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Open Sourcing Proof of Concept Grant Projects - #nistartups #startups #code4pizza #techstartni #littledeliapp #receet

File this in “this will probably annoy a lot of people”….

The Proof of Concept grants in Northern Ireland are a good idea, let me get that bit out of the way first. 810 more words


Running Hadoop Benchmarking TestDFSIO on Cloudera Clusters

Hadoop provides a benchmarking mechanism for the cluster. The steps to benchmark cloudera cluster file system is below.

set the HADOOP_HOME.


Run TestDFSIO as below. 158 more words


Setting Up Hadoop Cluster on Ubuntu Box

In my previous article, we have learnt how to configure Java On Ubuntu. This article demonstrates how to configure Hadoop Cluster (Version 2.7.1) on Ubuntu using Linux command shell i.e. 1,499 more words


How-to: Analyze Twitter Data with Apache Hadoop "http://blog.cloudera.com/blog/2012/09/analyzing-twitter-data-with-hadoop/"

Social media has gained immense popularity with marketing teams, and Twitter is an effective tool for a company to get people excited about its products. Twitter makes it easy to engage users and communicate directly with them, and in turn, users can provide word-of-mouth marketing for companies by discussing the products. 2,292 more words

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CDH 5.3: Apache Sentry Integration with HDFS

Starting in CDH 5.3, Apache Sentry integration with HDFS saves admins a lot of work by centralizing access control permissions across components that utilize HDFS. 1,177 more words

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Hadoop Filesystems

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is one implementation of an abstract class of org.apache.hadoop.fs.filesystem. There are more concrete implementations: 346 more words


The Command-Line Interface for HDFS

Basic Filesystem Operations
Copy a file from local filesystem to HDFS:
% hadoop fs -copyFromLocal docs/test.txt hdfs://localhost/user/lee/test.txt

If a default filesystem is set to hdfs://localhost, we can omit filesystem’s URI: 305 more words