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Would the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Be Vegan Today?

Episode Transcript

This is episode 14 of Mohamed Ghilan’s podcast with yours truly as your host. I really do appreciate you listening and if you haven’t subscribed yet I invite you to do so. 3,507 more words


Indeed He is Ar-Rahman & Ar-Rahim

It’s strange…sometimes when the hardship hits there is an unexplained peace that comes with it. Truly Allah (God) sends the hardship but He sends the peace, clarity of the situation, & the support to help you through it. 20 more words


Quran vs Hadith – Part 3

Part 1 

Part 2

Quran vs Hadith – Part 3

By Ayeza Nadeem

The Prophet’s (PBUH) life: An Open Book

Rasul Allah (s) life was an open book for all his enemies and friends when he was present amongst them. 4,118 more words


Characteristics of the Day of Judgment, Paradise, and Hell

​Anas b. Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be u n him) said: It would be said to the non-believers on the Day of Resurrection: If you were to possess gold, filling the whole earth, would you like to secure your freedom by paying that? 62 more words


Biblical Gender Roles vs Quranic Gender Roles

Both the Bible and the Quran teach the inequality of women to men, the subjection of women to men, the allowance for polygamy and the allowance for slavery. 5,891 more words