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As HADES ALMIGHTY themselves put it in a statement today the  “Dawn of a New Era” is upon the band with the arrival of a new frontman to replace former vocalist Janto, who, after 22 years,  left the band on friendly terms for personal reasons. 333 more words


Divine Therapy and Godspousery Couple Therapy

I have now become, well since a couple days ago, an unofficial Godspousery Couple Therapist.
Loki told me, I have now become “his personal therapist.” I corrected him, telling Loki, I am an unofficial personal therapist, I don’t have a license to listen and give advice for the Divine’s love’s life to be quite honest. 80 more words


T is for Tantalos

Ack, it’s 8:20 and I’m only just starting today’s post…and it’s Thursday, myth day!  (The whole myths on Thursdays was supposed to let me write ’em in advance and make this easier, not harder…though I didn’t actually have class today anyway, but…)  Okay, gotta jump right in and hope to finish in time to take my much-needed bath! 2,281 more words

Greek Mythology

inside out

Fish bloom in the fields where
all the grass has been exchanged for candy wrappers.
Throngs of mythical felines contemplate
the other side of the horizon, hesitating… 67 more words


Annihilation versus Eternal Torment: What Does the Bible Really Teach?

A very good article by JC Lamont

For more information, please visit my website for: The Truth About Death and Hell

A: Judaism has always held to annihilation for the wicked (kiluy neshama).  1,057 more words


From "The Topeka Sojourn of Hades" by Mei Hudley

Hades, the Lord of the Dead, was exceptionally put out. This was in both a literal and figurative sense; he had been booted out of his home by his wife Persephone and was currently hunched under a metal bus shelter in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. 500 more words


Is To Come

What thoughts/beliefs/questions do you have about heaven? Any images? Quotes? Hopes/fears? – Rev. Melissa Meyers, Facebook


Like a lot of people, I loved the TV series…

1,005 more words
Christian Faith