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Data Lake Showdown: Object Store or HDFS?

The explosion of data is causing people to rethink their long-term storage strategies. Most agree that distributed systems, one way or another, will be involved. But when it comes down to picking the distributed system–be it a file-based system like HDFS or an object-based file store such as Amazon S3–the agreement ends and the debate begins. 88 more words

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Hadoop with R


Apache Hadoop provides a robust and economic platform for storing and process big data. R programming language is used by many data analysts for statistical analysis. 1,900 more words


Differences between Hadoop1.0 & Hadoop 2.0

Early adopters of the Hadoop ecosystem were restricted to processing models that were MapReduce-based only. Hadoop 2 has brought with it effective processing models that lend themselves to many Big Data uses, including interactive SQL queries over big data, analysis of Big Data scale graphs, and scalable machine learning abilities. 1,228 more words


Using Power BI with HDInsight Part 2: Power BI Desktop and Hive

With the rise of HDInsight and other Hadoop based tools, it is valuable to understand how Power BI can help you take advantage of those big data investments. 592 more words

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Big Data SQL and Hive - adding Md5 hashes to Oracle and Hive tables

The objective

To use data over several different system it is necessary to create an unique identifier. Out of the data vault 2.0 idea, the best way is to use hashes (see… 615 more words


Job - NG-Data - Big Data Scientist – US and Belgium

Jo Buyl shared this job opportunity with us for a Big Data Scientist.

Job Description

In the era of Big Data, data is not useful until we identify patterns, apply context and intelligence. 912 more words

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