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Unicorn 2.0 is Released!

There are a lot of NoSQL databases out there. We have been used or tried out many of them. We love a lot of cool features they offer. 2,093 more words

Big Data

Apache Ambari standalone server



  1. Its a second instance not part of hadoop cluster.
  2. In other terms it’s a web server with WebUI specially for views.
  3. Installation procedure similar to Amabri cluster without cluster configuration.
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Hadoop File Formats

Text – RCFiles – Parquet – ORC


Based on a study conducted,

Text – RCFiles – Parquet – ORC : Original – 14%  Smaller – 62% Smaller – 78% Smaller… 77 more words

Big Data – Big Career Opportunities for IT Pros

In the field of Big Data, new job opportunities are emerging for IT professionals. The term ‘Big Data’ is usually used to describe the vast amount of real-time data, gathered by the industries, which assist in driving decision making and increasing profitability. 360 more words

Hadoop Developer

Hadoop test

  1. Test hadoop post
rm -rf *

Toad for Hadoop - Easily Synchronize your Local Files with Hadoop File System (HDFS)

This was actually a user enhancement request.  The idea was to take inspiration from an ftp client and use that same concept to keep local FS and HDFS in sync bi – directionally. 191 more words