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Day 16 - Hadith

Read the Qur’an, for it will come forward on the Day of Resurrection to intercede for its readers.  (Muslim)

The likeness of the believer who reads the Qur’an is like a citron (fragrant and sweet); the believer who does not read the Qur’an is like a date (it has no smell, but is sweet); the hypocrite who reads the Qur’an is like a fragrant flower (but tastes bitter) and the hypocrite who does not read the Qur’an is like a colocynth (bitter apple) which has no scent and tastes bitter. (Agreed upon)




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Salaam Alaykum everyone.

This is just a post letting anyone who cares that I’m still writing, it’s just that the last semester has been a very hectic one. 615 more words

Historical Criticism

#SunnahFriday - Ramadan Sympathy

The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said: “Whoever feeds the person who is breaking his fast, he will have his reward (for his fasting) without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.” – Tirmidhi… 150 more words


The Hadith of `Unwan al-Basri from Imam al-Sadiq (as)

Note: The advice of Imam al-Sadiq (as) contained in this long narration is truly remarkable, and it is worth meditating upon.

I (`Allamah Majlisi) say: I found it (this narration) in the handwriting of Shaykh al-Baha’i (qs), with the following words: Shaykh Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Makki has said: I copied it from the handwriting of Shaykh Ahmad al-Farahani (rh), who has narrated from `Unwan al-Basri, who was a grand old shaykh of 94 years, who has said: I would often visit Malik ibn Anas for many years. 1,293 more words


Sittings In The Blessed Month Of Ramadan By Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al Uthaimeen

The Fifteenth Sitting

The Conditions that will not make the Invalidators Invalidate

My Brothers: The invalidators that we talked about in the fourteenth majlis with the exception of menstruation, do not invalidate the fast under three conditions. 789 more words


Ramadan 2015 Daily Reflections Day 15a

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Dua of the day

‘How perfect Allaah is and I praise Him by the number of His creation and His pleasure, and by the weight of His throne, and the ink of His words.’ 246 more words