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Abu Bakr bin Abdullah al Muzanisaid:“Whois like you, O son of Adam? Whenever you wish, you use water to make Ablution, go to the place of worship and thus enter the presence of your Lord (i.e. 12 more words


Writing practice with a difference

Masha’Allah, Yusef loves to read. And hates to write. When he manifested a strong interest in learning cursive writing (something that feels optional and sort of forgotten in the UK) I did not want to lose this chance for him to have some quality time with pen and paper, Insha’Allah! 448 more words

7 Years Old

Hadith about What Remains

Anas RA reported: Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said: “Three (things) follow a dead person: Members of his family, his property and his deeds. 23 more words


Friday Reflections 1

Narrated Abu Masud Al- Ansari:

Once a man said to Allah’s apostle ‘O Allah’s Apostle I may not attend the (culmposry congregational) prayer because so and so (the Imam) prolongs the prayer when He leads us for it. 126 more words

Fear of progression

Fear of progression has been there since mankind. People taunted Charles Darwin for “disproving creationism” (100% the last thing on his mind was “disproving creation”. He was explaining God’s miracle on how we all were able to survive til now). 249 more words