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Aside from the disturbing tale of his coercive romance with Persephone, there aren’t many myths about the underworld god Hades’ love life…but there is one weird love triangle story.  349 more words

Deities Of The Underworld

Michelle's Weekly Pet - Hades

This evening I went to our local City Council meeting, at the encouragement of the Mayor (my hubby).   His enticement … the opportunity for me to meet the newest and the most handsome member of the Valley Mills Police Force … Officer Hades.   46 more words


Thank You Morpheus

I dream often; I love dreaming because my dreams inspire me to write. I’ll dream of a certain character, a theme, or a plot  and once I’ve awoken, I hold onto what little detail I can remember and let my imagination go wild. 1,156 more words

God Sex

This is how I feel, beyond happy that Loki gave me at least three hours of sleep last night. Too bad I had to work this morning by opening the store, I would have loved to stay home today from last night. 163 more words


Pesephone & Orpheus the Fool

Orpheus the fool with great hubris
Thinks he can bribe us
With pretty words and song
No sacrifice for his love

We tell him a story… 19 more words


God's Purpose for Fire

This follows the study I have been doing about “Hell and the L.O.F.” which are 2 separate things according to Scriptures. That concept alone was enough to open my eyes to my misunderstanding of the “afterlife” for unbelievers. 556 more words

Thoughts And Ideas

Hades and Persephone ~Devotional Photo Manipulation~

So, I promised I’d post some of my devotional photo manipulation. Here it is, as promised. I decided against using the previous one I had made (Ariadne) until I’ve done one of Dionysus as well. 378 more words

Family Life And Other Spirits