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The Meeting Place of God

Jesus told his disciples immediately after Peter confessed he believed Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, that he would build his church upon that rock, and not only so, but the gates of Hades (death) would not prevail against it (Matthew 16:16-18). 1,029 more words


ALDS GAME 4: Have Pulse, Will Win

I am a Royals fan living in New York City. If anyone wonders why I didn’t post anything in October, there’s your answer. The following entries detail the experience of watching the postseason far away from my hometown, in a much different place where fans from all over this huge country converge. 2,074 more words

Son of Zeus Part 89: Telos

The passage then fell away and Hercules passed into a great plane where the ground was once more covered with the loose pebbles that crushed and slid under his heavy steps. 878 more words


Son of Zeus Part 88: The Hound of Hell

Hercules tried to take a deep breath but choked a little on the stifling air. Then with a sure foot he strode forwards and towards his final labour. 1,742 more words


Pomegranate seeds

I’d always heard that it was the eating of seven pomegranate seeds which prevented Persephone from permanently leaving the Underworld and returning to the beautiful Earth. 114 more words

Living In Italy

How to meet Marc Chagall

Here is a counterpoint between dreams and memoir.  Glad to be part of a new hybrid lit journal, The Airgonaut.  Source: How to meet Marc Chagall


Son of Zeus Part 87: Hades

The two entered the palace and made their way to the grand central room where a solitary throne sat dark and empty upon a high pedestal before vast steps made for divine feet. 1,199 more words