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My Little Mermaid Chapter 3



Hades thoughts


Upon stepping bare toes onto the hot, dry sand, the dark form quietly crept out onto the shore. The slow, few weeks that his minions watched the sea creature from a distance were antagonizing, to say the least. 1,111 more words

Short Story

#1391: Fireball Shooting Hades



“Fast talking, slicker than slick, Hades is ruler of the Underworld.  When he shoots his deadly fireballs, he causes ultimate destruction.  760 more words


God So Loved The World… That He Created Hell

The biggest proof of God’s infinite Love for humanity is hell, for only a loving God could create hell. God so Loved the world that He created hell, so that he who would refuse to believe in Him would not be forced to be in His presence, but would spend an eternity without Him. 713 more words

Sin & Morals

I am pleased to announce...

… my first professional publication! My short story “A distinguished visitor from the north”, previously posted on Antinous for Everybody, is now available from Amazon Kindle… 49 more words

Daily bible passage - 8/8/17

Acts 2:25-28

For David says concerning Him: ‘I foresaw the Lord always before my face, For He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken. 58 more words


I could always be a certain darkness for you to dwell in.


Drone Moon in Capricorn August 7-8

The astrologer sat in the concourse of the shopping mall, feeling very strange. Hundreds of people were milling past him. They must have been talking and calling and laughing, he could see from their faces, but aside from the strains of some inane pop song thrumming intermittently inside the electronics store all he could hear was an inchoate groan, like what you hear when a recording is played backwards. 1,160 more words

Moon Phases