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Haunted Persephone

She was like Persephone, the embodiment of youth, with rosy cheeks, flowers blooming in her hair and birds sining sweetly in her ear. But alas, like Persephone, she was marked by a terrible darkness – Death, who was always breathing down her delicate neck- a constant reminder that her time in paradise would never be but a taste of a beautiful forever, so long as Hell lay beneath her feet.

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Original Poetry

127- Elizabeth Nebenfuhr - Most Incredible Near Death Encounter With Jesus - 2nd One - Must Hear-Wow!

Episode 127 of the AMTM Show. This is a “Must Hear” NDE experience that has one of the most important End Time messages we have ever published, revealed in it.  111 more words

A Minute To Midnite Video


Beliefs that fascinate me  

Hades was the god of the underworld. He was known as the god of the dead and of wealth. Hades was the son of Cronos and brother of Zeus. 739 more words

My Little Mermaid Chapter 2




Her tail flicked its way to and fro. The movement slithered slowly up passed her form where it stopped at her waist. Tingling in her spine, it arched her back and she flung her head up breaking to the surface where blood red locks slowly lifted up into the sky, only to fall back down to the skin once more, where beads of water dripped from the strands of filament. 809 more words

Short Story

What does Hell mean in the Bible?

The Old Testament Hebrew definition of hell is different from the New Testament definition of hell. So even though you see hell in both the Old and New Testaments, they mean different things. 375 more words