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Hadith: Shortening The Prayers (At-Taqseer)

Narated By Ibn Abbas: The Prophet once stayed for nineteen days and prayed shortened prayers. So when we travel led (and stayed) for nineteen days, we used to shorten the prayer but if we travelled (and stayed) for a longer period we used to offer the full prayer. 31 more words

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Debate: Which Is The True Path For Salvation? Islam Or Christianity – Br. Ijaz vs Rev. Steven

Br. Ijaz Ahmad of MDI UK versus Rev. Stevens of Canada, meet in the Caribbean to discuss one of religion’s most important subjects.

So many Christians were shocked to learn about Paul’s manipulating, misquoting and changing of Old Testament quotes to prove his doctrine of salvation by faith alone…


Tahajjud-Part II: Hadith Regarding Tahajjud (Qiyam al-Layil)

The preceding section was primarily concerned with what Allah says about those who perform salatul tahajjud. There also exist a number of ahadith that reinforce the importance of tahajjud. 374 more words

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Hadith of the day 

Jabir RA reported: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) visited Umm Sa’ib (or Umm Musaiyyab) and asked her, “What ails you O Umm Sa’ib (or Umm Musaiyyab)? 46 more words


Lady Fatimah (as) on the Day of Judgement

On the anniversary of the martydom of the Lady of Light, Sayeda Fatima (as), we look at the narration speaking about her on the day of Judgement. 320 more words