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Processing JSON with Sparkling - #sparkling #spark #bigdata #clojure

While many developers crave the loveliness and simplicity of JSON data it can come with its own set of problems. This is very true when using tools like… 337 more words


Cassandra Invalid Token for Murmur3Partitioner Problems. #cassandra

If you are manually booting an Apache Cassandra server and you get the following message:

Fatal configuration error; unable to start server. See log for stacktrace. 159 more words

Advanced analytics without Big Data? Maybe...

(Quick note: Hump Day Analytics was on a short hiatus for several weeks while I was tied up with the conclusion of our spring semester at ASU and then almost immediately afterwards, the start of the summer session. 362 more words


Performance Analysis for Scaling up R Computations Using Hadoop

Aka. Sparkie

Last week we finally finished the research paper we’ve been working on during¬†the Spring semester. We dug deep into R and Hadoop land to compare a couple of different ways of integrating R and Hadoop. 629 more words


Incremental append and lastmodified in SQOOP.

Unofficially stating, SQOOP stands for SQl + hadOOP, which can be thought as Sql like interface to communicate with Hadoop.

Many a times in practical scenarios, if data stored on databses such as Oracle, MySql, DB2, etc becomes huge to analyse and get deep insight then these data need to be imported to Hadoop for analysis. 323 more words


MapReduce Execution in Hadoop

In this article we have tried to summaries,  how a MapReduce program executes in Hadoop environment.

MapReduce 1 Execution Sequence:

MapReduce execution starts with below command. 191 more words


Remember your daft ideas, well they're not that daft after all. (@foldingathome @WiredUK)

My office is littered with notebooks, mainly Moleskines as I’m a colossal hipster nerd (sans beard) and I only write in them with Uniball Eye Micro… 479 more words

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