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It Does Not Take A Ton of #AI or #MachineLearning to make #customers delighted. #delight101

Reality Check, Your Customers Probably Don’t Care About AI

Can we just be honest a second, most AI or Machine Learning tools are going to be overkill for most small business. 394 more words

Kafka cluster setup

  1. Install  kafka. Both CDH and  HDP contains kafka packages.
  2. Configure kafka. Following values should be set and the file is server.properties

The 30 Second Bayesian Classifier #machinelearning #bayes #classification

I’m putting this up as I got a nice email from a reader who was having trouble with running the Britney example. And as developers know, bad examples are enough to put people off…. 231 more words

Data And Statistics

Apache Kafka foundation of modern data stream processing

Working on the next project using again awesome Apache Kafka and again fighting against fundamental misunderstanding of the philosophy of this technology which probably usually comes from previous experience using traditional messaging systems. 1,380 more words


Spark 1.6.1 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop 2.6.0

Hi friends,

I have started learning Apache Spark and it is time now to share few things with you.
In this series related to Spark and Scala, we are going to see essential things that we should know regarding both Spark and Scala. 73 more words

Big Data

Prerequisites for Hadoop - Part 3

Hello people,

Welcome to third and last installment of Prerequisites for Hadoop.
This post will put light on following topics

Big Data

Prerequisites for Hadoop - Part 2

Hello all,

welcome to the part 2 of Prerequisites for Hadoop.
In this post, we are going to look over the SQL part required in order to start Hadoop. 585 more words

Big Data