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Assyrian King Talks About Islam & the West

During my recent trip to London, I met with one of my viewers, known as “Assyrian King”. For a few minutes, he explained to me what he thinks about Islam and the West. 144 more words

Aisha Reached Puberty Before Marriage Was Consummated – PART 2

Long article to provide references about the marriage of Aisha.

Source: https://donotsaytrinity.wordpress.com/2017/03/03/aisha-and-muhammeds-marriage-puberty/

Kaleef K. Karim


1. Was Aisha’s Marriage Common In History?
2. Khawlah Suggested The Prophet To Marry Aisha… 6,849 more words

Attack On The Prophet And Seerah


Seventy Thousand Angels. According to Nubayh b. Wahb (may Allah be pleased with him): Ka’b came to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), and remembered Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

32 more words

The feebleness of this fleeting world

In this fleeting world we find ourselves, we often see ourselves moving up the ladder and hoping for better things. We often yearn for better years and better times. 495 more words


Is the Dajjal Greatest Fitnah for the Muslims?

Islam is a great religion which spreads the peace and harmony among the societies but, as well as in the Islam, there are many predictions about the hereafter world. 406 more words


Hadiths Beautiful Illustrated

Beautiful saying of the holy Prophet (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Hadiths on Truthfulness, Forgiveness, Watchfulness, Be just, Be true, Understanding, See Reality, and The Opposite. 12 more words


New Site Ap4il Flower

BIS-MILLAAHIR RAHMMAANIR RAHEEM (Allah’s name I begin with, the utmost Kind, the ever Merciful) new site by Ap4il Flower.

Reading, Learning and Creating, this site has short notes and outline some basic Islamic tropics. 8 more words