessions Won’t Say If WikiLeaks Charges Open Up News Organizations to Prosecution

Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined to comment Friday when asked whether prosecuting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would also open up news organizations to prosecution. “That’s speculative and I’m not able to comment on that,” Sessions told CNN when asked specifically whether places like CNN or the New York Times would be vulnerable to prosecution. 

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