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Your first DIY Hadoop cluster

Summary: Intro | Linux VM Setup | VM Networking | Extending a Hadoop Cluster

At times I wish I had started my journey with Big Data earlier so that I could enter the market in 2008-2009. 2,482 more words

Big Data

Behind the Scenes: Episode 68 - Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL on NetApp

Welcome to the Episode 68, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

This week on the podcast, we welcome NetApp Technical Marketing Engineer Karthikeyan Nagalingam ( 121 more words


Extract Insights from Text, the Trusted Analytics Way

I’m sure there isn’t a single data scientist who hasn’t heard of natural language processing (NLP), although if you develop data analysis applications, I’ll give you a pass for the simple reason that numeric data is far easier to analyze, with huge business benefits, than data sourced from text. 699 more words

Text Analytics

Tableau: Getting into Tableau Public

Big Data visualization and Business Intelligence got so easy using Tableau, millions and billions of records can be analyzed in just one go whether your data format is excel, csv, text or database, Tableau make it easy for you. 325 more words


Talend looks to ease big data prep with latest release

Talend, the big data integration vendor that went public last July, announced its winter release today with new tools to help automate data preparation, a sticky problem for enterprise customers. 523 more words



let us first understand what is bucketing in Hive and why do we need it.

Partitioning in Hive offers splitting the hive data in multiple directories so that we can filter the data effectively. 779 more words


Business Intelligence-Data Visualization: Tableau

Spark, Bigdata, NoSQL, Hadoop are some of the most using and top in charts technologies that we frequently use in Knoldus, when these terms used than one thing comes into picture is ‘Huge Data, millions/billions of records’ Knoldus developers use these terms frequently, managing (and managing means here- storing data, rectifying data, normalizing it, cleaning it and much more) such amount of data is really not at all an easy task. 621 more words