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Names as cute as that little Hadoop elephant

Many years ago when I was getting started in information systems, we (mostly) didn’t have the cute and clever names for programming languages and systems that we have today. 364 more words

Big Data

Hadoop adoption increases

With the introduction of solutions featuring SQL in Hadoop, the adoption rate for this Big Data tool has seen a very prominent boost. Although many organizations held back, waiting for the solutions to mature, such a point has come which is luring them on to the Big Data platform. 510 more words

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Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehousing: Use Cases

I strongly believe that if someone has done an excellent job putting forth a premise, there is little value in me simply restating and regurgitating that material. 206 more words

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Hadoop is flat (just like the earth)

“Hadoop might be good for predictive analytics and data mining, but it’s agonizingly slow for plain, ordinary database queries.”

“Everything with Hadoop is batch-oriented, so it takes most of the weekend to do the kind of business intelligence functionality with large data that might take a minute or so with relational databases.” 536 more words


Deploy Hadoop on Windows Platform

System Requirements:

Operating System: 64bit Windows

RAM: Atleast 4GB

Hard Disk: 10GB Free Space (5GB to install the packages and the rest 5GB for additional work) 318 more words


Datanode goes missing after start all . logs has exception version mismatch

So I ran ./start-all.sh from $HADOOP_HOME/bin

Problem faced : data node goes missing after start -all.sh

So I looked at $HADOOP_HOME/logs – as there were just too many files , to start with I just cleaned that folder and stop-all.sh and restarted to see a clean error… 122 more words


WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! @ Hadoop set up error at ssh localhost

hduser@vm***:~$ ssh localhost

This issue comes up because of messed up ssh keys

the fastest way to get rid of this problem is… 67 more words