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Of heaven and hell and somewhere in between

I recently finished a painting Hadesville which I think might be my best painting thus far. I am not being immodest but the act of painting it was a joy and I believe the painting conveys that fact. 1,103 more words


Loved By Death; Chapter 10

A/N: This chapter was very amusing to write, and I hope you guys will also find it amusing to read! Please like or comment! ;) 1,697 more words


By Lake Cyane: 15

Hades prides himself on courtesy. Those that know him well, though they are few, admit that the business with Persephone was out of character, and from the moment he brought her across the River Styx he has been trying to make up for his slip. 472 more words


Eternal Torment? Not from a loving God 4

In this short video, we look at Phil 2:9,10 which says “every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord,” and an Old Testament Passage which shows how this might play out in the judgment.



It doesn’t matter how long I have been fighting with Persephonie; I am beginning to pick up a few of the tricks that she has been using against me, and from time to time I am catching her off guard. 3,381 more words


Orphic Idiot

singing   from  the  other  side   of  the   River    Styx

the   words   lost  over  the  water, your  back turned,

my   ankle  dotted   with  blood,  your  neck strained… 89 more words


Christ the Preacher — 1 Peter 3:19

I wrote this analysis out some time ago, and after reviewing it, I still believe it holds true. One day I will take the time to come back and expand it with even more information that I now think of which would make the presented case even stronger, but until then, even in its current brevity, it should stand as adequate and convincing. 471 more words