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Apache Software Foundation as a standards body

For many Apache is synonymous to the Apache HTTP server, which is the backbone for serving the web pages. But, there is much more to Apache. 246 more words


HBase as primary NoSql Hadoop storage

Three admins once went to noSql bar, but a little while walked away from there as they could not find a table” – says one popular joke. 2,776 more words


Ambari Server Host Addition in Ubuntu

Apachi Ambari provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to monitor Apachi Hadoop clusters. The installation process of ambari server can be found here. To add a new host in Ambari server, the host must have Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and password less SSH connection needs to be established between host and server. 404 more words


Data Revolution: Big data, Data Science and the future...

Last December, I was back in my beautiful Sri Lanka to spend Christmas and New year with my family and friends. During this time, I got invited to do a guest lecture about Data Science at my former alma mater, University of Peradeniya. 1,874 more words


Hadoop Ecosystem: Which one do I start learning with?

If you are here , I am assuming you are already familiar with the four V’s of Big data. You know the ABC of Big data and now your hands are itching to get working on the “Hadoop Ecosystem”. 627 more words

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Log analyzer example using Spark and Scala

Again a long time to write some technical stuffs on Big Data but believe me the wait was worth. It’s been some couple of months now since I started reading and writing Scala and Spark and finally I am confident enough to share the knowledge I have gained.As said before learning Scala is worth but it does have difficulties as well. 686 more words