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New Year's Celebrations Around The World

New Year’s is the day on which the new calendar year begins. This day is celebrated across the world and shows the cultural traditions of the countries that celebrate it. 479 more words


Lehigh Valley Christmas Light Guide

By Grant Hadian

With Christmas right around the corner, more and more light displays are opening up in the Lehigh Valley. Lehigh Valley has always been known for fantastic Christmas light shows. 225 more words


Should the US Transition to Year-round Schooling?

By Grant Hadian

Year-round schooling is performed all around the world and is very popular among the students who attend. Schooling year-round has many pros and cons. 229 more words


Outbreaks of Violence in Local Schools Create Unsafe Learning Environment

By Grant Hadian

In recent months, multiple outbreaks of violence in Lehigh Valley schools have caused chaos in our communities. Schools all around the Lehigh Valley have been experiencing these outbreaks, but the more chaotic outbreaks are happening in our inner city schools such as Trexler Middle School, Dieruff High School, and William Allen High School. 278 more words


Wearing Accessories in School

By Grant Hadian 

In Salisbury High School, students are not allowed to wear hats, hoodies, bandanas, or sunglasses during school. The authorities at Salisbury think these items of clothing and accessories are a safety hazard. 290 more words


Death to America

Not a nice thing to chant in the public square.   But does Iran really hate us?   The website, Irpedia.com, states, “Iran, the land of civilized and friendly people.”   Chants of “Death to America”  certainly doesn’t sound friendly. 454 more words

July 11, 2012


July 9, 2012

Representatives Brad Klippert, David Taylor, Jason Overstreet and Matt Shea Endorse Shahram Hadian for Governor

“We are honored to give our support and endorsement to Shahram Hadian as he runs for Governor of Washington State. 228 more words