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Installation Hadoop 2.3 (CentOS 7)

Bonjour dans ce tutoriel nous allons parlé de l’installation d’Hadoop 2.3 .

  1. La première étape c’est la préparation de l’environnement : vérifier l’installation de Java,  vérifier la communication entre les différents hôtes.
  2. 34 more words

Where's Obama? -A weekend on Hadoop

About one year ago I beat boredom by playing with Hadoop and some image recognition libraries.

The challenge was simple: Recognize faces from videos under an scalable architecture.  144 more words

Hive in detail : part 2 (Optimization)

1.URL to DB
2.DB driver information
db JDBC driver in hive/lib folder
3.DB username/password.
default logger: log4J (/var/log/hive)
edit /conf/hive-log4j.properties controls HiveCLI logging. 842 more words


Hive details in brief

Hive in Nutshell:

Cons Hive
-not real time (suited for batch and large
datasets) analytics and agregation
-high latency
-scehma on read(fast load/flexibility,slow
query time) 418 more words


Who Should Lead Your Enterprise Big Data Program? (Part 1 of 4)

This Wednesday’s blog – as well as the next three to follow – will address a critically important topic: who should lead your enterprise big data program? 668 more words


Lambda Part 3 - Kafka Setup

Kafka is definitely a out-of-the-box thinking, though it is a publisher-subscriber distributed messaging system it is used as a distributed commit log. As explained in the previous post, having a common co-ordination service like Zookeeper enables us to easily setup and use such distributed applications. 272 more words


Apache Tez installation

In this article, i’ll show how to install Apache Tez.

The Installation of Apache Tez contains four simple steps:

1. Download and build the tar file… 222 more words