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The Goddess Test Aimee Carter Book Review

When Henry- a dark and mysterious boy- claiming to be Hades, god of the underworld makes a deal with Kate to help save her mother’s life, Kate must pass seven tests and become Henry’s immortal lover or die trying. 432 more words


Review: Everneath

Author: Brodi Ashton

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Published: January 24, 2016

Genre: Mythology, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, YA


Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath.

492 more words
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You walk, she follows. You worry that she’s not following you.
Then you worry that she is.

This is the part where you go to get her back, you can’t live without her, you feel somehow guilty she’s gone. 2,668 more words


We set sail!

An interesting and quite always ignored episode of the greek mythology is the one where the ship Argo, built to carry the Argonauts to the conquest of the Golden Fleece, passes through the Symplegades, the clashing rocks. 517 more words

European Traditionalism

Something to think about: Why do people ask for miracles?

There is one thing that I cannot understand;

Why do people demand a miracle from God so that they may believe? For an Atheist and Agnostic, they want God to show up at their front door proving that He exists. 298 more words


Pomegranate Seeds

Naked branches sharp and ugly.
Grey sky, clouded without sun.
The bitter wind that eats me.
Maybe, she will come back
and it will be summer again.


Trisha Solveig

Trisha was a normal teenage girl who lived with her Grams in Cottbus, Germany. At a young age she was orphaned due to her mother’s untimely death, leaving her to be raised by her Grams. 567 more words

KJ Hawkins