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The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2015 (So Far)

Super-Fast Growth, Super-Cool Startups Big data remains one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry with researcher Wikibon predicting that the big data technology market will grow nearly 22 percent to $33.31 billion this year. 65 more words

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Insert records into HBase table using Java

hbase-client.jar will be used to get connected to HBase using Java and this is available in maven repository. The following dependency can be added in our pom.xml… 796 more words


Power BI and Big Data

If you’re worked in the wide and diverse field of information technology for almost any amount of time, it probably hasn’t taken you long to discover that the one thing constant about IT is that the technologies and strategies involved change faster than you can learn them. 731 more words


NetApp, Inc., formerly Network Appliance, Inc., is an American computer storage and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It is a member of the NASDAQ-100. 18 more words


Quantcast File System

Quantcast File System (QFS) is an open-source distributed file system software package for large-scale MapReduce or other batch-processing workloads.

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Write once, read everywhere

Welcome to Gluster.org, home of GlusterFS and related distributed data projects. GlusterFS is a unified, poly-protocol, scale-out filesystem serving many petabytes of data. Check here for the latest release. 18 more words