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Hadoop Haters Gonna Hate

The Big Data space has been confusing. Investors looking to ride the ups and downs of this market need to develop high tolerance for contradictory messages. 58 more words

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Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos - DriveScale Briefing Note

The storage architecture of most next generation applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, leverage local, direct attached storage to avoid excessive storage traffic on the network and keep costs down. 820 more words

Briefing Note

Unable to view job logs with error user, [Dr. Who] is not authorized to view the log

ISSUE: Unable to see logs via Resource Manager UI due to incorrect permissions for the default user dr.who in ACL enabled clusters

SOLUTION: Add/change  the below property in core-site.xml to solve the issue. 17 more words


Create Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Using Cloudera Director on Google Cloud

I have a blog discussing how to install Cloudera Hadoop Cluster several years ago. It basically took about at least half day to complete the installation in my VM cluster. 751 more words


Hadoop training in noida

We make 2.5 quintillion bytes of information consistently. So much that 90% of the information on the planet today has been made over the most recent two years alone. 272 more words


JSON File Format

JSON¬†file format stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a collection of ordered(array) and unordered(object) set of data. It is a… 475 more words