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Hercules (1997)

June 1997   Ι   1h 33min   Ι   Ron Clements & John Musker

In order for Hades to become the mightiest God of them all, he has to kill Hercules. 326 more words



And I in hades

must gaze in awe at the flames

that will consume me.

by Scooj


Century Link and Eternal Damnation


 Outsourcing. It seems like virtually every corporation has moved its customer service operations out of the United States. Each time I have to call Comcast or Verizon or some other large company, I speak to someone in India or Cairo or Dagobah. 714 more words


Winning is Everything

That statement may seem strangely out of place on a blog devoted to theological matters. The phrase has been rattling around my mind for the last few weeks after I overheard someone zealously proclaim it. 236 more words


The Path Shall Continue

There is beauty in loss; a peace reserved for those that let go of the grief and cease clinging to something or someone no longer theirs.


Prayer of the Damned

In the blackest of nights from the cauldron of darkness
I cry to you as I lie prostrate on the ground surrounded
By harrowing sounds, shrill shrieks from depths of hell, 125 more words


An Announcement & a Book Review

Hello, friends. Again, terribly sorry that I haven’t been posting. The thirteen hour days are completely exhausting me and I’m trying to put sleep over hobbies. 1,066 more words